Bitcoin forecast from famous CEO Michael Novogratz

Bitcoin forecast from famous CEO
Michael Novogratz, founder and CEO of GALAXY Digital Capital Management, said that Bitcoin will be able to see the highest values ​​of all time in 2019.

Novogratz, one of the most important names in the crypto sector, stated that Bitcoin could be worth 20 thousand dollars in 2019 by ending its stagnation in 2018.

“We will see $ 10,000 at the end of the first quarter of 2019 and after that we will see new heights, namely $ 20,000 or more,” Novogratz, speaking to the UK-based Financial News, said.

Novogratz, who worked as an investment banker in the Goldman Sachs bank in the past, pointed out that after a very difficult year, Bitcoin would be between 8,800 – 9,000 dollars before 2019, reaching 10 thousand dollars in the first months of 2019 and could be 20 thousand or more in the following months.


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