7 methods in which cyber security block chain technology can be used

7 methods in which cyber security block chain technology can be used

The security provided by block chain technology is increasingly attracting the attention of the security sector, which is looking for effective ways of protecting, storing and changing data. Komtera Technology’s security experts, who are the market leaders with their distribution and solutions in the field of information security, underline that the block chain is now being used as a security tool in its own right.

1. Distributed Identity

There are two types of identity in the networks, one for the user and the other for the device. Authentication of devices connected to the network is a very serious issue. The block chain has been used for a long time, since it is easy to create and verify the identity of these devices. The chains meet the needs of IoT devices with the infrastructure they offer, making them part of a chain that has been completely verified and secured.

2. Distributed Storage

Cyber ​​attackers are always fond of huge databases, and a violation of a single data with terabyte-size information can cause millions of or tens of millions of records to be exposed. In the block chain, while the data is stored in a wide range of systems, both the information contained in each node in the chain and the entire database are guaranteed by the storage feature of the ledger. In addition, it is easy to manage storage security as it is difficult to modify data.

3. Mandatory Liability

Although a pseudo-commitment to safety requirements is shown, investors and regulatory regulators want verifiable records that require more than just artificial commitment to take the right steps. The block chain allows you to check and record every change, or to initiate a judicial action in case of a problem.

4. Data Integrity

The block chain reflects a complexity that is very difficult to break down with a decentralized structure that stores all the information required for systems to function from passwords to rules. In this whole, no one can access and modify all the information. It makes a very natural solution to maintain the integrity of a data set, by making it possible to verify the changes that are required in the data, and in a way that records everything.

5. Critical Infrastructure Protection

Both energy transport systems and networks bring various security problems. Some time ago, Russian troops deployed a special Trojan horse virus to a power grid to provide remote access, posing a danger to this issue and posing a problem that sector workers should surely have to deal with.

The advantages of the block chain in terms of protection of critical infrastructures come from change verification and transparency of payments. It is almost impossible to store malicious software or make illegal changes within this system that records every change.

6. Distributed Encryption

The most sensitive part of an encryption system is where the encryption keys are stored. If a cyber attacker can access this keystore, he can make sense of all the encrypted messages in the system. It also has access to the login information for all users at various levels.

The security of the information in the block chain is based on the diffusion of the used and used algorithms instead of trying to keep these keystores hidden in different locations. The chain, which keeps users’ information secure in this way, makes the tools that most cyber-attackers use to seize the password useless.

7. A Special Case: Health Services

The health records of patients come early in the most sensitive data in terms of the quality and quantity of the data. Block chain technology is seen as a way to keep medical records of medical services and medical information kept safe.

Some companies are starting to use block chains to store these records. In such a model, once the patient records are entered, all the doctors of the patient can easily access them and a new node can be added to the chain. Companies using block chain technology to secure electronic records are expected to increase over time.

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