Advice from Chinese Bitcoin Billionaire to Investors

Bitcoin billionaires and one of China’s largest non-stock traders, Zhao Dong , expressed their views on the industry and gave some advice to investors. According to the Bitcoinist, Dong Crypto does not think that the ice will melt this year, but argues that it is now the best time to stock up and stock.

“When nobody cares about BTC B“

Writing to a WeChat group on crypto coins, Dong noted that fewer people were following Bitcoin than the bull race in 2017 , so the price fell. The price of these people without 10 thousand again to pay attention to Bitcoin’e added:

If a lot of people are not currently paying attention to Bitcoin then they will continue to do so most of the time, so only a second of Bitcoin’s 10 thousand will attract their attention. If you believe in the future of Bitcoin and believe it, the best thing to do now is to buy as much as possible while nobody cares (BTC).

Dong’s Year Forecasts

In industry trends, Dong 2019 answered that everyone should focus only on a good winter, and that 2020 will come in the spring. Chinese billionaire does not expect writing until 2021, the Chinese billionaire in November 2018, 2021, the price estimate of 50 thousand dollars had been made. It shared this story with bitcoout readers. Dong explained the logic of the investmentand why the bear market should be purchased with the following words:

I’m not telling people to buy Bitcoins in the bull market because earning money in a short time seems easy, but not right now. Now I’m trying to convince people to buy Bitcoin (on the bear market).

Dong’s closing remarks are as short as they should be:

All you need is patience.

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