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Binance Prepares for New Token Sales

The sale of Fetch.AI token on the Binance Lanchpad platform will take place on February 25th.

The leader wants to continue his sales success with a new token from Binomial BTT , one of the crypto-money exchanges . Fetch.AI (FET) token has a sales date of 25 February at Binance Launchpad .

Fetch.AI Token Sales
Investors have increased the price of Binance Coin BNB by more than 20% over the last 24 hours in contrast to the overall market. This increase may indicate investors’ expectations for new token sales. According to a Fetch.AI spokesman, the BNB will be the only token that can be used to get token’s FET.

Fetch.AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform autonomous economic transactions on the internet. The technology developed by the project is a kind of digital formation, it can manage itself without human interaction, it can direct devices, services or people. One of the areas where autonomous formations can be used is aviation, and the technology developed according to the spokesperson’s statement will be able to plan dynamic and self-modal journeys.

The project aims to launch its main network at the end of this year. Ethereum-based tokens will be passed to Fetch.AI’s network when the time comes. The sale of Token was originally planned for the past year, but was abandoned due to market conditions. Last year, Fetch.AI had collected $ 15 million on a special sale.

Many Binance followers demanded the reduction of the maximum amount of token to be taken by 1 person. Although the limit of the token is not clear yet, the Binance announced that it is taking lessons from BTT.

Credit Card Purchase with Bitcoin
In recent days, Binance debit and credit cards with the stock market to take the cryptocurrency took a step forward. Thus, one of the barriers that traditional investors faced when entering crypto money was eliminated. The CEO of Binance stated that they would ensure that the most secure and fastest way to get crypto money.