2. Secret Message From Ripple to Million Dollar

Transaction Ripple removed 1 billion XRPs from the escrow account and left a secret message to the transaction information.

Ripple has released some of its assets to accredited investors, corporations, and a deposit account of 1 billion XRPs to sell crypto money exchanges . The transaction information also left a secret message , the 2nd time in a month.

Ripple’s Message
The company does this at the beginning of each month and usually puts 700 million XRP back into the escrow account by the end of the month . One of the things that the company has made a habit of entering a short message into the transaction note.

Labor, Walk, Run

Late last month, he left the ripple, “ crawl … Go … Run … 😉 ” Ripple, CEO of notes Brad Garlinghouse’s on Quora in October 2017 “ask me anything” was understood as a reference to the text. That writing is:

Some of our customers (Ripple’s XRP liquidity solution) are in the first phase of xRapid use. Payments in emerging markets may require multiple currency investors (increased costs) and local currency accounts that are prefed in that area.Instead, payment providers and banks can use XRP to fund these payments on demand, without intermediaries, at half the current cost.

However, we can easily say that we must walk before running and crawl before walking. This is the time for untapped land and digital assets for banks and payment providers to be widely adopted by solving this multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. Suffice to say that we are satisfied with the various trials our customers have made.

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