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Month: September 2018

Participate and Earn 50 ETN on Twitter

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account will be deleted live on Sunday

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account will be deleted live on Sunday Taiwan-based Chang Chi-yuan will attempt to hack Facebook account of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. Thailand-based hacker Chang Chi-yuan, Facebook ‘s founder Zuckerberg’s Facebook account by hacking, will attempt to delete announced. Chang, who is a member of a hacker group called ‘Beyaz Şapkalılar’ who does […]

List your Bitcoin Related Domainson Sale!

Hi everyone 🔥 Like everyone knows,we just started our web blog recently and wanted to start a new era. Listing crypto related do domains.We know many market players in here and they have commission as well.But if you like to list your domain to list,we can help you.Just reply this post with these:⬇️⬇️⬇️ Your post […]

Crypto money mining continues to grow rapidly

Crypto money mining continues to grow rapidly! McAfee researchers; he analyzed the trend of malicious crypto mining software, Windows 10 Cortana vulnerabilities, blockchain attack vectors, mobile billing fraud practices and exploitability features. McAfee , a cyber security company that offers a wide range of services, from devices to cloud computing , today released the McAfee Labs Threat Report: September 2018. The report examines […]

8 viruses that secretly generate crypto coins on your computer

8 viruses that secretly generate crypto coins on your computer Secret crypto-money mining, called Cryptojacking, remains one of the most critical attack methods of 2018. The malicious miners who process the crypto-money with the processing power and electrical energy of the devices they take over, disables company devices. Network security is a leader in solutions for WatchGuard […]

Three of the 10 largest regressed

Following the various restrictions and prohibition reports on the crypto-currency markets, the rise in the market was replaced by a fluctuating trend, while three of the highest volume 10 crypto currencies dropped in the last 24 hours. The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) added 21 jobs to its blacklist associated with crypto currencyfraud actions. The ICO (Initiative Coin […]

Google lifted the ban on Bitcoin

google lifted the ban on bitcoin

Technology giant Google has decided to remove the ban on Bitcoin. The US -based technology giant, Google, has made a decision about the crypto-money world that has been closely related and has lifted the nearly one-year Bitcoin ban. According to a statement, Google removed the hurdle against Bitcoin-related ads with a sudden decision. This obstacle imposed on Bitcoin by Google was aimed at […]

Google quietly changes its requirements

A security expert says that #Google quietly changes its requirements, so a user will automatically sign in to their accounts if they sign in to a Google service, such as #Gmail. Over the years, Google has given the #Chrome browser the option to surf the Internet without logging in to users. However, a security expert […]

87 percent of cyber attacks blocked in 2017

Cyber ​​attacks against major institutions last year doubled, but 87 percent of these attacks were prevented. In 2017, the rate of preventable attacks was 70 percent. Accenture, the international professional consulting firm, announced the sektör 2018 Cyber ​​Endurance Report, by negotiating cyber security decision-maker with 4,600 decision-making companies in 15 countries and more than $ 1 […]