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Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

The Bitcoin family continues to live a dreamlike life even though the BTC falls. Here is a Bitcoin story that can be absurd but completely real.

Bitcoin family goes on their way
For Bitcoin, where you believe you will climb to new heights one day, can you give up all the items you have?

The answer to most of us is no. But there is a Dutch Bitcoin family who says yes and invests their money in Bitcoin.

In October 2017, the world recognized a family of 5 people who invested in Bitcoin (home, car and even a pension savings fund). Didi Taihuttu , the father of 3 children , even sold his favorite bike to show everyone that he is serious.

The family then moved to a campsite in the Netherlands.

The interest of the press in this Dutch family was great. As time passed and December 2017 reached the peak of Bitcoin , this interest increased further.

But the Taihuttu family made an interesting statement before seeing the Bitcoin $ 20,000 peak:

We did not engage in such an event to support the crypto revolution. We wanted to change our way of life and Bitcoin was an occasion. If we were very rich one day, we would share our wealth with the poor. I think that’s what we’re doing right now. That is why Bitcoin has dropped or is not very important for us.

This point of view at that time was often an exaggeration to most people, even the impression was a bit of a lie. However, the time has gone Bitcoin came to 20 thousand dollars. The family’s fortune has increased by 3-4 times. But there was no change in the family. Then the price of the BTC has fallen to 3 thousand, the family’s life and happiness has not changed again.

The family now lives in Thailand . Taihuttu explained that they are very interested in the media and that they have received invitations from many countries.

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