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4 Malicious Crypto Money Wallets on Google Play Store Removed from Platform

Google’s head is in trouble with malicious crypto money apps. 4 apps that simulate popular crypto money wallets have been removed from the Google Play Store.

While the Google Play Store has been a great deal of effort to extract fake applications for crypto coins, this war seems to continue for a long time.

Cyber ​​security expert Lukas Stefanko recently found harmful crypto-money wallets that imitate Ethereum, Tether and NEO purses on the Google Play Store. Even Stefanko did not remove these apps from the Google Play Store for weeks and downloaded hundreds of times. However, with Stefanko’s reports, applications were removed from the platform.

Stefanko The fake Metamask app on the Google Play Store has described users as a phishing software to capture their private key and passwords. The remaining 3 applications were trying to convince users that they created a wallet address. Users were able to transfer the crypto coins they sent to the fake wallets in these applications directly to the wallet creator’s account. It is impossible to reach the funds here again, since a wallet is not created.

According to Stafanko, wallets can be created with application development tools, with little or no coding. Stafanko also warned that malicious crypto-money software will lead to greater problems in the future.

Google, as well as the application store on the web is a great struggle against malicious crypto money software. Google earlier this year removed 90% of its crypto-money mining plug-ins from the Chrome Web Store because it did not comply with user policies. In a recent incident, SimplEOS on the Google Play Store had removed the malicious crypto-money wallet from the platform.

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