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CCN Pauses Shutdown Decision

CCN announced that Google has decided to shut down due to its latest update and announced that it has stopped this decision with the effect of Google. CCN , one of the world’s leading crypto-money news sites , has announced that it will end its broadcasting life . CCN (formerly CryptoCoinNews ) announced today that […]

Telegram’s Gram Token Sale ‘Illegal’

One of the world’s most popular messaging applications, Telegram collected a record $ 1.7 billion in ICO last year. Although many names claim that Telegram’s TON network and Gram token projects are ‘too exaggerated to be true’, Telegram launched its beta network in recent months and committed to entering the market by 2019. Sale of […]

Charles Hoskinson’s Hope About ADA!

Cardano’s (ADA) leading figure, Charles Hoskinson, claimed that if the acceleration continued, it could be the leading crypto money. The crypto money market continues to rise and increase its value, with an incredible acceleration, especially since the beginning of April. Bitcoin (BTC) is entering a new record with its purchases at night of almost every […]

Bitcoin has reached the peak of this year!

With the impact of corporate developments and reaction purchases in the crypto-currency market, Bitcoin turned to $ 5,928 after seeing the record level of the year at $ 5,963. After US President Donald Trump announced a 10 percent additional customs duty on Chinese products worth $ 200 billion on Friday, the fluctuations in global equity […]

A User Unveils the Secret of Binance

A Reddit user has recently discovered that Binance may soon add margin transactions to its platform. A Reddit user had found hints about the margin trading features in the Binance API . There have been new developments in line with these indicators, and we can see leveraged transactions in Binance soon. Leveraged Operations in Binance […]

Giant Stock Market Rolls Up For 1 Billion Dollars

The crypto money exchange Bitfinex began work to collect $ 1 billion funding by arranging an IEO. We see that the crypto money exchanges operating in the market are coming up with an innovation day by day. Following the ICO frenzy, the stock exchanges began to offer the first stock market supply (IEO) . Other […]