Bitcoin Is Realistic?

More About Bitcoin, Bitcoin Is Realistic? According to the Payoneer CEO, the fact that Bitcoin has become the only digital currency to be valid in the world is an “unreal” thought.

The crypto money market experienced a minor correction on Friday (December 28th). Bitcoin, which is expected to retest the lowest levels of the year before this move, has approached the level of $ 4,000 again. Although there are signs of a small recovery in the market, the bear trend still continues throughout the year. This is the case with the original crypto money Bitcoin’e criticism continues to come without slowing down.
Scott Galit, the CEO of Payoneer, a New York-based payment processing firm, entered a list of names criticizing Bitcoin. Commenting on Bitcoin during an interview with CNBC on Friday (December 28th), Galit argues that the idea of a currency that is going to operate globally and has innovative features like Bitcoin is unrealistic.

In Galit’s statements, BTC targets non-decentralization. According to Galit, Bitcoin will fail to become a single and unifying global currency. Having signed these ambitious statements, Galit also acknowledges that the idea of digital money, which differs from traditional currencies and solves some of the existing problems in the global financial system, is attractive to most users. Galit, who said that such a currency would eliminate the obstacles encountered in the international operations, still calls the implementation of this idea unrealistic.

Galit states:

I think that Bitcoin will fail, although many people in the world of the internet have an interest in this issue, such as seamless transactions, trouble-free money, and escaping from nominal currencies.

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