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87 percent of cyber attacks blocked in 2017

87 percent of cyber attacks blocked in 2017

Cyber ​​attacks against major institutions last year doubled, but 87 percent of these attacks were prevented. In 2017, the rate of preventable attacks was 70 percent.

Accenture, the international professional consulting firm, announced the sektör 2018 Cyber ​​Endurance Report, by negotiating cyber security decision-maker with 4,600 decision-making companies in 15 countries and more than $ 1 billion and more than $ 1 billion annually. On the one hand, the report shows that cyber attacks are increasing and on the other hand, the institutions are now more powerful against these attacks.

According to Accenture’s report, private institutions are exposed to at least 30 cyber security threats per year, but can prevent 87 percent of cyber attacks. In 2017, 70 percent of the attacks were prevented.  

Speaking at a press conference held for the presentation of the report to the Security Accenture Managing Partner he said that Turkey Ugur Karakaya last period started to be taken in the provision of investment made in the security field. Karakaya, said:

“Although the number of targeted cyber attacks has doubled compared to a year ago, institutions have improved their cyber-strengths and perform better under intense pressure. However, there is more work to be done. it’s time to add something on.

If institutions want to further reduce the attacks that exceed security measures, they should prioritize investing in intelligent security by increasing their investment capacity. For companies that continue to invest and adopt new technologies, sustainable cyber endurance can be achieved in the next 2-3 years. This is a very promising prediction. Accenture’s research sets five steps that can help organizations’ leaders not only close their deficits against cyber-attacks, but also transform their institutions into the corporate culture.

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