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Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase preserved its prestige

Which is based in San Francisco, and the world’s most prestigious crypto currency has made a name as a stock Coinbase, for a critical bug found in the system, did not pay 30 thousand dollars to the person who found the error.

He wanted to supervise himself in Coinbase, as many corporate firms do. HackerOne ‘s website, which includes the world’s most hacked hackers, also posted an ad.

Previously, these advertisements were generally worth $ 100-200. Coinbase officials, however , will be suspicious of some things, which have issued a large-scale bug hunting announcement.

Ad published on 12 February. According to the announcement, Coinbase set a four-stage award program. Coinbase Company will pay $ 30,000 for Level 1, ie $ 200 for low-grade errors, ie $ 2000 for mid-level errors, ie $ 15,000 for high-grade errors, and finally Level 4, so critical errors It has announced.

When the award was something that touched the teeth, many hackers were hired to find bugs in the Coinbase system.

Although there was only 2 days advertised, an unrecognized HackerOne user detected a critical error in Coinbase. The company made the payment after completing the necessary inspections.

Thus, the Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase, for only 30 thousand dollars, has prevented both the possible loss of millions of dollars and preserved its prestige.

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