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Basic Attention Large partnership announcement from Token’s creator

Brendan Eich, the creator of the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT) who speaks to Bitcoin Did, announced that he was in talks for a large content publishing site to use BAT and pay.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a project that aims to transform digital advertising. The project aims to eliminate agents such as Google and Facebook in digital advertising and to make digital advertising more efficient.

In the nature of traditional digital advertising, ordinary users cannot generate any revenue from the advertisements they see or see. The Basic Attention Token project aims at transforming this to ensure that audiences also generate revenue.

The project also promises advertisers a more transparent and effective advertising experience.

The founder of the project, Eich, said that the platform, which is prepared to cooperate with them, has 80 million unique visitors using monthly advertising blockers.

Who’s the partner?

Eich did not reveal the name of the new partner, but gave some clues. The most important clue to reveal is that it has 80 million ad blockers per month. According to the Internet statistics compiler Statista, 27 percent of global users are using ad blocking software. Therefore, a platform with 80 million users using advertising blockers should attract approximately 300 million unique visitors per month.

According to the data of SimiliarWeb, there are a number of content publishing sites in this range. WordPress is at the top with 327 million per month. Pinterest follows him with 303 million. These platforms are followed by Quora, Reddit, XHamster vein IMDB with 270, 245, 241 and 233 million respectively.

Neither WordPress nor Pinterest nor Quora is currently registered in the BAT payment plan. This is the name of WordPress.

Brandan Eich, the founder of Brave, has a worldwide reputation as the creator of the JavaScript programming language. Eich is the founding partner of the Mozilla project, which also reveals Firefox.

Meanwhile, Basic Attention Token (BAT) increased by 250 percent to more than $ 0.36 on November 8, due to its listing in Coinbase since mid-September. BAT is currently trading at $ 0.27.

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