Are Crypto Coins Prepared for Bull Run?

Are Crypto Coins Prepared for Bull Run?

In 2018, the crypto money market failed to meet the high expectations of investors. However, in these days when we are preparing to enter 2019, the market has started to give some signs of life.
Market capitalization of crypto coins managed to find support at $ 100 billion last week following the sharp declines in recent months. After the volatile rise, the total value of the crypto money market has increased to $ 139 billion. This huge increase in the crypto money market has not been experienced since April 2018. For this reason, the prospects for the market of crypto money investors began to regenerate. Just like crypto coins.

The wave of a wave that started on Monday morning continued later. Market capitalization of crypto coins increased by 10% to $ 143 billion in hours. This is a sign that crypto money traders are back on the market and started buying. It is also useful to not be deceived by these rises. Because in 2018, the crypto money market lost about 87% and lost more than $ 650 billion.

Popular crypto currencies naturally gained very significant gains with the upward trend. The XRP, developed by Ripple Labs, was trading at $ 0.39 with an increase of 10% at the time our news was prepared. Ethereum was another crypto money that attracted the most attention outside the XRP. Ethereum, the highest level of the year, which is considered the highest level of $ 1,400 down to $ 100 regressed and CoinMarketCap ranked second in the ranking of the biggest competitor, XRP had lost. However, Ethereum said, ini we still have a lot of work to do, ”and with the upswing, the $ 100 surpassed its resistance very strongly. At the time of the Ethereum news, it was traded at $ 132.

Besides, it is too early to think that the crypto money market has begun its bull race. First of all, we have to wait for Bitcoin to break the $ 4,500 resistance. Even though the investors of the crypto money have been relieved a bit with the recent rises, there is a long way to go before the crypto money market returns to its level a few months ago.

2018’s Distracting Heads and Hard Drops

2018’s Distracting Heads and Hard Drops

2018 was a year when the regulators put their weight on.

Bitcoin experienced hard turbulence over the years. Developments by both countries and businesses have led to a few sudden drops.
First of all, it is important to note that not all news of price movements are news. Nevertheless, the harmony between prices and news throughout 2018 is remarkable.

South Korea’s tough stance against crypto coins

In the second week of January and after Bitcoin’s fast-growing rally, investors thought that South Korea’s rigid regulations could change the course of the crypto money market . Bitcoin fell from $ 16,733 to $ 13,850 between January 7 and January 12. It was known that South Korea was investigating crypto coins. Then South Korea banned the crypto money trade to banks and the Bitcoin price went on diving.

The impact of South Korean news continued until late January. According to reports at the time, the Minister of Economy and Finance of South Korea said that the crypto money transactions are still a matter of debate and the activities related to the exchanges are discussed.

Worldwide worries and US regulations

Between January 28 and February 6, the price of the Bitcoin took a big hit. For the first time in 2018, it fell below $ 7,000. At the time, Bloomberg was told that US regulators could have taken over the crypto-money exchanges. In order to achieve this, negotiations were held with the SEC and the CFTC. Speculation, though, influenced the market.

By March, Bitcoin fell dramatically. The SEC’s statements made the Bitcoin price of $ 11,000 at a rate of $ 9,000. During the process, the SEC’s statements were that the stock exchanges should be in accordance with the established rules and would be supervised. As a result, it was announced that the crypto coins had to be registered with the SEC.

Goldman Sachs cancels OTC trading plans

In September, the multinational investment bank, Goldman Sachs, abandoned the OTC desk. Previously, it was said that the creation of OTC in Wall Street would be a great return. However, the news of Goldman Sach’s plan to abandon the plan was inevitable. The CFO of Goldman Sachs denied the news, but the damage was already given.

SEC announces penalties for ICOs

The price decline in the last month of the SEC or the BCH war was not known, but the SEC’s ICO decisions were just before the price changes. The SEC has punished a crippled money offer and has imposed some sanctions on crypto money for the first time in its history. According to the SEC’s statements, companies that were fined sent the funds back to their investors.

In general, Bitcoin’s fall cannot be attributed to a single cause. However, if we speak for this year and consider the price and the news, the developments in the regulations seem to have pulled the crypto money market down.

Ripple Technical Analysis, What awaits us this week?

Ripple Technical Analysis, What awaits us this week?

Ripple, $ 0.28 – $ 0.78 after the movement had entered the correction process. The downward trend of the market, however, brought the XRP back to its starting point, $ 0.28, this week. On a weekly basis, Ripple, which had a 7.5% depreciation from the $ 0.317 level and closing at a level of $ 0.293, unfortunately saddened its investors. Let’s continue by examining the technical events during the week.

Ripple broke down L2 ($ 0.355) last week . Under the influence of the market under this level, we see increased sales pressure. During the week, the second chart indicated that the $ 0.312 level worked as resistance until Friday. Since this level cannot be exceeded, we see that the sales pressure has increased since Friday. On Saturday, L1 ($ 0.283) was tested and worked as a support. On Sunday, we see an upward movement. In the XRP / BTC graph FIBO3 0.382 (8786 Sats)and continued to work as a support after the break. When we look at the situation between the RSI-price in the dollar-based charts, we see that there is a positive discrepancy. On the volume side, we can say that there is a low course. In line with these developments, let us evaluate.

This week, Ripple remained strong against the BTC and maintained its BTC-based value. However, as a result of the depreciation of BTC against the dollar, the XRP had to lose its dollar-based value. We can say that this is not well reflected in the graphics. I think that both the dollar chart and the BTC graph are in critical areas. Starting with the dollar chart: L1 ($ 0.283) should be followed up as important support. The closing down of this level will bring pressure. Below this level there will be a risk to the previous bottom zone of $ 0.24 . L1 ($ 0.283) primarily long as it is above the level L2 ($ 0.355)I think that the level will be targeted. If this level is above the falling trend will be seen as resistance. I think the price will not break the falling trend at once. It will be important to follow strictly to reach the level. When we get to the BTC-based chart, we see that the price declines between the falling trend and the FIBO3 0.382 (8786 Sats) level. There is also a rising trend in this area with red. At this point, it would be an appropriate way of waiting for the XRP to break. The breakdown Me Up FIBO3 0236 (9900 Sats) level of our profits will come as a major resistance zone. On the downside, the market is primarily FIBO3 0.382 (8786 Sats)and then the rising trend should be followed up as support. FIBO3 0.5 (7886 Sats) level will be raised in the downward trend .

The information, comments and evaluations contained herein are NOT within the scope of Investment Consultancy . (Date of analysis: 17.12.2018)

Analyst: Bitcoin’s price could get worse

Analyst: Bitcoin’s price could get worse

Analyst Stephen Innes believes that leading crypto money will continue to lose its value on the ground that it does not provide a significant use situation to the world.

Today, Bitcoin’s most potential use case value store. But an analyst thinks otherwise.

Stephen Innes, President of Asia Pacific Trading, a New York-based forex company, believes that leading crypto money will continue to lose its value on the ground that it does not provide a significant use situation to the world.

In addition, Innes says that the Bitcoin madness is more absurd than those seen during the Tulip Balloon.

Bitcoin has declined by over 80 percent since its all-time high of $ 20,000. Digital money, on the other hand, declined by 48.5 percent from mid-November due to specific macroeconomic crypto factors. Leading crypto money has recently landed at a new low level of $ 3,200, meaning a 83.5 percent depreciation from the summit.

“Crypto is a catastrophic year for coins and the current bearish market may be getting worse,” he said.

Bitcoin can either be nothing or anything.

Digital money emerged as an alternative payment system against popular payment mechanisms when launched in 2008, and was much faster, cheaper, and completely central than its traditional peers. But the evolution he spent with time brought with him a few cases of use. For some, it was a tradable asset, according to others it was a currency of the online underground market. Bitcoin’s features have changed with each user. But in a broader context, digital money remained a multifaceted technology.

Innes is right to point out that Bitcoin does not offer a significant use situation to the world, because it all succumbs to one thing: price volatility.

Bitcoin would have gained more confidence as a payment tool and value store if it were less volatile. On the other hand, when we look at other assets, we may be judging Bitcoin very early. Take the gold.

In 1971, President Nixon’s government ceased Gold as a global standard of value and replaced it with US Dollars. Following this decision, gold experienced a huge volatile period. In 1974, gold bullion rose 73 percent against the US dollar, but lost 25 percent of its gains a year later. In 1981, after a steep rise of 121 percent, fell by 33 percent.

Where is Bitcoin’s famous cycle? 3 guessing from the analyst

Where is Bitcoin’s famous cycle? 3 guessing from the analyst

CoinDesk analysts examined the stage at which Bitcoin was based on the famous Wall Street market cycle graph.

Investment in financial markets can be an emotional roller-coaster and the Bitcoin market is no exception.

When it comes to investment, human emotions tend to oscillate between two extremes – fear and greed – and the constant balancing act between the two forms a cycle of market sentiment.

Over the years, traders and investors have studied the cycle of market sentiment with the help of a chart known as Wall Street Cheat Sheet.

As seen above, ‘euphoria’ at the top of the market cycle is the maximum financial risk point.

This is when investors think nothing goes wrong and the self-feeding cycle is established. More investors enter the market for awesome returns, which leads to an increase in price and valuations reach dizzying peaks.

CoinDesk analysts, Sebastian Sinclair, Sam Ouimet and Omkar Godbole, examined where Bitcoin is on this cycle.

Analysts have stated that Bitcoin has been going through ‘complacency’ , ‘anxiety’ and ‘denial’ for $ 20,000 . Later, with the falling of $ 6,000 on November 14th, Bitcoin said that the ‘panic’ stage has been activated and investors have apparently exited with the lack of price ground.

Subsequently, the analysts’ views were:

Since then, the price of Bitcoin has fallen by about 50 percent from $ 6,000. More importantly, transaction volumes increased by more than 30 percent in November on a monthly basis. This high volume of sales probably shows that weak hands are leaving the market.

What’s next?
Analysts argue that Bitcoin is close to the ‘capitulation’ stage, but that it is not exactly there, and that this phase is taking place.

Analysts say in their joint comments:

In When the public loses all hope for the market, the market moves silently upward. At this stage, investors will be emotionally battered to the extent that they will not believe any rally will be sustainable. Even though it is difficult to grasp, it seems extremely disastrous that it can be seen as the maximum financial opportunity and the minimum risk point. Now that all vendors are out of the market, the accumulation of funds that will ultimately provide energy for the beginning of the next market cycle can begin. As Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said: When others are greedy, stop and stand back and be greedy when others are scared.

Analyst Nick Cawley pointed to $ 3000 in Bitcoin

Analyst Nick Cawley pointed to $ 3000 in Bitcoin

Nick Cawley, a market analyst, suggested that Bitcoin could see $ 2,970 in the short run, with the possibility of a temporary jump.

The hard sales wave in Bitcoin stalled on Tuesday, with the transaction volume of the leading digital currency higher.

Enter the minutes of the news broadcast Bitstamp Bitcoin bought and sold on the dollar from 3.739.

After terrible days for Bitcoin , a graphic observer suggested that the signals point to a level close to the current levels. NickCawley, a market analyst at DailyFX, said, en With so few news to move after a 40 percent decline over the past two weeks, Bitcoin has been trying to form a base in the $ 3,500 to $ 3,700 range for 3 days. Daily

Cawley claimed that the number one crypto money could test the $ 2,970 level with a temporary jump in the short term.

Cawley stated that the lowest target of September 2017 was the current target of $ 2,970, while Bitcoin remained negative in the long term and the next support level of $ 2,970 was found to be $ 1,790.

A Business Who Wants Patience to Invest in Crypto Money

A Business Who Wants Patience to Invest in Crypto Money

Lou Kerner overcame the massive losses of Amazon and said that Bitcoin will survive.

Lou Kerner, one of the founders of CryptoOracle, a crypto-money firm, said that Bitcoin was to be patient with the investment.

Speaking to CNBC, Kerner pointed out the example of the technology giant Amazon. When the Amazon dot-com bubble burst, it lost a great deal of value. However, it has now become the world’s most valuable e-commerce site. Kerner said:

If you look at the internet bubble, you’ll see a lot of crypto-money. It can be said that Amazon is one of the largest companies in human history. This company lost 95% of its value in 2 years.

According to Kerner, investing in crypto money is not suitable for those with poor hearts, and investors must be prepared for high volatility. Kerner notes that the crypto money market, which is now weak, could not have found the necessary confidence. Kerner’s view is that Bitcoin will find himself as a value-storage agent. Bitcoin’s short-term forecasts are exaggerated and long-term forecasts are underestimated. At current prices, the market value of Bitcoin is worth $ 80 billion. Kerner believes that Bitcoin can win this value over time.

Kerner’s views were attended by the well-known crypto money commentator Tom Lee and described the latest movement of the crypto market as ünlü strange ine. Lee said he is still optimistic, and more and more investors are embracing crypto coins as the regulations become clearer. He reiterated that Bitcoin will reach $ 15,000 at the end of the year. Another Bitcoin bull, Blockstream CEO Adam Back stated that Bitcoin could reach $ 250,000 in the coming years and compete with gold.

XRP The Biggest Fraud Project in the Sector

XRP The Biggest Fraud Project in the Sector

”XRP The Biggest Fraud Project in the Sector“

Craig Wright continues to vomit anger. Wright’s current goal after Bitcoin Cash is XRP.

Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto at every turn, has now threatened the Bitcoin Cash miners and is now on Ripple after the threat of seizing the Bitcoin Cash network.

Wright claimed that the XRP was an P unregistered securities platform W based on recent reports released by the SEC. The rebellious boy of the sector, who argued that the XRP would be the next target of the SEC, because it would soon be securities, ruled that the XRP was a’n fraud  because it was an indifferent token. Wright’s got that tweet:

The XRP must offer a real service offer in order to avoid being securities. If something is bought and sold in the expectation of profit, then service is not token. XRP is a traded asset sold in anticipation of profit. This feature makes her the securities.

When a Twitter user stated that the SEC should decide the quality of Ripple and that Wright’s tweet created the impression of ve sales order ‘, Wright opposed the user:

No it’s not. I have never touched the XRP under any circumstances, nor have I ever done anything to do with it. The definition of securities is made by the courts. XRP fits exactly that recognition.

Craig Wright declared that the XRP was a fraud project and said:

XRP is the biggest fraud project in the industry. I look forward to the time when this fraud will end. The idea of ​​selling off an unregistered security and selling it to noobs who want to go round the corner is not new.


According to this chart, the last drop in Bitcoin could be a serious opportunity

According to this chart, the last drop in Bitcoin could be a serious opportunity

According to the chart prepared by a Twitter user, the recent decline in Bitcoin can bring about a rise.

It may seem like catching the falling knife, but for those who are brave enough, the current price may be the opportunity to buy some bitcoin from cheap.

The graphic below is a Bitcoin chart created by Twitter user @OddStats , where two days of serious sales are marked in the last two years .

. Bitcoin dropped 11.9 percent in the last two days, Od OddStats said. Here are two days in the last two years and almost the least of the times experienced in this decline. There’s a lot of bottoms out there..

Resmi Twitter'da görüntüle

Bitcoin is down -11.9% in the past 2 days.

Here’s a chart showing every time in the past two years where it has dropped at least that much in exactly 2 days.

A lot of bottoms in there.

Looking at the chart, it is seen that the leader crypto money has risen by 10% or more in two days.

Lastly, such a decline took place on March 29-30 and Bitcoin fell 13.8 percent to $ 6,840. The investors, who made purchases at these levels after the decline, were rewarded with a 46 percent increase in 5 weeks. Crypto money reached approximately $ 10,000 on May 5.

Prior to that, he lost 24.6 percent of the Bitcoin value on February 5-6, but rose 72.1 percent for just two weeks.

It should be reminded that this strategy is not for everyone, and that the falling knife can be costly if caught.

In the meantime, some stock market brokers are making purchases from this point, foreseeing an uptrend in Bitcoin. The latest data from the popular crypto money exchange Bitfinex shows that the number of long positions in Bitcoin has increased from 23,700 to 26,700 for a few days.

Let’s take a deep look for REDDCOIN

Let’s take a deep look for REDDCOIN

Reddcoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies of recent days. Especially with McAfee’s advice on his personal Twitter account, he achieved a great acceleration. A Reddcoin, which was traded at $ 0.005 three days ago, rose $ 400 to $ 0,022. So what is Reddcoin, what does it serve and how can the future potential?

ReddCoin (RDD)
0.001942 USD (-3.00%)
0.00000035 BTC in



$ 55.95 M


$ 320.22 K

Reddcoin at a glance:

Reddcoin is a type of crypto-coin that is actually set up for use on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

Its main purpose is to facilitate the adoption of money intake in social networks, accelerate and bring in the effective still.

If you like a share on Facebook (with 0% processing fee), you can give Reddcoin tip to the lucky user who is the owner of the share.

This encourages people to create good quality content on social media platforms.

Future potential

I’m not sure if that’s true – Reddcoin is the only crypto-money that directly targets social media platforms. This means that Reddcoin does not need to be in competition, and this is an advantage for them. Facebook’s monthly active is 2 billion, Youtube’s 1 billion and Twitter’s hundreds of millions of users.

If Reddcoin; If you have the chance to be successful on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms, you can enter the top 10 crypto-currencies list.

Reddcoin is not a Proof of Stake (PoS) to distribute coins across the network, but instead it is different from crypto- currencies like Bitcoin using PoW . In the PoS, coins are stakeholders. Anyone who owns Reddcoin can easily download their Reddcoin wallets from their PCs, mobile phones or tablets. As long as your wallet is linked to the Reddcoin network and includes Reddcoin, you will be able to receive Reddcoin rewards at certain intervals. You will have more frequent betting prizes as the time of coins and coins held in the wallet increases.

The Reddcoin team has no plans to deal with specific social media platforms like Facebook . Instead, developers have developed a Google Chrome extension that enables Reddcoin to redirect to Twitter , Reddit, and Twitch.

The Reddcoin team explains why they don’t deal with social media platforms because they don’t want to be connected to anything.

How to get Reddcoin?

You can buy Reddcoin over the stock exchanges like Bittrex, Cryptopia and YoBit. More than 90 percent of this coin’s volume is on Bittrex. Therefore, it may be more appropriate to buy and sell over Bittrex.