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Bitcoin on the rise, the bull market has started?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) increased by 8% in one day to exceed $ 3,600, bringing the bull market back to the agenda.

Crypto coins leader Bitcoin (BTC) completed Friday ( February 8th ) with a significant increase of about 8%. Altcoins in the market at higher rates followed by Bitcoin bull market expected to start for a long time came to the agenda. Bitcoin is trading at $ 3,648 at the time of the report.

Are Bulls Coming?
When the bear trend in the market continued in the new year, the longest bear market in the history of crypto money had taken place . Bitcoin, which failed to complete January as expected, fell below the level of $ 3,400. However, there was a sharp fluctuation in the market on Friday (February 8th), and there was some debate among the users that bulls were coming to the market.

There have been many debates on the topic on social networking platforms, which are frequently used by users of crypto money like Twitter. According to some people, this increase reflects the bull market, while others say the opposite.

The whole market is on the rise
Bitcoin’s rise was followed by Litecoin (LTC) . Litecoin, which has recently signed a successful business, has attracted the attention of many users by completing the last twenty-four hours with a 30% increase. LTC was followed by Ethereum (ETH) 13% and EOS 15 %. In addition, we see that there is an increase in different rates in almost every subcoin on the market. Did the bull market really start?

It is not as easy as deciding whether the trend in the market has changed. Although some users have already announced that the bear market has finally come to an end, we have to watch the market for a long time so we can make this decision. What do you think about this?

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