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A User Unveils the Secret of Binance

A Reddit user has recently discovered that Binance may soon add margin transactions to its platform.

A Reddit user had found hints about the margin trading features in the Binance API . There have been new developments in line with these indicators, and we can see leveraged transactions in Binance soon.

Leveraged Operations in Binance
Leveraged transactions are the names given to short or long positions that open up to a certain percentage of the principal money (2x, 3x, 100x). Both margin and risk are marginal. Usually only professionals are advised to use.

According to transaction volume last month, a Reddit user in Binance, the largest crypto currency exchange in the world, has explored leveraged transactions. The user who had reviewed the Binance API found the margin actions in which some crypto money was enabled. Accordingly, the property, which was closed for 482 crypto money, was clear for some crypto coins. As of May 2, 9 pairs of margin transactions appear open or judged. The couples likely to be involved in the margin transactions at Binance are as follows:

Bitcoin: BTC / USDT
Binance Coin: BNB / BTC, BNB / USDT
Ethereum: ETH / BTC, ETH / USDT
Binance has not officially confirmed that margin transactions will take place on the platform, but is expected to approve it. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao praised the Reddit user who made the discovery. Earlier in his statement to CZ, he added that they could add margin transactions, but not their priorities.

Binance margin transactions in the Whitepaper will be added on the platform in the future. We can see that Binace, which has been successful in stock exchange transactions for a while, has recently added margin transactions.

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