A malicious developer is endangered due to numerous Bitcoin wallets

In a statement from BitPay, it was announced that users of certain versions of the Copay wallet may be at risk.

Bitcoin bitpay processor, crypto currency has announced wallet application they discovered a vulnerability in Copay.

Some malicious people were found to be able to inject Copay’s malicious code from 5.0.2 to 5.1.0, which could result in the stealing of crypto coins. BitPay was not affected by malicious code.

In a statement from BitPay, users using these versions of the application were advised not to run or open the application.

It was expressed that users should immediately transfer funds to a wallet in version 5.2.0, considering that the private keys in the affected versions may be compromised.

They were also asked to use the recovery words, update their affected wallets, and then send all funds to a brand new wallet with version 5.2.0.

The company is currently investigating whether any user is affected by the situation.

The Copay app is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux platforms. Numerous Bitcoin wallets may be vulnerable.

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