Cryptopia thief transfers his steal to Binance

Cryptopia thief transfers his steal to Binance

Crypto currency exchange Cryptopia hacker stealing a portion of the hacker’s money was determined to transfer to Binance.

Cryptopia, a relatively well-known stock exchange in the crypto-money community the previous day, announced it was hacked and reported that the hack was large in size.

The New Zealand-based stock exchange announced that the incident was transferred to state institutions and that the New Zealand police were conducting an investigation. It was recorded that the stock market could not be put into operation until the investigation was completed.

New Zealand police said in a statement today that the investigation into the hacking of Cryptopia is a complex investigation and all possibilities are considered. Police officials said they had not yet been able to explain the financial dimension of the attack, and that the investigation was at a very early stage.

On the other hand, today Cryptopia thief was trying to transfer some of the crypto coins to Binance. It was also determined that he transferred to the stock exchanges such as CoinExchange, Digifinex and Kucoin as well as the Thief Binance.

According to initial estimates, the thief has so far sent over 50,000 KNC, 55,000 ENJ and 31,300 MTL to Binance.

Changpeng Zhao: A high-risk maneuver for hackers
When the thief or the thieves transferred some of their crypto coins to Binance , Binance founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao, made a statement. Zhao said, We checked and freeze some of the funds. I don’t understand why the hackers still keep sending money to Binance. This will be quickly reported on social media and we will freeze it. This is a high-risk maneuver for them.

Partnership with Telekom giant from Wanchain

Partnership with Telekom giant from Wanchain

Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telephony operators, collaborated with Wanchain and Rivetz to create a reliable Blockchain platform for mobile devices.

Eleven Paths, a subsidiary of the giant communications company Telefónica , has partnered with Wanchain and Rivetz to create a reliable Blockchain platform for mobile devices. Rivetz is a company that works intensively in the Blockchain area and plays an important role in improvements in this area. Wanchain is an Ethereum fork that specializes in cross-chain compatibility.

Wanchain’s marketing director, Dan Reecer, told CCN that what made Wanchain stand out in the eyes of the cyber-security unit of communications giant Telefónica was Wanchain’s inter-chain operability.

At least they want to improve the security of block chains and provide a seamless experience for Telefónica subscribers.

On the other hand, in the same way as Apple and Android Pay, a wallet solution for both traditional and digital assets seems obvious. Nowadays, phones, cash and cards are everywhere. Therefore, Blockchain solutions can be much more secure than traditional near field communication options. In addition, Wanchain is said to be considering different uses, such as transferable reward programs for this integration and token support, which cannot be exchanged.

Telefónica plans to use Wanchain as a basic platform. This may seem familiar to the Ethereum developers, because Wanchain will hold all the important virtual machines. In addition, existing dApps and smart contracts can be moved to this system.

The Telefónica name may not be familiar to many of you, but it is a very important brand that is known in the world. According to Forbes, the company is the 123th largest company in the world with over 250 million users. The company is mostly focused on mobile and telecommunications.

Noting that Wanchain’s most important use will be in the background, Reecer said the subscribers would inadvertently benefit from Blockchain products in their daily lives. It will also take time, he added.

Presentation in February
In 2019 Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona on February 25-28, three companies will make further statements about the distance they have traveled. Blockchain based secure phones are starting to enter the market slowly. Big companies like HTC have come a long way.

Wanchain’s founder Jack Lu says excitedly about the new partnership:

Mobile phones are very important for the worldwide adoption of Blockchain technology. We are excited to announce such an initiative that will bring digital assets and Blockchain technology together with the masses. At the congress in February, we are looking forward to showing our first prototype and meeting the participants.

$800M Investment for Stellar

$800M Investment for Stellar

Grayscale, which has an asset of about $ 800 million under its management, announced that it added Stellar to its investment basket.

The digital asset management company, Grayscale Investments, which operates under the Digital Currency Group (DGC), started supporting Stellar Lumens with a new investment product.

The company announced today that Stellar Lumens Trust, the only asset that allows investors to invest indirectly in the digital presence of the Stellar network, is the investment of the Stellar network. Grayscale already offers single wealth trusts for many crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum , Ethereum Classic, Zen, Litecoin , XRP and Zcash.

Grayscale’s press release stressed that the Stellar block chain was built as a cost-effective payment network with the aim of providing poor communities with access to financial services. The Stellar project, founded by Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple, is in close cooperation with IBM.

The launch of this product will extend the scope of our digital asset universe, evren said Michael Sonnenshein, managing director of Grayscale. The company will continue to allow investors to gain access to the built-in Blockchain projects.

According to the company’s data, the Stellar Lumens Trust was launched with a $ 400,000 investment.

The sum of assets under Grayscale is about $ 800 million.

All Eyes on Tron: The Nitron Summit Begins Today

All Eyes on Tron: The Nitron Summit Begins Today

The Tron summit Nitron, where many announcements are expected, begins today.

The Tron Foundation announced the Nitron summit on Twitter and attracted the attention of the crypto-money community. The event will begin today and end tomorrow.
The summit is located in San Francisco. The event calendar includes speakers from different fields, interviews with Blockchain developers. The Summit aims to increase the exchange of ideas and better understanding of the Blockchain sector. The Nitron summit also offers new opportunities for venture and investment.

The legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant is one of the special guests. At the event, Bryant will share his experience and his views on entrepreneurship. In an interview with CNBC in 2016, Bryant said that basketball is only focused on winning, and that the champions and MVPs will constantly change. But it is more important to create something to be conveyed through generations, so that it can be used for a long time by inspiring the next generations.

Other than Bryant, Tron and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun, Binance Labs manager Ella Zhang, and OKCoin CEO Tim Byun will also perform at the event.

BitTorrent (BTT) airdrop speculation

With the rise of the guests and overall excitement, Nitron is expected to receive important announcements from Tron. It is not yet clear how the BitTorret token will adapt to the Tron platform. The BTT airdrop is estimated to be available to all TRX owners, except that the details are likely to come out in Nitron.

BTT will be revealed through Binance Launchpad as a toon based Tron. It is known that some BTT will be given as a gift to those who use the utorrent and BitTorrent software as incentives. Tron will be one step closer to BTT’s view of making the Internet more decentralized.

Unexpected Development: Ethereum Network divided by the leadership of the rebel miners!

Unexpected Development: Ethereum Network divided by the leadership of the rebel miners!

After the decommissioning of Constantinople, the Ethereum network continues to move. Some miners did not listen to the warnings, and the Ethereum network split.

Ethereum developers tried to postpone Constantinople at the last minute, but many miners did not consider developers. Therefore, a parallel universe was formed in Ethereum mining. In other words, the le chain division. With the crypto-money language took place and some miners began to dig the unofficial Constantinople chain without the consensus of the majority of the network.
The postponement decision was made on the presence of bugs in some newly added codes. However, many of the miners’ ‘rebellious’ kept the vein and the developers were ignored. According to Fork follower, the Constantinople chain is excavated with a mining power of at least 10TH / s. At the same time, this amount is even greater than the hashrate in the Ethereum Classic.

According to ChainSecurity, which exposes the incorrect code, some prerequisites are required to make a contract erroneous. Although the error is not at any point in Blockchain, Ethereum’s official blog shares the following words in his official bloc saying:

Security researchers such as ChainSecurity and TrailOfBits have made and analyzed all Blockchain. They still did not coincide with a valid error. Still, some contracts are likely to be affected.

As you can guess, it is not possible to get a network upgrade on time in such a big centerless network. When you look at any Bitcoin node map, you will see different versions active on the network at any time. The essence, as far as we know, is that some of the mining nodes dig as if the Constantinople fork had been activated and won’t receive the Ethereum mining award. Where this process will lead Ethereum is the conundrum. Soon, the Ethereum community could return to great controversy and the Ethereum price could go down.

Why did Constantinople fail?

Why did Constantinople fail?

Sergio Demian Lerner clarified the public about the Constantinople bug.

Sergio Demian Lerner, a crypto security researcher, shared with the public what he knew by the fuss of a little:
As Coinspect, we discussed the ‘problem önce that prevented Ethereum hard fork today a few months ago. We knew some contracts would break out in EIP1283. In fact, we developed a problem sample contract. We thought it was obvious and familiar.

Lerner draws attention to her tweet as a warning in September:

I was sure the developers knew it. I’m still sure. Probably a useful contract doesn’t explode in practice. However, they decided to do the risk assessment again 36 hours before the fork.

Lerner has 15,000 followers on Twitter, and some are ETH protocol developers. Therefore, the question of why this bug did not attract attention before. Some sources state that the code responsible for the bug could be added at the last minute. As you may recall, Constantinople was originally planned for mid-November, but a bug in the test network caused a postponement. Therefore, according to the Trail of Bits, the new code was added after the suspension decision.

The developers of Metropolis have passed December due to Christmas, so it is not known whether any tests were made in any code during this time. According to Ethereum’s chief Vitalik Buterin, the problem stems from the Vital interaction Vital between the new features. This situation has unintended consequences.

Whatever the cause of the failure, Ethereum developers once again disappointed ETH investors. The sober and heavy-handed work of developers is giving very bad signals for Ethereum. The fact that the Altcoin king has such a bad performance is a long-term blow to the image of the crypto money market

This Bitcoin wallet is more expensive than iPhone XS Max

One of the largest hardware wallet manufacturers, Trezor has produced a Bitcoin wallet that is more expensive than the iPhone XS Max.

Together with Ledger , Trezor , one of the two largest crypto- moneybook hardware manufacturers , has created a new hardware wallet called Corazon Gold Wallet in partnership with Gray.

The sales price of the wallet was set at 1496 dollars. That is, it is more expensive than the latest iPhone model, XS Max. iPhone XS Max is available for $ 1449.

Crypto money brings luxury to wallets
The outstanding features of the wallet are its support for over 700 crypto money and its great design. The titanium wallet has an additional gold finish. Also this special wallet will only be available in 100 pieces.

The standard version of Trezor is available at € 83.49.

The pre-order of the product can be given via . Product deliveries are expected to be made by the end of April.

Expected project has been implemented, Bitcoin is in everywhere!

Expected project has been implemented, Bitcoin is everywhere! Thousands of shops on the streets of France will now sell Bitcoin.

The rate of adoption of crypto coins is increasing day by day. Although the bear market last year has reduced the price of many crypto assets, there has been a significant increase in the number of places where this innovative asset class is used. Keplerk has contributed significantly to this ratio by allowing street buffets in France to sell Bitcoin (BTC).
France-based financial technology company Keplerk, a significant development for the crypto money ecosystem has signed a significant development. As we have already shared with CoinTurk readers , users will now be able to purchase Bitcoins from French street buffets.

In an interview with Reuters, co-founder Adil Zakhar noted the following comments:

Some people find it complicated to buy Bitcoin online. These users rely on buffets on their streets rather than relying on remote and anonymous web pages.

Working together with a local software developer, Keplerk offers a virtual cash register to member merchants. Thanks to this service, shop owners sell BTC vouchers to their customers. Customers can also translate these receipts to Bitcoin through their wallets at any time.

It was stated that the project will be implemented with the new year. Ethereumworldnews has already announced that six shops have already started to sell digital money, which is expected to reach 6500. Street buffets in France are regularly used by a large number of users. Bitcoin’s shelving in these shops will affect the future of the ecosystem quite well.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made statements about the crypto coins

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made statements about the crypto coins

The world’s leading countries do not remain unresponsive to the crypto money market, which continues to develop rapidly. Increasing the number of users every day, the market occasionally attracts country leaders. Russian news agency TASS announced on Tuesday (January 15th) the country’s prime minister Dmitry Medvedev’s crypto money statements. Speaking to the bear market last year, Medvedev made striking comments.
Prime Minister Medvedev attended a Gaidar forum event, where he evaluated the crypto coins. Crypto lovers’ interest in this statement last month marked the bearer of the market is mentioned. According to Medvedev, the trend in 2018 is not a reason to ignore crypto coins.

Medvedev expresses the current situation in the crypto money market as one of the main issues of the world community.

Speaking at an annual international economic conference, the former head of state, Prime Minister Medvedev, called for an attractive appeal to the crypto coins. Medvedev urges citizens to closely monitor the state of the crypto money market.

Medvedev, who spoke to the bear trend and unusual fluctuations in the market last year, argues that this situation does not constitute a reason to ignore crypto coins. According to the prime minister, the bright and dark sides of every social and economic phenomenon can be found. These statements by Prime Minister Mevedev can help to increase the sympathy of the crypto money market.

Swiss Crypto Money Sector Leader Evaluates the Future of the Sector

Swiss Crypto Money Sector Leader Evaluates the Future of the Sector

Luzius Meiesser, the founder of the Swiss Bitcoin Union, said that the crypto money innovations will affect the stable coins and securities tokens deeply.

Luzius Meisser, one of the members of the Swiss Bitcoin Union, said that the crypto money innovations would focus on stable coins and securities tokens. Messier expressed his views in an interview with Cointelegraph.
Meisser is a computer expert and economist and co-founder of the Swiss Bitcoin Association. A well-known name by the crypto money community in Switzerland.

Meisser believes that the crypto money sector will change in the medium term and this change will start from ICOs. The ICO investors now have more rights, Meisser said, adding that investors who are funding are only adding new features to their money-giving identity. The demands of better-protected investors are also expected to increase, so they can look at securities tokens. In addition, securities tokens will be much more regulated than the ICO market, which may facilitate investor confidence.

Meisser kept some stable coins apart, and said it would be reasonable to see coins with a decentralized mechanism as a means of payment rather than being seen as securities before the law. Meisser believes that stable coins will be the main building blocks of the Blockchain sector.

Stable coins can be the means by which an average company can add value to Blockchain. Because if they print stocks or bills, they are against the US dollar and the Euro. They’re not doing their accounts for BTC or ETH.

It is known that Swiss banks have avoided crypto money because they do not like risk. Meisser emphasized that some local initiatives and startups are also focusing on banking issues. In the recent months, the Swiss-based startup SEBA has taken steps to offer banking services to companies in the crypto-money sector . SEBA aims to provide solutions to problems in the storage of crypto coins