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BCH Dies, BSV A worthless Shitcoin

BCH Dies, BSV A worthless Shitcoin

“ The anonymous person known as “Cobra” ruled that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was dying and the Bitcoin SV (BSV) was “worthless”.

Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org’s unidentified creator, Cobra Bitcoin Cash, said that Bitcoin SV had gone down to death and Bitcoin SV was a “worthless shitcoin.” Cobra scored the tweet that Bitcoin Cash implied to be a failure:

Bitcoin Cash is dead. It needs a new leadership and direction / purpose, or it will be worth $ 0 in a few years.

Dead Crypto Coins
In the covert coins world of Cobra, there is no stranger. In recent years, prestigious and high-volume crypto coins have been included in the dusty pages of history just for the reasons cited by Cobra. Some of these; Peercoin, Namecoin, Bitshares and Feathercoin. These crypto coins, which once dominated the market and were in the top 10 list, are now considered ve dead Bir.

According to Cobra, lack of a reliable leadership approach is one of the reasons why Bitcoin Cash failed. A user who pointed at a point asked Cobra: aya A new leadership? Isn’t that against all of Bitcoin’s purpose? Di Cobra replied, mi Yes, but Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin can go on with no leader, but we need a guide to Bitcoin Cash. Bit

Cobra and BSV
According to Ethereumworldnews, the Cobra is a controversial name in the crypto universe, but it never stops working out. It was the Cobra that proposed the PoS algorithm to the Bitcoin Blockchain, supporting Bitcoin Cash first and then “killing.” Although Cobra’s ideas are contradictory, they always have a solid foundation. ” BSV = Real BCH ” in his thought to those who also have a couple of words from last week’s Cobram:

It’s time to sell all my BSVs. A shitty shitcoin.

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