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American Lawyer: Bitcoin is Only Useful for Criminal People 

Jim Rickards , an American lawyer and gold investor, continues to make statements against the Bitcoinidea. The famous lawyer said in his statements on his Twitter account that Bitcoin is good and useful only for criminal people.

Rickards stated that a digital currency, which is accepted by most of the world, is already liquid and that it is the dollar.

Var We already have a liquid digital crypto currency with a common acceptance. This is called.What you want is a distributed notebook, not another crypto currency. Bitcoin is out of the class for every liquidity, ease of use and transparency test. This (Bitcoin) is useful and good for just guilty people. Bu

Rickards said that the limited edition of Bitcoin, which is one of the biggest features of Bitcoin, is not a solution, it is a fatal flaw, and that it is deflating Bitcoin. There is no borrowing in the deflation area, which, according to Richard, causes no bond market, that is, liquidity.

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