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Bitcoin Cash Boiling Boiler: ABC Network Spam Attacks!

Bitcoin Cash Boiling Boiler: ABC Network Spam Attacks!

After the Bitcoin Cash hard fork has been activated, there is a new development.

After Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the blocks in Bitcoin ABC started to fill up with small transactions. Three blocks were dug by more than 50 thousand operations corresponding to a value of less than 0.5 BCH until the time of this paper. The attack is currently under way.

It seems that the way the attackers follow it is to send the transaction back to back between the same addresses. For example, this address took 500 of the first spam transactions, then sent the transactions to itself.

Bitcoin Cash’s block size limit is high, so there is a lot more spam to make a real negative impact on the network. The sum of the three blocks did not exceed 10 MB in size. However, if this situation continues for 2-3 weeks, there may be a negative impact on the network by replacing the hard drives of Bitcoin ABC full nodes or by changing the BCH transaction costs.

Such attacks can have a serious effect on other chains with smaller block sizes. For example, a spam attack on BTC has a short time impact and increases transaction fees. The more full a block, the more expensive it is. During the months of 2015 and later in 2016, the transaction fees were increased as a result of the work carried out for months, but – some operations were waited for several weeks, after which all processes were processed.

It is not yet known who is behind the spammers who started technically before fork and increased their influence after fork. In addition, it is not known whether the attack affects both the chain or only the ABC.


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