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Month: October 2018

Coinbase lists more coin soon

The San Francisco-based Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase announced on Tuesday that it has received an investment of an $ 300 million E-series by Tiger Global Management. Coinbase President Asiff Hirji, the company’s value of $ 8 billion with this latest investment, he said. The final financing tour took place with the participation of Y Combinator Continuity, […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Volume Up 20%

Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Volume Up 20% More specifically, Bitcoin transaction volume increased from $ 3.5 billion to $ 4.1 billion. This is a remarkable point because if the price increases while the price remains the same, we can accept this as a predictor of a possible price increase. Similarly, if the price decreases while the […]

Bitcoin can cause a climate chaos in 20 years!

Description of Bitcoin scaring scientists According to a scientific study, the energy spent for Bitcoin can cause a climate chaos in 20 years. With the rise of last year’s crypto money, which managed to attract attention, Bitcoin is unable to return to its old days. Bitcoin does not make the face of the investors with […]

An American man guilty of uncontrolled Bitcoin selling

An American man guilty of uncontrolled money sending, confessed before the federal judges. The US Department of Justice issued a press release yesterday, explaining in detail how Jacob Burrell Campos sold over $ 1,000 millions of dollars in Bitcoin to over 1,000 customers in the US. Burrell Campos ran its operations from January 2015 to […]

A user paid 1.73 BTC transaction fee

  According to the CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin, the leading crypto currency in terms of market volume, was highly criticized, especially in 2017, with high transaction fees to users. In December 2017, when Bitcoin and other crypto currencies were on the rise and everyone wanted to sell or buy BTC, the intensity in the network caused serious […]

Bitstamp Acquired by NXMH

The Bitstamp company, one of the famous Bitcoin exchanges, is changing hands. Belgium-based investment firm NXHM Bitstamp announced the purchase. According to Bitstamp daily trading volume ($ 100 million daily), Europe’s largest crypto money exchange. NXMH is an investment firm with over $ 2 billion in assets. Belgium-based NXMH was acquired by a South Korean […]

Dan Morehead: Buy 1 Bitcoin get 1 Bitcoin free!

Dan Morehead, CEO of the investment company Pantera Capital, said in a panel that he agreed, “One Bitcoin is free for a Bitcoin.” Dan Morehead, CEO of investment company Pantera Capital, discussed the latest state of Bitcoin and other developments in the crypto money market. In a debate with Cripto currency analyst Ran NeuNer, he […]

Another tragedy:Canadian Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money back!

Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money A Bitcoin stock exchange, which was suddenly shut down with allegations of attack by hackers, told its customers, “We cannot pay your money.” said. A small Bitcoin stock exchange in Alberta, Canada, suddenly closed. The stock market, claiming to have had an attack, the official Twitter page, […]

American Economist: Ethereum’s Growth Comes from the Economic Genius and Reliability of Vitalik

Tyler Cowen , one of the leading economists and economics professors in the USA , made a statementon a panel discussion with Ethereum and its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin . Participating in the event organized by Bloomberg , Tyler said that many individuals in the crypto-money community are “millionaires” by doing something that “nobody tells them to do”, and that this is a very powerful experience. ”I recently […]