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Be careful “Guaranteed Return Promises” When Investing

Since the crypto money area is still very new and the regulations are not yet clear, we need to be careful when investing.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has long sought to inform potential investors about investor fraud.
The Commission warns of some points that it calls yapıy red flags ecek and that can protect investors from fraud. “Red flag” point between the most notable “promises of guaranteed returns” is happening .

A new report in Hong Kong reveals why investors should stay away from at guaranteed return promises Hong . Moreover, according to the report, even if these promises came from experts who had previously been Bitcoin billionaires, it is necessary to investigate very well before investing.

Bitcoin billionaire accused of defeating Hong Kong investors
The Wong Ching-kit, known as Hong Kong’s crypto money investor, has been having quite a hard time recently. Because investors in the region claim that the crypto millionaire has swindled them with 3 million Hong Kong dollars (HKD) through their mining investment.

Four investors are demanding full payback from Wong, each from 20,000 HKD to 1 million HKD. In addition, the police claim that with Wong, ten people have fraudulently committed 9,500 HKD.

Damaged investors say Wong has sold them special equipment designed for the mining of a cryptocurrency called Filecoin. In addition, investors are promised to make a profit from their investments in three months.

Trusting this promise, the investor says that while they are trying to get back their winnings, they are lured by Wong and the time has been extended with different excuses. Wong responded to the allegations via Facebook, saying , “They don’t thank them when they make money, but when they lose money, they call it fraud .”

The “red flag points should be considered more carefully
As for why investors believe in Wong… Wong made a 24-year-old investment in crypto money and became a millionaire. To announce that the “Mr. Coin “ or ” Coin Young Master in . Then he became quite famous.

When we look at this event, we see once again the necessity of very good research when making any investment in the new crypto-money field. In particular, it is necessary to do research not only once but in the areas where warnings are made. Because when people see the winners of easy money by chance, they think the same thing applies to them. If you are new to investment, the most common mistakes can be found here .

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