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Category: Analysis

2018 A Difficult Year For All Markets

2018, which we left behind, upset most investors. Although traditional stock markets and crypto money markets have almost no common ground, they have had a difficult 2018 in the two markets, and both markets are hoping that 2019 will be very different. Both markets have had a difficult year in terms of prices, but experts […]

Bitcoin Is Realistic?

More About Bitcoin, Bitcoin Is Realistic? According to the Payoneer CEO, the fact that Bitcoin has become the only digital currency to be valid in the world is an “unreal” thought. The crypto money market experienced a minor correction on Friday (December 28th). Bitcoin, which is expected to retest the lowest levels of the year […]

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going?

Where is the Bitcoin Price Going? Although the rises in the crypto money market on 24 December excited the investors, it was unfortunately not long-term. Even though the crypto money market had a gratifying rise on December 24th, it did not last long. The crypto money market was under the influence of the month of […]

New Sales Wave

Bitcoin, which has been in a downward trend during 2018, had tried more than $ 4250 on December 24, making a deep breath to its investors and the market. But the adventure over $ 4000 didn’t last long, and the next day, it was down to 4000 six levels. The lowest level of the year […]

Are Crypto Coins Prepared for Bull Run?

In 2018, the crypto money market failed to meet the high expectations of investors. However, in these days when we are preparing to enter 2019, the market has started to give some signs of life. Market capitalization of crypto coins managed to find support at $ 100 billion last week following the sharp declines in […]

2018’s Distracting Heads and Hard Drops

2018 was a year when the regulators put their weight on. Bitcoin experienced hard turbulence over the years. Developments by both countries and businesses have led to a few sudden drops. First of all, it is important to note that not all news of price movements are news. Nevertheless, the harmony between prices and news […]