American Economist: Ethereum’s Growth Comes from the Economic Genius and Reliability of Vitalik

Tyler Cowen , one of the leading economists and economics professors in the USA , made a statementon a panel discussion with Ethereum and its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin .

Participating in the event organized by Bloomberg , Tyler said that many individuals in the crypto-money community are “millionaires” by doing something that “nobody tells them to do”, and that this is a very powerful experience.

”I recently spent five hours with Vitalik and he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

He added that Vitalik is an official ”zero in educator in the field of economics. Despite all this, Vitalik prepared extraordinary documents and published them on his website. The papers and research were discovered by Nobel laureate economists and, interestingly, Vitalik was able to solve them all by himself.

Yok I’m a professional economist, and if I talk to him about the economy, I don’t have an argument that I can give him in a way that he can’t solve instantly. Maybe he could be ahead of me. He’s a serious admirable guy.

According to Tyler, Vitalik has achieved a lot in the way that the blockchain technology is far ahead and unfulfilled. The famous economist, besides that, is one of the best experiences Vitalik has ever had, and he will remember him for the rest of his life.

Referring to Ethereum , the professor stated that the biggest advantage of the community is the economic genius and trustworthiness of Vitalik, and the people who trust in ETH actually rely on Vitalik.

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