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BCH Fork Confuses New Investors

Digital Currency Group (DCG) founder Barry Silbert focused on the latest state of the crypto-currency industry and referred to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

Blockchain entrepreneur Barry Silbert, one of the first crypto-money advocates, gave an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box ch program on crypto coins. Speaking about Bitcoin’s current price movements, Silbert said he was thinking about the BCH hard fork.

Bitcoin Cash’s Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and the Bitcoin ABC are divided into two for the hard fork, Silbert said:

This is confusing. Hard fork is a confusing.

CEO, as all the crypto money industry with hard forc in the market said he thought he was hurting him. However, the rival stated that such difficulties coming from crypto currencies would be useful for Bitcoin or which crypto money would remain the leader and added that:

If Bitcoin wins, it’s going to be a big test. Competitive crypto is threatened by coins and will deal with internal settlements. Winning Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Zcash, will be deserved first place.

On the other hand, during the interview, Silbert also touched upon the factors affecting the current price of Bitcoin. First, the decline in prices of technical stocks, the amount of capital entering the crypto currency area, he said. When traditional technology stocks fall, the risk appetite of technology investors is reduced. This seems reasonable since many corporate investors, such as Apple or Amazon, started to speculate about digital assets.

According to Silbert, the ICO balloon has exploded. Silbert says the following:

What we see now is the complete resolution of the ICO market. I think this is the ICO craze that made the price move towards the end of last year. ICO market is dead. Done.

At the end of the interview, if not very clear Silbertaler million dollar question is seen as “Base where?”Answered the question:

The only thing I can do is look at past performances. This is the fifth, sixth, seventh time, and we’re used to it. This is a great opportunity.

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