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Bill Gates praised the crypto in his new speech.

Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, praised the crypto-money in the past.
Gates did the same in his new speech and noted that digital technology could strengthen the world’s poorest people.

Gates would have made extremely positive comments about BTC in the past. Recently, he prefers to talk about the role of BTC in the financial system. In the crypto-money sector, the poor people of the world, who are referred to as de people who do not have access to banks ”, do not have access to financial means according to Gates, but their labor and knowledge should not be underestimated. In addition, an inefficient cash economy leads people to more poverty.

Gates is showing crypto coins as a solution to this problem. Crypto coins also contribute to the development of sectors such as health and agriculture.

Gates repeats what he has said before, and he says that transactions can be made 90% cheaper with crypto-money, and that innovative financial products and services can be delivered to people. In this process, he says the following:

I see two priorities for the near future. First of all, we must go to policy changes to involve the poor at this point. Then we need a measurement system. A system that not only does not only have accounts, but also benefits from financial activities.

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