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2018 A Difficult Year For All Markets

2018, which we left behind, upset most investors.

Although traditional stock markets and crypto money markets have almost no common ground, they have had a difficult 2018 in the two markets, and both markets are hoping that 2019 will be very different.
Both markets have had a difficult year in terms of prices, but experts say these prices are temporary. Therefore, investors who have been lost due to recent fluctuations think that 2019 will be very profitable.

At this time last year there was a bull race in which the general market values saw a level of $ 830 billion. From this point onwards, the market started to decline during 2018. In December 2018, the value of the crypto money market has fallen to 100 billion and currently stands at around $ 126 billion.

On the other hand, Bitcoin, which pioneered the performance of the market in general, first experienced a decline in December 17. The Bitcoin value of up to $ 20,000 fell sharply to $ 7,300. From this point on, a more stable image is drawn, but the price has moved down continuously.

In addition, Bitcoin’s fall began in mid-December, but the fall of other crypto coins found the beginning of January. For example, the XRP, which rose to $ 3.75 on January 3, fell to $ 0.60 on February 6th. Already here all the subcoins started following Bitcoin and almost all of them fell during 2018.

Traditional exchanges also had a difficult year
Although the traditional markets did not experience a significant 90% decline as the crypto money market experienced, the traditional stock markets also closed the year with a bad note. Increased commercial tensions between the US and China, the Fed’s interest rates and Brexit concerns have also damaged the traditional market.

Despite the fact that many investors expect more losses from the traditional markets in 2019, John Stoltzfus, chief investment strategist of Oppenheimer Asset Management, said that 2019 was a positive surprise for stock investors.

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