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Bitcoin Payment Term Begins in Public Transport!

Bitcoin is now available for public transport in Argentina.

Thanks to the cooperation between Alto Viaje , which provides filling services for public transport cards, and the financial technologies company Bitex , it is now possible to pay for public transport in 37 regions of Argentina by paying with Bitcoin .

This is a small step for Bitcoin because integrating Bitcoin and other crypto coins into everyday life is no longer something new. However, the inclusion of crypto coins in daily life in Argentina is a very important development for Argentina. In Argentina, only 2 crypto money ATMs were in service until 2018, and these ATMs were in Buenos Aires, the capital of the country. Bitex CMO Manuel Beaudroit said:

We believe that such projects are of great importance as they have introduced Bitcoin to society.

In Argentina, SUBE cards can be charged with Bitcoin at all stations and national ticket sales offices. The main goal of Alto Viaje was to make credit filling operations as easy as possible. Alto Viaje added PayPal support to the platform before accepting payments with Bitcoin . Alto Viaje will soon begin to accept payments from Argentina-based payments service RapiPago too.

Demand for Bitcoin is rising!
Argentina is in the grip of high inflation, just like any other South American country. Many Argentines are troubled by the economic situation in the country. For this reason, people started to turn to alternative currencies like Bitcoin in order to prevent their money from losing their value. In recent months, the transaction volume in the country’s LocalBitcoins is constantly increasing. We also announced that in December 2018, 7 new crypto money ATMs will be established in Argentina .

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