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New Sales Wave

Bitcoin, which has been in a downward trend during 2018, had tried more than $ 4250 on December 24, making a deep breath to its investors and the market. But the adventure over $ 4000 didn’t last long, and the next day, it was down to 4000 six levels. The lowest level of the year was recorded at $ 3120 on December 15th.

There is a wave of sales again this evening. At $ 3577, the lowest value was in the market. This decline, which could be a pioneer, could be the beginning of a new large sale.

On the other hand, the downtrend in global markets continues. American stock exchanges suffered over 3% losses in the last 24 hours. Sales continue at similar rates in European and Far Eastern stock exchanges. The sales wave can also make domino effect on Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

$ 3120, the lowest level of the year on December 15, was the bottom level at this time. In the new sales wave, there may be a withdrawal up to $ 2750. The Altcoins do not have a standing position in the Bitcoin fall. In case of possible high volume sales, all subcoins can be massacred.

On the other hand, declines bring new opportunities for entry into the market for those waiting in ambush. The important question is, where will the decline continue? According to most experts, 2000 levels will definitely be tested.

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