Bitcoin robbery in Turkey more: They emptied the accounts in the stock market

a Bitcoin robbery in Turkey more: They emptied the accounts in the stock market

A new Bitcoin robbery was experienced in Turkey. The fraudsters’ fraudulent website and the new SIM card made a 437,000-TL high.

According to the report by, Ferit Zengin reported that the 14 police officers “my crypto money account has been evacuated  were filed against the prosecutor’s office. The police, who applied to the testimony of 14 people, found that the fraudsters were using the Phishing  method. Using this method, scammers have been able to obtain the information and passwords of customers on the crypto money exchanges.

New SIM card with fake ID

The scammers were determined to remove a new SIM card with the same number of users to access the account on the crypto exchange. The fraudsters who prepared fake IDs and paperwork, issued a new card to a telephone dealer saying they had stolen their phones. The SIM cards of the real owners of the phone numbers have also been canceled.

£ 437 thousand made the accent

The scammers who obtained the SIM cards easily reached the password that came when they wanted to access the crypto money exchange. Thieves, so that all users of accounts emptied. It was determined that the network had an unfair gain of 437 thousand TL. In the first place, 11 suspects were identified about the network. 10 of these suspects were sent to court and arrested. A suspect was released pending trial.

Dominated by special operations cops

The raiders’ homes were recorded by police cameras. The registrations were recorded with special police officers. There were guns and electronic materials in the houses, while the same images took place in which the fraudsters seized the crypto coins and the banks were trading in the branches and ATMs of the banks.

This is not the first!

Turkish crypto money users have been defrauded many times before. For example, in December of last year, a Bitcoin trafficker in Mersin, Turgay T. 6 thousand people in the event of an incident at the time of the Bitcoin of approximately 6,000 thousand were stolen by a new SIM card by the thieves in Istanbul.

Verification via SMS invites theft

At the entrance to the crypto money exchanges via SMS, the verification process brings with it a serious security weakness. SIM cards can be easily copied by fraudsters by fake ID or other means. Crypto-money users, who prefer SMS verification instead of more secure applications like Google Authenticator, are at risk.

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