8 Positive Development in Bitcoin in 2018

Market value is not the only criterion for a crypto money.
Although BTC experienced 83% decline in 2018, it experienced positive changes. Let’s take a look at these developments, which are overshadowed by the price.

SegWit is a Bitcoin protocol upgrade activated in the summer of 2017. By removing the signature from the transaction information, it reduces the size of the transactions and allows for further processing of blocks.

The only problem for SegWit was “adoption Seg. This year, many platforms, such as Coinbase, Bitfinex, Ledger and Trezor, have moved to SegWit, and adoption has been largely realized.

Institutional adoption
In 2018, the Bitcoin ETF was not approved, but traditional financial institutions attacked Bitcoin with four arms. Fidelity Investments, Yale University, New York Stock Exchange (Bakkt) and Square Inc are just a few of these companies.

Lightning Network
Bitcoin Core maximalistlerin preference, 2-stage scaling solution. The number of nodes in LN has increased from 0 to 4.400 in 12 months.

Hash rate increase
In the Bitcoin network, the hash rate increased by 60% in 2018. In other words, network security increased with increasing infrastructure investment.

Code development
The development of Schnorr signatures and the successful repair of critical bugs have been recorded as very important developments for BTC.

Increased number of individual users
The adoption of Bitcoin is usually measured by the number of addresses. In 2018, the number of individual addresses increased by 50%.

Loss of BCH
It was said that in 2017, BCH was able to cross BTC when they left BTC and left. However, this possibility is almost zero. BCH suffered over 80% depreciation against BTC.

Lower fees
At the beginning of 2018, the average transaction fee was around $ 28, which fell to $ 0.3.

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