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America is the first in Blockchain Jobs!

The number of jobs for Blockchain is increasing day by day …

According to a study by The NextWeb (TNW), which was released on March 8th, America is a world leader in the number of jobs related to Blockchain .

While preparing the TNW research report, he said that he had collected data from the recruitment site Glassdoor and was reviewing the ads with the term “Blockchain” in the business charts all over the world .

Blockchain Jobs
A total of 5,711 listings about Blockchain are listed in the United States, the number of ads listed in Glassdoor across the globe is examined. So, according to the results, America ranks first in the rankings of Blockchain related jobs . Britain is followed by England with 1,015 jobs. Just behind England, India has 257 jobs.

Most of the job postings on the site are companies that are in search of ch Blockchain Engineering S. Second place is or Senior Software Engineer and third place is “ Blockchain Developer .

He also made a list of the companies that opened the most positions on TNW Blockchain. It is seen that IBM is the first in this list . IBM is followed by Ernst & Young , one of the four companies known as the Big Four . The software company Oracle is the third company that opens business positions on Blockchain.

On the other hand, among the top ten companies that have opened Blockchain job ads, only three of them are related to crypto currencies: Foris Limited, and Wirex. Payment systems start-up Ripple is ranked 17th in this list, while Blockchain software ranks 13th in the technology company ConsenSys . In addition, Ripple was one of the best employers in the technology industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to a recent report by Good Place to Work, a research firm .

Blockchain Offers Are Increasing!
In February, Hired had published a report on Blockchain engineers, which announced a 517 percent increase over the previous year. According to the report published by Hired, the second most growing sector was software engineering with 132%.

As the adoption of crypto money increases, companies are also taking steps to prepare themselves for this new technology.

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