16 Ethereum Games You Can Win by Playing Token

ConsenSys Media shared the list of 16 Ethereum games token wins.

ConsenSys Media announced the 16 Ethereum games that gave players a token. The non-fungible tokens are one of the most noticeable parts of the Blockchain revolution and the online gaming industry.

Revolution in the Game Industry
According to ConsenSys, the Blockchain community is busy discussing issues such as network upgrades, adoption and scaling. In the Ethereum Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are named as ERC-721 token . In contrast to the Fungible ERC-20 token , these tokens are not equal to other tokens similar to themselves. Normally 1 ETH is equal in value with another ETH, but not in non-fungible token.

In the games listed in the ConsenSys list, these ERC-721 tokens are used and, according to ConsenSys, one of the ConsenSys members won $ 600 in just 3 hours using non-fungible tokens on Ethereum.

NFT Based Games
Let’s take a look at the NFT based games in the list of ConsensSys by their category. The alıy Collection and Shopping isinde category , including the world-famous CryptoKitties , includes the following games: Etheremon, PlasmaBears and 0X Universe.

The next category is the Fight War Games , ları with Chibi Fighters . Other games in this category include: HyperDragons, MyCryptoHeroes, Axie Infinity, Blockchain Cuties, World of Ether and Gods Unchained.

Strategy games like Decentraland : CryptoAssault and CryptoBaseball.

” Art Work Shop ” category in the game: cryptosketches and superrar to.

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