Details of Binance’s New Token Sales Announced

Details of Binance’s New Token Sales Announced

Binance’s new ICO is approaching, and FET tokens are expected to attract as much attention as BTT.

The building of platform fetch.a of (FET) token sale date has been set for 25 February. The sale will continue until March 2nd and FET tokens will only be purchased with Binance Coin (BNB). Details are published from the official site of Binance .

Fetch.AI Token Sales
The details of the Token sale will be as follows:

Session Time: 25 February at 17:00 (TSI) – 2 March at 17:00 hrs

Token name: Fetch.AI, FET

Total supply: 1,152,997,575 FET

Amount of token to be sold with Binance Launchpad: 69,204,152

Price of Token: 1 FET: $ 0.0867, the price will be fixed on the day of sale according to BNB price.

Token sales format: first come in.

The maximum token that a single person can get: FET token worth $ 3,000.

Supported crypto coins: Purchase only with BNB.

BitTorrent Token Sales
BitTorrent token (BTT) sales did not please many investors because it was overwhelming. The CEO of Binance said after the sale, it could be even shorter. So he added that a person can reduce the number of token he can take.

It can be said that FET token sales will attract as much attention as BTT. Many traders think they have missed BTT sales, so they might want to join the FET token sale. BTT was listed on the Binance stock exchange immediately after the ICO, and suddenly increased to 600% of the ICO price. Binance also proved that community funding could be quite successful. Binance may have an opinion that it will offer the best options due to its trust in the market. On the other hand, Fetch’s project brings together machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-manager systems and decentralized notebook technology.

Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase preserved its prestige

Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase preserved its prestige

Which is based in San Francisco, and the world’s most prestigious crypto currency has made a name as a stock Coinbase, for a critical bug found in the system, did not pay 30 thousand dollars to the person who found the error.

He wanted to supervise himself in Coinbase, as many corporate firms do. HackerOne ‘s website, which includes the world’s most hacked hackers, also posted an ad.

Previously, these advertisements were generally worth $ 100-200. Coinbase officials, however , will be suspicious of some things, which have issued a large-scale bug hunting announcement.

Ad published on 12 February. According to the announcement, Coinbase set a four-stage award program. Coinbase Company will pay $ 30,000 for Level 1, ie $ 200 for low-grade errors, ie $ 2000 for mid-level errors, ie $ 15,000 for high-grade errors, and finally Level 4, so critical errors It has announced.

When the award was something that touched the teeth, many hackers were hired to find bugs in the Coinbase system.

Although there was only 2 days advertised, an unrecognized HackerOne user detected a critical error in Coinbase. The company made the payment after completing the necessary inspections.

Thus, the Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase, for only 30 thousand dollars, has prevented both the possible loss of millions of dollars and preserved its prestige.

Western Union Plans to Participate in the Crypto

Western Union Plans to Participate in the Crypto

The global remittance company, Western Union, is preparing to join the cryptocurrency and is testing Ripple.

Western Union Asia Pacific General Manager Molly Shea gave an interview to Analyze Asia. She noted that customers expect extreme productivity in the digital age, and that pay platforms must do everything they can to avoid breaking the game. Let’s hear Shea’s words:

Our customers are waiting for a seamless, connected service. It’s not just fast. They use everything they expect to be as fast as other digital applications. Therefore, we must be ahead of this, we must be able to anticipate their expectations, and as the needs and wallets evolve, we must move the money market to that point. We should be there.

If we take crypto coins, we should be ready if they fly. We must be technologically ready. And we have to be ready for regulations, but on the other hand we have to go after those trends that customers look for and be ready to meet those needs and expectations.

Shea further confirmed that Ripple continued to test payment solutions:

We are open to discovering new business opportunities. Especially to us, the things that give our customers more variety. The world of blockchain and crypto money is evolving rapidly and we continue to explore possible applications for our business. For example, we do some pay tests with Ripple for certain corridors. I think it is one of the examples of the USD and Mexican pesos. And we’re really learning possible opportunities. The option we choose should be legally and widely accepted in terms of the use of consumers.

Shea continued her speech by referring to their investment in Digital Currency Group . If Western Union starts using the Ripple infrastructure in payments, the image of crypto coins in the public eye changes completely.

Twitter CEO’s Support for Bitcoin Lightning Network

Twitter CEO’s Support for Bitcoin Lightning Network

Jack Dorsey added that adding Lightning Network to Square was just a matter of time.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that Bitcoin Lightning Network ‘s payment and wallet application will be used at Square .

Lightning Network
Speaking to Stephan Livera podcast , Dorsey evaluated Lightning Labs’ CEO Elizabeth Stark and Lightning. Dorsey was asked about the adaptation of the Square Cash application. Twitter CEO Lightning Network will definitely use this is a matter of time, he said. A few days ago, Jack Dorsey was personally involved in a test with users using the Lightning Network.

We focus on how we can increase transparency so that things can go forward. We are trying to become better citizens. We need to make sure that this community can reach their goals without putting a company on their load.

Altcom on
The Lightning Network continues to grow, increasing the number of users and the number of nodes. Although the interface has not been developed, it continues its output. Jack Dorsey, as well as several other prominent names, introduced the project to people. Elon Musk was one of them. Dorsey also expressed his confidence to Bitcoin many times and expressed that Bitcoin would become the currency of the Internet . He stated that instead of creating Dorsey Altcoin, it was possible to develop Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the currency that wants to be the most crypto money, he added.

End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin

End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin

End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin: Which Exchanges will be Listed?Telegram is the end of the ICO. And when will Telegram’s crypto currency GRAM be released?

The Telegram Open Network can go down in history as the world’s finest financed project. Last year, the social messaging application Telegram , including Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers ‘ s already found that the private investor is developing a list GRAM selling tokens had obtained $ 1.7 billion.

90% Completed
According to the information we received from The Block , the Telegram Open Network ( TON ) project has come to an end. 90% of the project has been completed. The Telegram team announced that they have made significant progress of 20% since September of last year and will start a beta test in March this year with a two-month delay. Last year Telegram pointed to January 2019 for the beta version of the project.

Listed in Binance
According to The Block’s report, the Telegram team is currently working on listing GRAM token on Asia’s largest stock exchanges as soon as beta testing begins . The stock exchanges are estimated to be Binance, Huobi and OKEx . Telegram also has negotiations for cooperation with e-commerce sites are also among the information we have obtained.

The launch of the Telegram Open Network and GRAM token is awaited by developers, crypto money investors and Telegram users. Social messaging application Telegram ‘s 200 million users now mean that Gram token will have no trouble finding investors. In addition, GRAM Token realized one of the biggest IPOs in the history of crypto-money and raised $ 1.7 billion in its ICO.

The real question is, Telegram, dapper based Etherea I will struggle with how? If we consider the $ 1.7 billion fund that Telegram collects in the ICO, it is clear that Gram token will be in the eighth place in the Tron’s seat as soon as it is released. According to the CCN, Gram token’s main rival, CoinMarketCap, will be the fifth EOS.

Counterfeit Bakkt Platform Established by Imitators

Counterfeit Bakkt Platform Established by Imitators

The fraudsters imitating the Bakkt platform tried to get investors’ money.

A person or a group is trying to attract investors to the trap of fraud by imitating the Bakkt platform and authorities. The original Bakkt powers announced that was not relevant to them.

Fake Bakkt Platform
E-mails were sent to many people yesterday by people who opened the counterfeit website. E-mail was sent by a gmail account (initially losing from here). In the e-mail, Bakkt platform will be opened on March 12, Bitcoin and fiat markets to be merged, the minimum contract amount of 1 BTC is the hypothetical statements.

E-mail also contains a link to There are articles on the page that everyone believes in the future of crypto coins. The platform aims at collecting $ 50 million, and this is a 2nd round fund raising session. It is also impossible to say that the platform, which indicates a very high platform guarantee ”return of 27.5%, is safe. So far, any of the fraudsters can not see their network (as of the moment the site is closed) can be seen by looking at the Bitcoin addresses.

Bakkt Platform
Two weeks ago, Bakkt announced the launch of new recruits. It was expected that Bakkt could be opened soon . Bakkt was given a date for the launch, then this date was postponed to 24 January. But so far, there was no sound from Bakkt. Bakkt’s corporate Bitcoin contracts for corporate investors are eagerly awaited since it was first announced. Some say that the end of the long-running bear season will be one of the biggest roles for institutional investors such as Bakkt.

Valentine’s Day Surprise from Tron CEO Tron CEO

Valentine’s Day Surprise from Tron CEO Tron CEO

Justin Sun is preparing a surprise for investors for Valentine’s Day.

Tron CEO Justin Sun , known for being very active in social media, is still at work. Wanting to prepare a surprise for investors, Sun plans to organize a secret campaign for Tron and BitTorrent on Valentine’s Day and host many famous names.

February 14 Surprise
Sun clue as to Friends of one of the main characters in the series, Golden Globe for one person to win 3 and 4 from the SuperBowl one who said the victory was voiced among celebrities. Tron CEO is actively involved in communication with his followers by preparing various offers and special packages. Working with the full force of Blockchain technology, crypto coins and especially Tron’s collective adoption, Sun can add popularity to both his and Tron’s popularity with his February 14 plan.

BitTorrent from Tron
Tron’s main mission is to Bit decentralize the Internet . In this direction, the company acquired BitTorrent , the P2P file sharing platform last year .

After the purchase of BitTorrent, the Tron did not brake and decided to develop a token for BitTorrent : BitTorrent Token ( BTT ). Last week, over 50 billion BTTs sold through the Binance Launchpad platform were sold out in just 15 minutes. An airdrop campaign for Bittorrent Token will be held. The first leg will be launched on February 11, and the campaign will distribute BTT tokens to TRX owners.

The success of Tron and BitTorrent in such a short time can be explained by Justin Sun’s unceasing work . No other crypto-money CEO is as active as Sun on social media.

Abra’s Investors’ Great Step

Abra’s Investors’ Great Step

Mobile crypto-money wallet application Abra opens a door where everyone can invest in large stocks and ETFs Mobil

Investors are able to trade easily and have great interest in crypto coins and Bitcoin . However, in order to invest in publicly traded stocks, the investor is expected to be either recognized or invested in high amounts.

The popular crypto app, Abra , will present ways to use Bitcoin to secure equity and ETF contracts. Thus, every investor will be able to invest without recognition or use of high amounts.

Abra Application!
Mobile Crypto Money Wallet App Abra recently announced that investors can invest in to stocks, ETFs, commodities, crypto currencies and traditional currencies Mobil using the app .

Abra, which can be used in 155 countries, stated that they would like to start their new project with ve America’s popular stocks and ETFs’ and add more global assets in the future.

On the other hand, this new service will be offered by Abra, such as investing in the same Bitcoin 5 dollars even with the transaction can be made. In addition, the company announced that they would not pay any fees for traditional asset purchases.

Crypto Sector Satisfied
After Abra’s statements, the impact of this step on the future of the crypto industry and its impact on Bitcoin began to be discussed in the social media. In general, the crypto-money ecosystem seems satisfied with this step.

For example, Messara the founder Ryan Selkis Twitter via his share something with Abram’s of this announcement, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey ‘s striking the “Bitcoin Lightning” news from “much more important” voiced that.

On the other hand Atlantic Financial CEO Bruce Fenton and Wyoming Blockcha Coalition co-founder Caitlin Long the news “tremendous” describing it as news. Both names ”those who want to invest in these vehicles and can not make investments with Bitcoin can perform as they want, “ he said.

Abra , in addition to this agreement with Mastercard and Visa last July, again announced that the face of the cryptocurrency money sector.

Last Minute: Binance CEO Announces Collaboration

Last Minute: Binance CEO Announces Collaboration

Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao made a 45-minute live broadcast from Periscope a few hours ago. Zhao responded to questions about the future of Binance, Binance Coin (BNB), Binance Chain and the new decentralized stock market. Live broadcast replay can be viewed via Twitter link below.


@binance …


Binance @binance1
binance1 was LIVE
Ripple-Binance partnership
During the broadcast, CZ was asked whether Binance would partner with Ripple to strengthen xRapid payments. Zhao’s successful CEO of Binance responded to this question as follows:

We are currently focusing on adding new features to Binance, so we are working with many new partners. We don’t have an ongoing partnership with xRapid, but we definitely want to see Ripple among our business partners.

Although Ripple’s claims to partner with Binance will be on the agenda, Ripple has already partnered with Bittrex (USA), Bitso (Mexico) and (Philippines) exchanges. These exchanges, using Ripple’s xRapid technology, make cross-border payments more advantageous in terms of speed and cost.

Cross-border Transfers
The fact that Binance CEO Zhao can co-operate with Ripple to support xRapid can be considered as a step in the right direction to make cross-border money transfers more efficient and efficient. When we think that Binance dominates the world through its offices and exchanges around the world, it can help us gain an idea of how big the partnership can be.

Unable to Stop Binance: Binance Coin (BNB) in Top 10

Unable to Stop Binance: Binance Coin (BNB) in Top 10

Binance has increased its speed recently, with the effect that the BNB has risen as its market value.

Yesterday Binani by ‘s transaction fees, shopping and ICO used in Binani Co.’s ‘ i (BNB) coinmarketcap the first 10 entries in market value between the con list. Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Cardano (ADA) declined one row.

The Rise of Binance
The binance team said they were happy with the point they came from and that their development had several important pillars. Binance was founded in the beginning of 2018 and managed to take the first place in the transaction volume. BNB token has been used in services and platforms. He also announced today that he will be able to partner with Binance CEO, Ripple .

Binance has been expanding quite aggressively recently. The company established fiat-crypto exchange in Singapore last month. Similar to this stock exchange, Binance Uganda and Binance Jersey were scheduled. It has increased the number of users with all attempts. For corporate investors, Binance has created accounts for bench-top transactions. Finally, Binance gave its users the opportunity to receive credit cards using credit cards and debit cards.

Binance Token Sales
In late 2018, Binance introduced a new platform: Binance Launchpad. This platform was established to provide funding for the launch of new crypto-money projects. After several successful ICOs, BitTorrent (BTT) sales were the most prominent token sales . BTT sales ended in 18 minutes, many investors were not satisfied with this sale. In addition, Binance announced that it will start selling a new token on February 25th .

On the other hand, Binance was also aware of its donation campaigns in 2018. With Tron, a campaign to help those affected by the floods in Japan was launched and a majority of them were donated as BNB