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Billionaire Cryptosist Sells 1 Million BCHSV

With the start of BCHSV trading, a large sales wave can begin. Jihan Wu gave the first sign of this.

Bitmain’s billionaire co-founder Jihan Wu can sell 1 million Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) after the successful completion of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Ne I wonder when I will be able to send and sell my BSV toppers.

As of November 19, BCH’s original chain Bitcoin Cash ABC is 42.7% and 9 blocks ahead of BCHSV in terms of business evidence. Most of the BCH blocks are being excavated by, BTC.TOP and ViaBTC without the intervention of Bitmain.

Despite the threat of BCHSV supporter Craig Wright, major stock exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken supported the original chain and provided a great advantage over the BCH BCHSV in the battle of hash. This threat from Craig Wright, who threatened to sue developers and miners who supported the BCH before the Hard Fork, turned out to be an outcry; no developer or miner was sued. SV wing’s 51% attack plan was prevented. BCH developers have integrated a checkpoint into each block excavated for this purpose.

Although BCH seems to have won the battle, both the BCH and BCHSV have lost blood. “No one wins a battle ,  said Roger Ver, CEO of Only some of them lose less than others. 

After that, the fate of both crypto money depends on the course of the market. If the owners of large amounts of BCHSV token (ironically such persons as BCH supporters) engage in bulk sales, BCHSV may lose a lot of value. This wave may even begin with the sales that Jihan Wu intends to do.


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