Ripple Technical Analysis, What awaits us this week?

Ripple Technical Analysis, What awaits us this week?

Ripple, unfortunately, did not perform well this week. Starting the week at $ 0.382, Ripple lost $ 1.577 to close the week at 1.577. With his poor performance, Ripple has handed over his second place to Ethereum. Let’s continue by examining the technical events during the week.

Ripple ‘s pressure on the market because of the beginning of the week began to decline. With this decrease, the L2 ($ 0.355) level seen in the first graph was tested and worked as a support. The XRP, which has risen again on Tuesday’s purchases, has maintained this uptrend to A falling trend. However, we see that there is a sale pressure from this level. As a result of the pressure, L2 (down to $ 0,355) , the price regressed to A , on the day of purchases with the market again tested the falling trend. Looking at the XRP / BTC graph 1We see that the falling trend has been working as a support until thursday. we can say that the graphics are stable on the side of the volume. In line with these developments, let us evaluate.

Ripple had to hand over the throne to second place, Ethereum. This may have upset the Ripple investors, but it is normal to have such things in the market. Who knows what else will change in the rankings. As for the technical appearance of the XRP; For the current situation there is a serious contraction between L2 ($ 0.355) and A falling trend. I think that the course of this contraction will change in one direction to the next week. Of course, it is also possible to continue the horizontal band movement in the market. However, when we think that these two levels have been tested many times, one side has to be defeated after the intersection points. We hope that the parties renewed the bar which consists of aFalling trend happens. FIBO 0.236 ($ 0.40) level will be on the agenda with the break up of A trend . If this level is above L3 ($ 0.463) will be on the agenda. I can say that if the market conditions develop in sales pressure and the L2 ($ 0.355) breaks down, the outlook will get worse. L2 ($ 0.355) below the L2 ($ 0.355) – L1 ($ 0.283) horizontal channel will be below the level. As for the XRP / BTC graph: 1breaking down the number one trend has made the view negative. This means that the XRP is depreciating against the BTC and thus has a negative effect against the dollar. For XRP / BTC current situation, Y1 (8660SAT) level should be followed as important support. Below this level, I believe that the sales pressure will increase further.

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Ethereum Technical Analysis, What is waiting for us this week?

Ethereum Technical Analysis, What is waiting for us this week?

Ethereum, with its great performance, managed to delight investors this week. Ethereum, starting at $ 144 a week next week, closed the week at $ 161, gaining 11.8%. During the week, he tested a $ 166 level, capturing a margin of 100% for three weeks in the $ 83 dip zone. Let’s continue by examining the technical developments during the week.

Ethereum ‘sales pressure on the market because of the beginning of the week begins with a decline. The drop was broken down on Monday at $ 140 a support zone. Also L1 ($ 136) levels were also tested and worked as support. On Tuesday, we see that the $ 140 level has been broken up again with incoming purchases . The price of $ 152 has been broken up on Wednesday . The rest of the week, $ 152 , served as support. I can say that the rising trend of T1 in the dollar chart is still protected. If you look at the ETH / BTC parity, ETH ‘s value is gaining value against Bitcoin throughout the week 1We are testing the number one trend. There is also a negative mismatch in the ETH / BTC chart. When we look at the volume bars in the charts, we can say that this week there is no significant change. As a result of these developments, let us evaluate.

With the upward momentum that Ethereum has captured, he finally sat down on the second place throne on the market. Hope ETH investors will be beneficial. So will the rise of the ETH continue? In fact, this is possible if certain conditions are maintained in technical terms. As for the terms: First of all, I think that the rising trend of T1 in the second chart is important for the short term. Following this trend, the ETH will continue its upward movement. The major resistance zone to be followed is the $ 171 level. On this level L2 ($ 193) horizontal band and A falling trend will come up. However, we should note that in three weeks it has achieved a profit margin of 100%. A possible correction of $ 152 and $ 140The levels are the first support zones to follow. Below these levels L1 ($ 136) is very important support. I believe that the sales pressure will increase below this level. If you look at the ETH / BTC graph 1the falling trend has been tested. There is a pressure when there is no volume supported bar above this level. I believe that this edition will bring about a correction movement in the short term. The negative mismatch between the RSI and the price in the ETH / BTC graph is also a support for the correction movement. However, it should also be noted that it would not be right to conclude that there will definitely be a drop in price as the price rises between the RSI and the price. It will be appropriate to follow the resistances such as resistance zones and candle formations when correcting with incompatibility.

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis, What is waiting for us this week?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis, What is waiting for us this week?

Bitcoin was relatively quiet last week, and close to the week close to the market excited. Bitcoin, which started at $ 3980 (BITFINEX) next week, rose 5% after closing at $ 4180. H Let’s continue examining the technical events that have occurred in the amnesty.

Bitcoin had closed the previous week above L3 ($ 3900) . The sales pressure that came with the opening this week led to the L3 ($ 3900) downturn . However, on Tuesday, we see that the L3 ($ 3900) level is broken up again. After the breakdown, this level worked as a support throughout the week. When we arrive on Sunday, we see an upward movement with incoming purchases. With this movement T1 and T2I have updated my trends. When we look at the RSI indicator, we see that the value moves from the horizontal and starts to move upwards. On the volume side, we can say that the whole week has been weak. However, the bar on Sunday is higher than the week average. As a result of these developments, let us pass.

Bitcoin entered 2019 from $ 3800 . We hope that this is our lowest level this year. What position and what do we follow in the first week of 2019? As I mentioned in my previous analysis, we have followed the formation of TOBO formation which is the trend return formation in Bitcoin. In addition, we have drawn up the short-term rising channel by drawing and updating T1 and T2 trends. For the current situation, the formation of the right omu region for the TOBO formation is still continuing. $ 3680the right shoulder formation as long as the level is not broken down. As the formation of the right shoulder continues, I am positive that the RSI indicator is in the rising trend, as I mentioned in the first chart. However, if the right shoulder formation process is prolonged with maturity, it may be necessary to reassess the appearance. The important resistance zone of the TOBO formation is G ($ 4450) . With this level up, F ($ 4900) and E ($ 5400) levels will be raised for the medium term . We cannot know if the market maker moves the market in this direction. For this reason, it will be necessary to follow our support zones and keep our stoploss strategy active. L2 ($ 3600) if the market turns downlevel should be followed as important support zone. Because I believe that the sales pressure will increase below this level. This will pave the way for the retesting of the latest bottom area. When we come to the volume side, I can’t say I’m very pleased with the look. This is because there is no significant increase in volume with the upward movement. This gives us an idea that there is no serious demand in the market. Therefore, I think that one should be more careful in the market with low volume.

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2018 A Difficult Year For All Markets

2018 A Difficult Year For All Markets

2018, which we left behind, upset most investors.

Although traditional stock markets and crypto money markets have almost no common ground, they have had a difficult 2018 in the two markets, and both markets are hoping that 2019 will be very different.
Both markets have had a difficult year in terms of prices, but experts say these prices are temporary. Therefore, investors who have been lost due to recent fluctuations think that 2019 will be very profitable.

At this time last year there was a bull race in which the general market values saw a level of $ 830 billion. From this point onwards, the market started to decline during 2018. In December 2018, the value of the crypto money market has fallen to 100 billion and currently stands at around $ 126 billion.

On the other hand, Bitcoin, which pioneered the performance of the market in general, first experienced a decline in December 17. The Bitcoin value of up to $ 20,000 fell sharply to $ 7,300. From this point on, a more stable image is drawn, but the price has moved down continuously.

In addition, Bitcoin’s fall began in mid-December, but the fall of other crypto coins found the beginning of January. For example, the XRP, which rose to $ 3.75 on January 3, fell to $ 0.60 on February 6th. Already here all the subcoins started following Bitcoin and almost all of them fell during 2018.

Traditional exchanges also had a difficult year
Although the traditional markets did not experience a significant 90% decline as the crypto money market experienced, the traditional stock markets also closed the year with a bad note. Increased commercial tensions between the US and China, the Fed’s interest rates and Brexit concerns have also damaged the traditional market.

Despite the fact that many investors expect more losses from the traditional markets in 2019, John Stoltzfus, chief investment strategist of Oppenheimer Asset Management, said that 2019 was a positive surprise for stock investors.

Critical 2019 forecast by leading Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song

Critical 2019 forecast by leading Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song

Leading the crypto money experts in 2019, shared their views on the market. Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song says “A new wave of sales may come”, while analyst Tone Vays said, “The Altcoins won’t stand up.”

Leading 5 crypto money experts told the Cointelegraph about the 2019 expectations of Bitcoin and crypto coins and gave recommendations to investors.

Paul Veradittakit: 2018 was a tough year. I expect that the bear market will continue for a while in 2019 as well. Maybe the prices towards the end may rise. But I think we should not expect anything for a while. I think Bakkt is very important. If we want to see prices rise, I think that the most important thing to do is corporate companies.

‘Altcoins won’t stand up’
Tone Vays: I think the most important event of 2018 was the crash of the prices of all the crypto coins with Bitcoin. I see this as different from 2014 and 2015. This time I have a subcoin balloon and I don’t think the altcoins will stand up again. Another smaller event was the bifurcation of Bitcoin Cash. This division showed us how irrelevant these subcoins are, and I see it as a good thing.

Bitcoin Dad: I hate the ‘bear market’ for 2018. I think this is a healthy correction. There was a need to retreat and learn about the market. I’m waiting for the bull market in 2019 and 2020. This information will work.

Jimmy Song: What I want to say is the bear market itself. Numerous infamous projects have gone deleted or attracted to death pains. I think this is very important. There was a significant amount of wrong investment in the market. Cleaning them was good. Investments will be directed towards good projects. Bitcoin celebrates its 10th anniversary and I think it’s a good thing that something proves itself over time.

Roger Ver: The correction showed that people don’t always rise. It may rise or fall. I also think that people realize the long-term vision.

‘We can expect a new wave of decline’
Jimmy Song: I think we need a little more decline. We can expect a new wave of decline as long as the wrong investments and disgraceful projects in the market are not completely cleared. That’s why I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom yet.

Overview of 2019
Paul Veradittakit: I think we will see some new projects started to be launched next year. I think this is exciting, but I don’t think they can compete with ETH in the short term. I also think we are moving towards the installation and construction process.

Tone Vays: I think the most important event in 2019 is to prove that Bitcoin is not dead. Bitcoin didn’t die, and I think it’s going to be back in 2019 after some point. In the second half of 2019 I think that Bitcoin will leave the remaining crypto world and start a bull rally.

Jimmy Song: In 2019 I think many companies will realize where Bitcoin stands. Already many CEOs have started to say positive things about Bitcoin. I think this will continue in 2019.

Roger Ver: The world will see more and more people add new things to Bitcoin. By Bitcoin, I mean Bitcoin Cash.

Company’s Drama That Bitcoin Will Be $ 50,000

Company’s Drama That Bitcoin Will Be $ 50,000

In 2018, BTC was expected to be $ 50,000 for BlockTower Capital.

BlockTower Capital last year, the end of 2018 by the end of the Bitcoin price of $ 50 thousand in the direction of a $ 1 million claim was made. Without a miracle by the end of the week, the hedge fund that manages its 130 million-dollar assets will suffer over $ 1 million in options.
On December 20, 2017, he made the allegation for Ari Paul, co-founder and chief information officer of BlockTower Capital. The claim, according to Business Insider, was that Paul, who spent around $ 1 million on the purchase option, would get 275 bitcoins at a price of $ 50,000 before December 28, 2018.

BlockTower could spend up to $ 13.8 million if options turned into reality. Considering that BTC will not reach that price in a few days, we can say that the company has lost.

The company had stood behind its verdict with the word a small amount that was risked to win a lot. In a CNBC interview dated December 26, 2017, Paul commented, This is something that may not be happening, Paul added. In an interview with Business Insider this month, Paul said the Bitcoin rally is not waiting and they will not make any claims about the rally.

Ari Paul’s BlockTower Capital is not the only company that has been wrong about the Bitcoin price this year. Bitcoin at Morgan Creek Digital Assets – S & P 500 failed to make claims on the coast.

Bitcoin Is Realistic?

Bitcoin Is Realistic?

More About Bitcoin, Bitcoin Is Realistic? According to the Payoneer CEO, the fact that Bitcoin has become the only digital currency to be valid in the world is an “unreal” thought.

The crypto money market experienced a minor correction on Friday (December 28th). Bitcoin, which is expected to retest the lowest levels of the year before this move, has approached the level of $ 4,000 again. Although there are signs of a small recovery in the market, the bear trend still continues throughout the year. This is the case with the original crypto money Bitcoin’e criticism continues to come without slowing down.
Scott Galit, the CEO of Payoneer, a New York-based payment processing firm, entered a list of names criticizing Bitcoin. Commenting on Bitcoin during an interview with CNBC on Friday (December 28th), Galit argues that the idea of a currency that is going to operate globally and has innovative features like Bitcoin is unrealistic.

In Galit’s statements, BTC targets non-decentralization. According to Galit, Bitcoin will fail to become a single and unifying global currency. Having signed these ambitious statements, Galit also acknowledges that the idea of digital money, which differs from traditional currencies and solves some of the existing problems in the global financial system, is attractive to most users. Galit, who said that such a currency would eliminate the obstacles encountered in the international operations, still calls the implementation of this idea unrealistic.

Galit states:

I think that Bitcoin will fail, although many people in the world of the internet have an interest in this issue, such as seamless transactions, trouble-free money, and escaping from nominal currencies.

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going?

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going?

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going? Although the rises in the crypto money market on 24 December excited the investors, it was unfortunately not long-term.

Even though the crypto money market had a gratifying rise on December 24th, it did not last long. The crypto money market was under the influence of the month of 2018. In the last days of the year, bears did not leave control.
Analysts predict that Bitcoin could drop below $ 3,000. A former IMF economist warned investors that Bitcoin will be able to steal the danger bells again when it falls below the $ 3.190 level. Of course we, would prefer to remain neutral and uninvolved against these claims. Perhaps Bitcoin will re-visit the $ 3,100 band or rise above the $ 4,500 level.

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Asset, who was surprisingly justified in previous Bitcoin price estimates, claimed that Bitcoin would drop below $ 3,000 this time. Currently the most important support for Bitcoin is $ 3,460. For any rise in Bitcoin to point to the trend change, the leading crypto currency must remain above the $ 4.239 level. Bitcoin tried to stick at $ 3,800 after the rise of the December 24 wave, but unfortunately did not succeed.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin did not manage to hold $ 3,800 and $ 3,700 support. It even fell below the level of $ 3,600 to $ 3,563. The bitcoin price is currently moving below the 100-hour moving average and in the decline zone. If the sales pressure in the crypto money market continues, we can see Bitcoin below the $ 3,500 band.

New Sales Wave

New Sales Wave

Bitcoin, which has been in a downward trend during 2018, had tried more than $ 4250 on December 24, making a deep breath to its investors and the market. But the adventure over $ 4000 didn’t last long, and the next day, it was down to 4000 six levels. The lowest level of the year was recorded at $ 3120 on December 15th.

There is a wave of sales again this evening. At $ 3577, the lowest value was in the market. This decline, which could be a pioneer, could be the beginning of a new large sale.

On the other hand, the downtrend in global markets continues. American stock exchanges suffered over 3% losses in the last 24 hours. Sales continue at similar rates in European and Far Eastern stock exchanges. The sales wave can also make domino effect on Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

$ 3120, the lowest level of the year on December 15, was the bottom level at this time. In the new sales wave, there may be a withdrawal up to $ 2750. The Altcoins do not have a standing position in the Bitcoin fall. In case of possible high volume sales, all subcoins can be massacred.

On the other hand, declines bring new opportunities for entry into the market for those waiting in ambush. The important question is, where will the decline continue? According to most experts, 2000 levels will definitely be tested.

What does the world of bitcoin and crypto money expect in the new year?

What does the world of bitcoin and crypto money expect in the new year?

2018 has been a really hard year for crypto money investors, and finally 2019 has come! So, are we going to enter 2019 without taking lessons from 2018? Of course no. We need to evaluate 2018 and envision our experience memory so that we can see our mistakes and minimize the possibility of mistakes. First, let’s see what happened in 2018.

In 2018, it is enough to look at the above table to understand what is happening. However, to summarize briefly; over the course of a year, Bitcoin and most of its sub-market rankings dropped 81% to 96.5% from their historic peaks (ATH). Considering the bottom level in 2018, the value loss is changing between 84% and 98%. These percentages are clearly expressing the risk environment of the crypto money market. Think about the 9-year-old bitcoin, which is the leader of the market, is losing 84% and if you bought Bitcoin from the historic summit, you will only be able to earn 625% profit. While you are trying to reach your cost, some other investors in the market, I’m sure you think it’s ruining your capital. So, is it possible to compensate for such losses in the crypto money market? Of course its possible. But in order to achieve this, I think we should increase our level of knowledge and invest in the right strategy. For this purpose, I wanted to pass on some important lessons from 2018:

The direction of the trend in the long term;

We spent the whole year of 2018 with a decline. I mean, the bear market was dominant for a whole year. You see this falling trend with the trend line that I indicated by the number 2 in the up chart (Weekly / Logarithmic). Similarly, in the period between 2014-2015 (July), bearish market has been followed by falling trend 1 and Bitcoin has lost 86%. As for the current situation, we can say that the bear market will continue in the long term, as long as the price remains below the 2 numbered trend. But if the falling trend breaks in 2019, does it mean that the bull market has begun? It’s hard to give an answer in advance. However, the downtrend in the falling trend will show that the bear market has been reduced.

In which term should we invest? Does HODL make sense?

Maturity selection is an issue specific to the investor. It is directly linked to the investor’s portfolio power, risk appetite and patience. However, no matter what maturity is chosen, I think it is a common point to be aware of: To determine the purchase area, the sales area and the stop loss level. To be able to implement and implement our related strategies. Actually, this is a very difficult thing I’m talking about. If anyone could accomplish this already, everyone in the market would always add their portfolio, right? But as investors, we must develop ourselves in this direction in order to preserve the value of our portfolio and then increase it.

We need to analyze the long-term periods of the instrument we are going to invest to short-term periods and determine the period in which we will invest. For example; Bitcoin, which is dominated by the falling trend in the long term (weekly) chart, can offer the opportunities that will leave a good margin on daily or 4 hour charts in the short term. In this context, the question of whether HODL is logical or not, in the long term trend, of course it will not be logical. However, when the signals related to the bull market are started to be received (such as bottom formation, upward trend of the trend or moving averages), it is possible to make purchases from the support regions and generate a significant cost in a possible bullish market. Nevertheless, I think we should set stoploss and resale goals while generating average cost.

Which pair of pairs do we trade?

Most crypto money exchanges allow trading on many pair of pair. The investor is also confused in the choice of parity. In order to clarify the subject, it is necessary to reveal the following data:

  • There is an economy dominated by dollars in the world.
  • Bitcoin, leader of the crypto money market.

Considering that Bitcoin is priced in dollars in the light of these data, the number of Bitcoins we have will reflect the strength of our portfolio. When we come to the Altcoin side, though, all the altcoins are priced with BTC, even though they are priced with dollars. Therefore, we can say that the value of a subcoin against the dollar is dependent on Bitcoin. As an example, including Turkish Lira: XRP / TRY pricing has a direct effect on XRP / BTC, BTC / USD and USD / TRY pricing. Therefore, according to which instrument we want to shape your portfolio according to which we should make the parity selection. However, our BTC / USD chart should always be in front of us.

Short position and leveraged operations

Some crypto money exchanges offer short position (short selling) and leveraged trading. In fact, short selling is no different from the long position. Therefore, after determining the place of purchase, place of sale and stoploss, it can be moved as in the same long position. When we come to leveraged transactions, the situation changes a little more. It is necessary to act with the knowledge that more attention should be paid to the transactions in the leveraged market, otherwise the portfolio may be seriously damaged.

PUMP & DUMP issue

There’s not much to say about it. You are very likely to be from your capital by entering such groups. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to take such subcoins not to enter such groups.

Monitoring the news about the market

The year 2018 may have been very bad. However, very serious developments concerning the crypto money market continue to mature rapidly. The head of these developments are the efforts of the corporate firms to enter the market, the expectation of the ongoing ETF in Bitcoin and some regulations. These developments point out that the popularity of the crypto money market for 2019 and later will increase further. Therefore, to follow these developments carefully will provide us with serious data when investing.

In 2019 we hope you will get plenty of profits.

The information, comments and evaluations contained herein are NOT within the scope of Investment Consultancy .