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Bitcoin Cash Confession From Ripple Labs Manager

Yoshitaka Kitao, head of the SBI Holdings of the Japanese financial group and director of Ripple Labs; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will support in the first place, but due to hard fork, he confessed to give up this decision.

Kitao’s Bitcoin Cash admission as follows:

Coins that often go to hard forks are ridiculous. I was going to support the BCH, but Jihan and Craig had a fight, and ABC and SV were born. The Jihan side won, and the BCH inherited the name, but I decided to quit both. This led to a decrease in the market value of both coins.

The hard fork, which Kitao mentioned, took place in November 2018. Bitmain’s former CEO, Jihan Wu, and Craig Wright, who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto at every turn, suffered a dispute and Bitcoin SV was born. The Bitcoin SV is currently headed by Calvin Ayre with Craig Wright.

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