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Month: September 2018

9 out of the top 10 are down!

During the regulation work in various countries on crypto currencies, nine of the highest volume 10 crypto currencies, nine in the last 24 hours, declined due to news about fraudulent acts. The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) claimed that the $ 60 million asset belonged to Amit Bhardwaj, who was charged with about $ 5.5 billion […]

Rolls-Royce sales started with Bitcoin

British luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce Bitcoin began selling vehicles. The Rolls-Royce owner said he was interested in the rise in Bitcoin, and today he said he can own a Rolls-Royce of 55 Bitcoins. A Rolls-Royce dealer in Houston is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment. This is not the first dealer to accept Bitcoin itself, but the first Rolls-Royce dealers. Bitcoin’in current value […]

Starbucks rejected Bitcoin payments

Starbucks rejected reports that he will begin accepting Bitcoin payments. Starbucks will not accept payments with digital currencies, but digital assets like Bitcoin will be converted to dollars and customers will be able to pay in Starbucks. STARBUCKS ,Bitcoin has rejected the news will start accepting payments. In Starbucks’ statement, “We do not accept payment with digital currencies […]

What is Coinhive? How is mining done?

It was recently revealed that the famous torrent site Pirate Bay had built virtual money and mining through the browser. This situation had attracted a lot of reaction in the first place, but now seems to be accepted. With the Coinhive plugin from WordPress, this situation will become even more common! One of the most extraordinary ways […]

Hackers won fortune from India sites

Crypto coins may not make their investors laugh at their value, but the situation is a bit different for hackers. Cryptojacking is the world-wide activity of using the processing power of someone else’s computer for unauthorized use of crypto-money mining. Many organizations, from government websites to leading car manufacturers in the world, have had their […]

Cyber ​​attackers use cryptography to hide

Cisco’s research has shown that cyber attackers are becoming increasingly specialized in order to hide command control activities, which is normally intended to enhance security. As of October 2017, 50 percent of the global web traffic has been encrypted, a three-fold increase in the encrypted network communication used by malicious software samples. Cisco Security Sales Manager, says […]

Crypto currency removed from legal documents in Russia

The expression “crypto currency para was removed from all legal documents in Russia. Following the deferral of regulations on crypto currencies in Russia, which are expected to be put into practice for several reasons, the law on “digital financial assets lar is expected to be put forward for discussion in October and is expected to […]

Crypto coins in 10 questions

I have compiled what you need to know from A to Z about crypto coins, which are the recent economic trend. With the increase in value gained in 2017, crypto coins, which broke the memorization in the economy markets and became a new area, have been the dream of those who want to be rich […]

Wozniak support for Bitcoin

what is Bitcoin

  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that Bitcoin had many different aspects to any technology product and announced it was participating in a crypto currency start-up. Speaking at the chain-chain event Chainxchange, Wozniak said that crypto-currencies technology had the same effect as when the internet first emerged, and that he wanted to learn the technology in question, […]