SWINCA: The Future of the Real Estate Sector

SWINCA: The Future of the Real Estate Sector

SWINCA: The Future of the Real Estate Sector

  • Although real estate is one of the most attractive areas for investment, it has many obstacles that prevent individuals from investing their money. SWINCA has been created as a crypto industry platform to address the major problems in this area.
  • Low liquidity in real estate market;
  • Long and costly transactions;
  • Geographical and related economic constraints;
  • Inevitable participation and costs of intermediaries;
  • Great monopolies.

The main goal of SWINCA is to equalize the conditions of participation in the global real estate market, so that anyone can invest in any apartment, office, home or piece of land anywhere in the world. SWINCA aims to offer opportunities for creating a variety of real estate portfolios with far fewer problems.

Industry Problems and Solutions: SWINCA

SWINCA plans to solve the problems in the sector with the help of the block chain and gives every investor the opportunity to own high profit facilities all over the world. First of all, crypto coins will allow large and small investors to enter even large projects, which are often not available to most people. Blockchain technology allows us to quickly transfer funds without waiting for months. In addition, the blockchain will help SWINCA ensure transparency and security of transactions for all participants.

How does it work?

SWINCA collects property assets from around the world in blockages. Investors who are investing will automatically begin to receive rent or other incomes from the property automatically without any delay in accompanying these processes.

SWINCA selects the best investment opportunities after a comprehensive global search and detailed analysis of the potential profitability of objects. He then negotiates transactions, acquires real estate, solves all legal and management issues.

SWINCA Tokenomics

SWINCA is based on tokenomics, SWI and NCA tokens. SWI is designed to be used in both internal platform operations and stock exchanges. NCA Token represents specific ownership shares and is only included in the platform.

SWINCA Money Distribution

The SWINCA project will continue until the ICO project is completed. The platform will distribute tokens with the target of $ 75 million ICO:

  • % 2 – closed sale;
  • 3% – marketing and awards;
  • 5% – founders;
  • 5% – for employees and consultants;
  • 35% – before ICO and ICO;
  • 50% – funds.

The preliminary ICO phase will begin on 25 November and will continue until December 25th. The ICO will start on January 2, 2019 and SWINCA Real Estate will start its operations on 5 February 2019. For more information, visit  website at .

Bitfinex passed PayPal on the commission: $ 30 million for $ 1 million!

Bitfinex passed PayPal on the commission: $ 30 million for $ 1 million!

Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto money exchanges, is now more expensive than PayPal. Increased commission rates in stock market withdrawals.

It is no longer cheap to convert crypto money into currency as Euro and Euro, at least in Bitfinex .

Hong Kong-based stock market, an announcement on Sunday along with high-frequency withdrawal from the withdrawal of the transaction reported.

The platform has announced that it will implement a 3% commission cut for any withdrawal of more than 1 million dollars in the event of a withdrawal of a total of more than 1 in a thirty-day period.

According to Bitfinex, the final pricing structure will not affect 99 percent of users due to the low frequency of operations.

Passed PayPal

Following Bitfinex’s commission update, new tariffs approached PayPal ‘s commission cuts. According to SalesCalc, a PayPal user has to pay a $ 29,000 fee for a $ 1 million transaction. Bitfinex wants $ 1,000 more for the same amount of transaction.

Some users have accused Bitfinex of deliberately locking up users’ funds. The theory of some users is that Tether, a subsidiary of the stock exchange, has made a fixed crypto money to increase the premium of USDT.

CEO response to grave claims related to BitMEX on Leveraged Bitcoin Exchange

CEO response to grave claims related to BitMEX on Leveraged Bitcoin Exchange

Arthur Hayes, the founder and CEO of BitMEX, responded to the grave allegations about the platform through an interview.

Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, the leveraged crypto money exchange that spoke to Yahoo Finance UK, rejected claims that the platform was acting against orders issued by its customers.

On the basis of the rumors, an anonymous account called Hasu has a blog post and the following claims about a Hong Kong-based stock market:

1- BitMEX trades against customers 
2- Bitmex uses server problems as weapons 
3- BitMEX earns money from customers’ liquidation through insurance fund

Hayes, however, responded to the allegations by stating that BitMEX only worked to bring liquidity to the market and did not enter into any countermeasures against its customers.

Hayes also stressed that BitMEX has not made money when customers’ transactions are liquidated.

Whatever their intentions, it is true that the server activity of BitMEX has an impact on the price movements of Bitcoin. For example, last August, when the platform entered a scheduled maintenance period, the price of leading crypto money rose by $ 300 in just a few minutes.

If the claims are correct, BitMEX is not the first popular platform to take advantage of users’ transactions. Last month, Robinhood, a popular non-commissioned buy-sell application, revealed that more than 40% of its revenue was generated by selling user orders to high-frequency stock trading companies.

XLM will be listed on Coinbase

XLM will be listed on Coinbase

Coinbase expectation is purchased in XLM
The crypto money investor community is buying the digital currency of the Stellar block chain with the expectation that the XLM will be listed in ‘Coinbase’.
Coinbase, five different digital money in July to examine the list was announced.
Among these digital currencies were 0x (ZRX), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), Cardano (ADA) and Basic Attention Token (BAT).
The platform listed Basic Attention Token with 0x from these digital coins. The investor community is now buying the expectation of the remaining three digital currencies to be listed.
The rise in XLM reached 30%
BAT was officially added to with Coinbase Pro on November 2 after ZRX. After these developments Stellar digital currency of the block chain XLM , won about 30 percent of the value of 0.28 dollars from 0.22 dollars.
ADA and ZEC have also increased
ADA and ZEC also got their share of the expectation of being listed. Confidentially-oriented crypto-money ZEC has risen over 20 percent from $ 114 to $ 139 since November 2, even though it has experienced a 3 percent decline over the past 24 hours. ADA, on the other hand, recorded a 15 percent increase over the 0.07 dollar level at the level of 0.07 dollars in the period from November 2 to November 7
Dogecoin’s founder: Bakkt and Fidelity’s results will be bad for crypto money

Dogecoin’s founder: Bakkt and Fidelity’s results will be bad for crypto money

Dogecoin’s founder, Jackson Palmer, said corporate companies such as Bakkt and Fidelity would have bad consequences for crypto money.

Palmer argues that it is wrong to be excited that traditional financial companies are entering the crypto-money area. The creator of Dogecoin says the institutions will remove the crypto money from its ideological roots.

According to Palmer, they will overwhelm most of the industry’s efforts to tackle the center of indifference and will challenge directly.

Coinbase , a company that cites a trend in which organizations such as Coinbase have begun to be the actual gate guards, said Coinbase could suspend or erase user accounts with a decision, not just putting them in a power position, but also bringing about a vulnerability.

“Coinbase will lose access to a decentralized Bitcoin network if a user who is hacked or trusted by this provider if they go offline,” Palmer said.

Palmer also draws attention to the custodian companies that appear to hide users’ crypto coins. Coinbase, Bakkt and Fidelity all offer a kind of storage. Many don’t allow users to access their private keys, which means that service providers can arbitrarily keep funds.

“These companies want to centrally control and manage their purses while offering their custody services,” Palmer said.

Former Fed Chairman Has Bitcoin Now

Former Fed Chairman Has Bitcoin Now

Former Fed Chairman Has Bitcoin Now

A small amount of Bitcoins was presented to Janet Yellen, the former head of the US central bank Fed.


The crypto-money market, which is firmly on its way under the leadership of Bitcoin, has been repeatedly criticized by the important names of the traditional financial system. Sometimes we see that Bitcoin is accepted by these names, which indicates that the rate of adoption of crypto money is increasing. Janet Yellen, the former head of the US central bank FED, also found a small amount of BTC among his personal assets.

Yellen, who believes that Bitcoin cannot be transformed into a useful financial instrument such as the nominal currencies, has included his thoughts at the event called Canada Fintech Forum. Yellen, who served as the head of the central bank of America, one of the largest economies in the world, has made many criticisms of crypto money in the past. It can also be said that Yellen’s technology behind the crypto coins did not look so bad to Blockchain. The famous name described the new technology as  important innovation.

According to Coindesk’in Bitcoin gift service Biterica founder Raz Suprovici, a day after the event Yellen’e 0.0031642 btc (about 20 dollars) sent. The supervisor stated that he performed this process using the e-mail address of the university.

When contacted by Yellen for confirmation of the gift, the former FED president confirms that he has received Bitcoin. Yellen said that he could not examine the gift he received yet.

I received a gift from Bitcoins this morning, but I haven’t been able to examine this gift yet.

The Suprovici said that he wanted to learn more about Bitcoin.

Coinbase lists more coin soon

Coinbase lists more coin soon

The San Francisco-based Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase announced on Tuesday that it has received an investment of an $ 300 million E-series by Tiger Global Management. Coinbase President Asiff Hirji, the company’s value of $ 8 billion with this latest investment, he said. The final financing tour took place with the participation of Y Combinator Continuity, Wellington Management, Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.

According to the statement, the terms of the previously determined crypts more FAST will be listed as the good news. In recent times, many coins such as ADA, ETN, XRP, TRX were mentioned.

Bitstamp  Acquired by NXMH

Bitstamp Acquired by NXMH

The Bitstamp company, one of the famous Bitcoin exchanges, is changing hands. Belgium-based investment firm NXHM Bitstamp announced the purchase.

According to Bitstamp daily trading volume ($ 100 million daily), Europe’s largest crypto money exchange. NXMH is an investment firm with over $ 2 billion in assets. Belgium-based NXMH was acquired by a South Korean company.

Another tragedy:Canadian Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money back!

Another tragedy:Canadian Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money back!

Bitcoin stock exchange: We can’t pay your money

A Bitcoin stock exchange, which was suddenly shut down with allegations of attack by hackers, told its customers, “We cannot pay your money.” said.

A small Bitcoin stock exchange in Alberta, Canada, suddenly closed. The stock market, claiming to have had an attack, the official Twitter page, “We can not pay back your money,” he explained.

The statement also suggested that a software error caused a group of people to steal all funds in the stock market. Some users have experienced the state of Mt. He said he reminded me of Gox. However, the two cases differed significantly by their handling by managers. Mt. Gox had made several attempts at least to repair the damage and pay back users.

Deleted social media accounts

After the first announcement, they deleted all social media accounts including Discord, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. A few tweets can be reopened by a few tweets “we can’t pay with BTC and LTC. We can’t give everyone their money back. We can only pay the remaining amount..

MapleChange’s Twitter account had less than 2,000 followers.

On the other hand, Coinbase has more than 1 million followers on Twitter, and the less-known subcoin exchange C-Cex has about 100,000 followers. In short, crypto money investors are very active on Twitter and the numbers here are a good way to evaluate the popularity of the platform.

Most of the experts, the situation of the market itself, the counterfeit and customers argue that argues.

COINBASE began to shrink its team

COINBASE began to shrink its team


Coinbase , one of the leading stock exchanges in the crypto money sector , began to shrink its team. In the news we shared a short time ago, Coinbase’s corporate value reached $ 8 billion. However, apparently, the company is not deceived by this value and prefers to reduce its team.


According to some reports, Tina Bhatnagar is responsible for Coinbase’s customer service. According to sources such as AmbCrypto, Bhatnagar wants to make the company’s customer service department much more ‘central’, but his request does not respond very positively. An employee who spoke to Yahoo Finance said :

Iller The people here are very uncomfortable with the situation and the managers have not communicated properly on the issue. “

Coinbase did not give a detailed explanation about the number of people dismissed even though he acknowledged that the dismissal news was correct. However, some sources say that this number has reached 15. A large number of those who were dismissed were those who worked remotely. Coinbase’s spokesman contacted Yahoo Finance on the subject and commented:

Da We noticed that people working in the same environment were more productive and happy. Therefore, departments such as support and regulatory compliance will be recruited only to those who can work in the office. 

Although the company prefers office workers instead of remote workers, it may be difficult to find local office workers in some parts of the world. Coinbase stressed that such areas continue to look for people who will work remotely rather than seek office workers.