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Amazon Users Want Crypto Coins

According to a survey Amazon users want crypto coins.

According to the results of a survey among users of the electronic commerce giant Amazon, users of the platform want crypto coins. The survey shows that users want to buy a wider range of products. Crypto coins were among these products. expressed the financial content portal of the survey was expressed.

Survey for Amazon Users
A survey of Amazon users by included one thousand participants. The survey aimed at revealing how often users ordered and trusted the company. Customers were asked what they felt most comfortable when shopping through

Users’ Crypto Demand
In addition, the participants were asked what products could be purchased easily if they were on the platform. 12.7% of respondents answered crypto coins for this question . According to these results, it can be stated that there is cryptocurrency demand among Amazon users.

Considering’s survey, it would not be wrong to say that Zhao’s claims are justified.

Other products that users want to be on the Amazon platform include medical marijuana (13.5%), prescription drugs (9.3%), computers (72.9%), coupons and bets (10.6%) and even health services (15%) , 3). Participants were allowed to choose more than one option. Who knows, maybe Amazon is one of the giant companies that one day has released its crypto money.

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