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Another tragedy:Canadian Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money back!

Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money

A Bitcoin stock exchange, which was suddenly shut down with allegations of attack by hackers, told its customers, “We cannot pay your money.” said.

A small Bitcoin stock exchange in Alberta, Canada, suddenly closed. The stock market, claiming to have had an attack, the official Twitter page, “We can not pay back your money,” he explained.

The statement also suggested that a software error caused a group of people to steal all funds in the stock market. Some users have experienced the state of Mt. He said he reminded me of Gox. However, the two cases differed significantly by their handling by managers. Mt. Gox had made several attempts at least to repair the damage and pay back users.

Deleted social media accounts

After the first announcement, they deleted all social media accounts including Discord, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. A few tweets can be reopened by a few tweets “we can’t pay with BTC and LTC. We can’t give everyone their money back. We can only pay the remaining amount..

MapleChange’s Twitter account had less than 2,000 followers.

On the other hand, Coinbase has more than 1 million followers on Twitter, and the less-known subcoin exchange C-Cex has about 100,000 followers. In short, crypto money investors are very active on Twitter and the numbers here are a good way to evaluate the popularity of the platform.

Most of the experts, the situation of the market itself, the counterfeit and customers argue that argues.

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