8 Bitcoin predictions not as expected

They have said a lot for 2018: 8 Bitcoins prediction not to date

Crypto money and leading analysts in the traditional financial market were very hopeful for Bitcoin’s 2018 voyage, but things didn’t go as they expected.

Crypto money and leading analysts from the traditional financial world have made a lot of predictions for Bitcoin’s 2018 tour. The majority of these estimates were that the leader would break the $ 20,000 record of crypto money. As of today, we have entered the last two months of the year and so far none of these predictions have been realized. Here are some of them:

Julian Hosp: $ 60,000

Julian Hosp, co-founder of TenX, said that the leading crypto money would drop $ 5,000 in 2018 and succeeded. In 2018, the price of Bitcoin almost fell to  level. Hosp, however, seems to have been unsuccessful in the upward trend. Hosp told CNBC during a RISE technology conference in July that he believed Bitcoin could reach $ 60,000 in 2018.

Phillip Nunn: $ 60,000

The investment company The Blackmore Group and the CEO of Wealth Group, Phillip Nunn, suggested in January that Bitcoin will fall to $ 6,000 in 2018 and then increase to $ 60,000. Nunn succeeded in her first guess but seems to be unable to achieve the same success in her second guess.

Kay-Van Petersen: $ 50,000

Kay-Van Petersen, an analyst at Saxo Bank, one of Denmark’s largest banks, said in January that Bitcoin will be between $ 50,000 – $ 100,000 in 2018. In December 2016, Petersen correctly predicted that the number one crypto money would reach $ 20,000 in 2017, but his next forecast was hard to succeed.

Arthur Hayes: $ 50,000

Arthur Hayes, founder and CEO of BitMEX, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, predicted that by the end of 2018, Bitcoin would reach $ 50,000 by the end of the year. In June, Hayes said this prediction was still behind. However, in a few days ago, Hayes claimed that the crypto-bear market could last 18 more months.

Jeet Singh: $ 50,000

Portfolio manager Jeet Singh spoke to Russia Today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and suggested that Bitcoin could definitely see $ 50,000 in 2018.

Jesse Powell: $ 1,000,000,000

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, said in a statement he made to CNBC in February that the crypto money market would reach $ 1 trillion in 2018, although it did not directly estimate a Bitcoin-related price. The market currently stands at a level of $ 200 billion. A 500% increase is needed for Powell to realize this prediction.

Mike Arrington: $ 25,000

Mike Arrington, the founder of XRP Capital and TechCrunch, told CNBC in July that Bitcoin will reach $ 25,000 in 2018.

Thomas Lee: $ 22,000

Wall Street’s largest Bitcoin bull, Thomas Lee, Bitcoin for the 2018 estimate of $ 20,000 frequently repeated. The analyst withdrew this forecast to $ 22,000 in July, but Bitcoin is still far behind.

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