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Category: Crypto

Crypto Money Exchange Wins Battle Against Giant Bank!

Another crypto currency exchange defeated the banks. The Spanish giant Santander, one of the world’s largest banks , completely lost its battle against the crypto currency exchange called Mercado Bitcoin , according to a Cointelegraph report on June 17 . Santander was first sued by Mercado Bitcoin in 2018 for the closure of stock market […]

Facebook Announces Expected Whitepaper!

Facebook crypto money that has been going on for weeks has ended with the announcement of whitepaper… According to Cointelegraph, social media giant Facebook has finally announced the whitepaper of its long-awaited crypto currency and Blockchain-based financial infrastructure project. Libra Coin According to Whitepaper, Facebook’s global stablecoin is called “Libra” . Libra will work in […]

US Officials Seize $ 200,000 Bitcoin!

Federal agents arrested darknet drug dealers and seized $ 200,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC). US officials have encountered an interesting incident in operation held against a drug manufacturer and seller and the continuation of operations $ 200,000 equivalent Bitcoin (BTC) confiscated. The operation, which was first organized as a drug dealer raid, then reached a […]

Altcoins Follow Bitcoin

Bitcoin surpassed $ 9,000, and the subcoins are, as always, leading the way to leading crypto money … According to Coinmarketcap data, Bitcoin , the largest crypto currency in terms of market volume, has finally passed the $ 9,000 threshold. We shared with you in this article the way he followed Bitcoin until he reached […]

Is ETH Coming to Amazon?

Two blockchain startup companies plan to bring Ethereum (ETH) payments to Amazon. Based on the total market value of the world’s second largest crypto currency Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin ‘s (BTC) output during the pause in the rise in recent days and re-launched the rally towards $ 300. Ethereum, Coming to the Amazon! Although there is […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Where is the price of bitcoin going. Will it fall? Take it off? What’s his target? June 2019. The move, which started in recent weeks, made a correction as we expected and broke into the Bollinger Band’s top band downwards , entering the Bollinger Band with June 9, 2019 . However, this correction did not […]

Top Three Hardware Wallets of 2019

Hardware wallets are the preferred storage methods especially for long-term and large-scale investors. Hardware purses (Hardware wallets) in particular make frequent purchases and sales transactions of storage crypto accumulation of long-term investors who want to keep their money in our tactics against the most secure way. Hardware wallets, a kind of cold wallet , offer […]

Binance Denies Access to Users in America, BNB Dropping!

The steps taken by Binance are falling like a bomb on the agenda one after the other… Malta-based Binance , one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world, announced that it was preparing to open a crypto currency exchange in America yesterday. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that they were very excited to […]