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1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Help to Venezuela

A new project is planned to provide $ 1 million in Bitcoin assistance to Venezuela.

Crypto money wallet AirTM and cryptograffiti! Airdrop Venezuela project launched by the artist known as the name of the country with the aim of making $ 1 million Bitcoin help.

Airdrop Venezuela
According to the Bitcoinist, the project in the city of Cúcuta uses Bitcoin Blockchain to provide direct assistance to the Venezuelans from abroad .

A mural with president Nicolas Maduro was held in partnership with AirTM and the cryptograffiti . The picture shows the currency hit by Sovereign Bolivar (VES). Those who want to participate in the project are sending donations to a Bitcoin address, and one of the VES banknotes is removed from the wall. The following statement is made on the project website:

Funds collected as investment go to the reconstruction of a childcare center in the region and to 100,000 Venezuelan participants (Airdrop Venezuela).

Help Venezuelan citizens overthrow Maduro in a real and metaphorical way.

For the project, which allows live broadcast banknotes to be removed from the picture simultaneously, AirTM’s statement is as follows:

50% of the revenues will be used to build the necessary facilities in the activity area. AirTM will distribute the other 50% with the conclusion of the Airdrop Venezuela campaign in April.

A third organization, Crypto Conserje , will use some of the funds to create cryptocurrency awareness and use it in training activities.

Bitcoin Explosion
With hyperinflation in the country and Bolivar’s depreciation in the local currency, the people run to Bitcoin and other crypto coins.