A New Record From Litecoin (LTC)

A New Record From Litecoin (LTC)

The number of active nodes in the Litecoin network has reached a hundred.

Despite the long-standing bear market, we are expressing important developments in the ecosystem at almost every opportunity. Nowadays, there are many progress in the area of crypto-money, as prices are at a much lower level than the aphrodisias seen at the beginning of last year. Litecoin (LTC), one of the well-known subcoins of the market, was able to make its way through the year.
Litecoin has been able to continue its development since its inception. According to the Coinmarketcap list, which was checked as soon as the news was prepared, the LTC traded as the sixth most valuable crypto money on the market is only slightly below the EOS and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoinexchangeguide reported that the number of active nodes in Litecoin’s network continued to grow throughout the year and broke a record.

The Litecoin Blockchain has four times faster block times than normal, and it has the potential to be on top of the network. In other words, the Litecoin system offers four times more operations than its brother Bitcoin.

The development of the company’s new individuals will be recruited to the source site is reported in the news. He also said that he plans to upgrade to the network of Litecoin. According to experts, after this upgrade, users will need to be compatible with the Lighting Network Daemon. In this process, the company will clearly state what users should do exactly with instructions.

In the crypto money market, the bear market, which continued over the past year, has changed many balances. While some crypto money exchanges and mining companies are going down , the key players in the sector to increase their activities will help us look forward to the future.

Weiss Ratings: XRP to beat Bitcoin

Weiss Ratings: XRP to beat Bitcoin

The rating company, Weiss Ratings, announced that the payment networks, such as XRP , are expected to outperform Bitcoin in the coming years in terms of market capitalization.

Payment networks tend to have a higher value than value stores. Therefore, we expect payment networks such as XRP to pass Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization in the coming years.

According to the latest data, the market capitalization of the XRP is just over $ 15 billion. Bitcoin’s market capitalization is about $ 71 billion. Under these circumstances, the XRP must gain 5 times the value of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, Weiss Ratings said, X So far we have seen two flippening in this crypto-money rally (crossing the other of two competing crypto-currencies in terms of market capitalization): ETH passed the XRP and NEO passed the ETC. Yap We’ll see more as more and more projects are undermined by insignificant projects.

What is BitTorrent Token (BTT)? Where to Buy?

What is BitTorrent Token (BTT)? Where to Buy?

TRON Foundation and the BitTorrent Foundation, as a collaboration between the BitTorrent program and token-based economy will become the building block of BTT was introduced. Working on the existing BitTorrent network is aimed at creating a new value and ecosystem.
The tokens to be used in the BitTorrent network will be TRON-based TRC-10 tokens and will be called BitTorrent (BTT). BitTorrent has about 100 million monthly users. TRON founder Justin Sun stated in his BTT introductory speech that if they manage to bring Blockchain together with the current audience, they will take a big step.

How to use BitTorrent Tokens

Because the applications developed in the BitTorrent network are on a decentralized network, data storage areas can be globally wide. In addition, applications can also use storage space for other users who join the network, so there will be no scaling problems. BTT will be paid as incentives to make these storage areas or processor powers available for use. In addition, value transfer within the network will be provided by BTT, and anyone who joins the network can easily access all developed applications. Part of specific contents can be purchased using BTT. Developers said that the BTT wallet was inserted into the BitTorrent software.

BTT will be a divisible token. According to BTT whitepaper 990 billion BTT will be created. Printed tokens will be shared to users who are installing BitTorrent and veTorrent Classic, to TRX owners, to investors who help start, to TRON and to the BitTorrent team. You can also take a look at our Atlas project news on the possibilities of using BTT in the Atlas project developed with TRON and BitTorrent partnership .

Where to buy BTT

BTT will initially feature Launched Binance ‘s token creation platform Binance . According to the Binance blog, we will soon see BitTorrent at Binance Lauchpad.

Kraken is in trouble again,but why?

Kraken is in trouble again,but why?

Crypto coins, which continue to grow day by day, can be faced with state institutions from time to time. The shared statistics for the US-based crypto money exchange Kraken are evidence of this situation. The stock market was exposed to three times more legal investigations in 2018 than in the previous year.
Cointelegraph’in news of the crypto money exchange Kraken’e interesting data was shared. According to this statistical data, the head of the stock market seems to be in trouble with state officials. The stock market in the year 2018, according to the state institutions have received a full 475 law investigation. It is remarkable that the same value is only 160 in 2017. The number of investigations in 2016 is only 71.

According to the reports, the frequency of investigations leading to the stock exchange among the institutions of the United States is not to escape the frequency of the eyes. Basically, this situation explains why many businesses prefer to block US users.According to the Cointelegraph, 475 investigations from the stock market, 315 of the US state organs.

At the end of 2017, the crypto money exchanges attracted a great deal of interest from many new users after the price boom in the market. As a result, almost all platforms have significantly increased the number of users. In fact, some platforms were caught off-guard in the face of huge demand from new users and suspended new memberships. When the news of the Cointelegraph is examined in this context, the increase in the number of investigations directed by the state institutions to Kraken can be considered natural. Do you think that the increasing number of users and transactions may have increased the number of investigations?

How to Tell a Coin is a Scam Coin

How to Tell a Coin is a Scam Coin

Crypto coins, which are developed for scam and money making and are collected in the market, are called SCAM COIN. Such coins are highly valued and advertised and promoted. For a while, the prices are inflated and coins are tried to find a place in the stock market. The developers of Scam coins allocate most of the coins before the coins are released. These pre-stocked coins, called edil premined el, are gradually disposed of by the developers as they gain value and a loaded income is generated by this method. To the list of scam coins published at the end of 2018approximately 500 coins were removed from the transaction. As an example, in 2018, Vitro coin scam coin was understood to be one of the first examples of coin scams.

One of the biggest reasons why crypto coins are seen as attractive by investors and users is that they do not have a center, they are independent. Crypto coins are not accepted by States because they are not already under control. The fact that the coins do not have the center and the independence of the investors may be a little frightened, but the big co- stock exchangesTo know that the equivalent of that investor gives confidence. Factors such as future projects of crypto coins, exchange in stock exchanges, knowledge of the developers, help us to get an idea of whether that coin is a scam coin. Before a coine investment is made, the coin must be thoroughly investigated and made sure that it is not scam coin. Otherwise, all of your money can be wasted and the crypto-money system is an independent, decentralized, untraceable system, so you don’t have a chance to apply to a legal authority.

Scam coin keyboard

Understanding That A Coin Is Scam Coin
Although scam coins try to convince the investor and attract investment, some signs may indicate that the coins are scam coins.

1-Although the crypto coins are predominantly used for investment purposes, the main purpose of a crypto money should not be merely investing. All coins that have made a name and trust have also offered different projects such as ease of payment, transfer types and transfer rates. If a coin addresses investors to raise money instead of users that can be accessed with such projects, it is most likely scam co. In fact, scam coins are merely a means of investment, they are worthless, or they may suddenly lose value without any reason. In short, a project that considers coins not as an investment tool but as a means of payment is far from being a scam coin.

2- Bitcoin accepted sub-coins are all open source software. Everyone can access the source code. Scam coins are not open a lot of time source code. Instead of presenting the codes of the system, they want to paint by offering the operation and the best aspects of the system. The coins in this type of tactic are also scam coins.

3-Coin mining process is to maintain the continuity of that coin network and to meet the needs such as transfers in the network. The provision of such transactions by the platform where the coin is located increases the trust in the coine. If a coin has operations such as cloud mining , it means that the member gets a new member and gets a percentage share. The new sub-members are called ponzi scheme and this is a complete scam coin example.

4-It is very important to know the developers of the crypto coins and their team. Knowing who these people are, and their reliability, is an important element in the security that will be heard. Scam coins usually give this kind of information superficial or very limited.

5-Bitcoin Investing Packages (BIP), so-called bitcoin investment packages, these systems are promised to obtain a continuous coin with very little payment. As the number of new members increases, new coins come, but when the number of new members decreases and stops, the payment system stops. And in the first place the paid money is reset. Coins that offer such processes are also examples of scam coins.

It is very important in the eyes of investors to find a community of 6 coins, exchange ideas and discuss projects to develop. Such communities help increase confidence in coine. If a coin does not have active community groups, it is likely to be a scam coin if it does not share projects and development.

The above points are common features of scam coins. Some have all the features and some have only one. In that respect, it would be beneficial to research the coins before making an investment in terms of the right investment strategy.

Transfer of 900,000 ETH from the Crypto Money Exchange Bitfinex

Transfer of 900,000 ETH from the Crypto Money Exchange Bitfinex

Bitfinex, the leading crypto money exchange, which will be closed for 7 hours today, transferred 900,000 ETH.

According to a recent announcement by the Bitfinex stock exchange, the stock market will go on the longest-standing cut in crypto-money exchanges since Mt Gox. Both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will not serve for 7 hours to complete the transition . It is reported that the stock market will be closed today at 13:00 CET.

Account owners will not be able to access their wallets during the update period and all features on both platforms will be disabled. The reason for this downtime is that it moves all the transactions and data of the exchange from AWS servers to its own servers.

Bitfinex announced on 7 January that a 7-hour break on a tweet would be on January 7, and asked the users of the scheduled transactions to take the lead.

Bitfinex, who made another announcement about this move, said:

Ecek All funds will remain secure throughout the transport and will not be affected by anything. Moreover, no funds will be at risk.

$ 142 million transportation process
Bitfinex who care about their job security dimension, 900,000 ETH ‘s wallet from one vehicle to another. The value of this transaction in dollars is approximately 142 million.

What is the impact of this big money movement on the crypto money market is still an unanswered question. Also, it is not clear how the market will react to a leading crypto money exchange such as Bitfinex to remain closed for a quarter of a day. Bitfinex is doing a really hard job. If it can accomplish this without security concerns, this will be a great success.

The stock market is aware of the fact that 7 hours is a long time in crypto-money trading and made the following statement:

Iğ We know that 7 hours is a very important period in crypto money trading and we promise to take all measures to make this transition as smooth and fast as possible without compromising on safety and quality. Moving data to private servers is something unusual for our industry. This was an important initiative. We thought it was important to capture the standards that professional traders are used to in other sectors.

According to the statements, the transition to private servers will provide the following benefits:

* Improved processing speed and performance
* Cross-link and common location services for traders
* Advanced platform security

Is this noteworthy in terms of seven-hour deduction benefits or will Bitfinex lose a significant amount of customers? We’il see this over time. Also, will the market be in a position to fight the technical problems after it passes to its own servers? Currently, many questions are missed.

Bitcoin Passed the Threshold of $ 4,100, Is the Bull Market Approaching?

Bitcoin Passed the Threshold of $ 4,100, Is the Bull Market Approaching?

Bitcoin made investors laugh at the last day of the week.

Bitcoin increased $ 200 in 15 minutes and surpassed $ 4,100. At the same time, it has reached this level for the first time since December 24, when the $ 4,300 passed, that is, the last two weeks.
According to CoinMarketCap, our Bitcoin news is currently trading at $ 4,080 a day with an increase of 5,27%. The cause of this sudden rise in Bitcoin is not yet known. While celebrating a cut in social media, some investors suspect a whale has decided to stock up on BTC. Bitcoin’s market value increased by $ 71 billion. The positive weather in Bitcoin was also reflected in the overall market, and the market value of crypto coins rose to $ 138 billion, with the greening of altcoins.

The most noticeable increase is seen in Litecoin. Litecoin is currently trading at $ 39.46, an increase of over 11%. Litecoin increased by 10% to $ 8.68, followed by NEO. Crypto coins in the Top 100 have a daily average gain of 5%.

So, do the price increases mean that bulls are slowly preparing for jogging? Some of the analysts predict that the 2019 forecast is that the bulls will dominate the market. However, some analysts are making some more cautious predictions. We can give Willy Woo an example to these analysts. Woo believes the bear market will continue to exist for a while despite the volume boom. Woo’s comments about the market can be read from this news .

eToro’s senior market analyst, Mati Greenspan, said: e It’s good to see Bitcoin over $ 4,000 again. But the big test is $ 5,000

Litecoin rises 50% after reaching Lee’s $ 20 target

Litecoin rises 50% after reaching Lee’s $ 20 target

Litecoin, one of the largest subcoins, increased by nearly 50 percent after reaching Charlie Lee’s $ 20 target.

Litecoin, the crater currency created by Charlie Lee and often referred to as Bitcoin’s silver, rose by nearly 50 percent after reaching founder Charlie Lee’s $ 20 target.

Lee had a very interesting comment on the price of the Litecoin in 2017, while the crypto money prices were at high levels. On December 11, 2017, Lee said that anyone who can’t afford Litecoin to fall to $ 20 shouldn’t invest. One year later, Litecoin fell to $ 20 on December 11, 2018.

Charlie Lee [LTC⚡]

· 12 dec 2017
@SatoshiLite @gdax

Charlie Lee [LTC⚡]

Ok, sorry to spoil the party, but I need to reign in the excitement a bit…

Buying LTC is extremely risky. I expect us to have a multi-year bear market like the one we just had where LTC dropped 90% in value ($48 to $4). So if you can’t handle LTC dropping to $20, don’t buy! 😀

09:51 – 12 dec 2017

Lee may have made investors think $ 20 was a dip.
Crypto money rose by about 50 percent after reaching Lee’s $ 20 target and rose to $ 38. Investors, according to Lee’s discourse, may have thought that the $ 20 for Litecoin is bottom.

On the other hand, another interesting development for Litecoin is that the number of Lightning Network nodes exceeds 100. The Lightning Network technology for Litecoin has been steadily moving since its release in 2018, according to a recent statement. However, the LN node number of Litecoin is still low compared to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network with 5130 nodes. In Bitcoin, the Lightning Network capacity is 550 BTC, while in Litecoin it is 26.5 LTC.

Ripple Blinked at Amazon

Ripple Blinked at Amazon

Ripple’s Cory Johnson made important statements at the event.

Ripple’s chief market strategist Cory Johnson thinks retail companies like Amazon can benefit from Ripple’s international payment solutions. Johnson, who attended the Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit in New York, talked about the mission to increase speed and reduce costs in international payments. Asked where he saw Ripple 10 years later, Johnson asked a few words:
We can talk about $ 23 trillion in the Nostro and vostro accounts and pending prepay; money is too slow.

Amazon’s – probably the most productive capital in the world’s history – is a billion dollars that must be paid to employees or vendors in their accounts because the money-handling systems are very slow.

I can analyze all of this and see what it looks like. 10 years later, I can’t imagine a world where you can hire that worker in Bangladesh from here. Or that a Thai nanny can send money from Japan to her family just because they have a better standard of living.

An extra $ 5 a month is a matter of life. I can’t really imagine that, but I’m really excited about it.

In general, we will see more and more people working together in more companies around the world, and I think this is great. This is not just about the changing business environment as today. It’s about how the business sector will look in the future. And I think (the future) will be very different from the present.

It is of course possible for any of the Ripple payment solutions to be used by Amazon in the future. In fact, when Cory Johnson speaks, Amazon chooses not to work efficiently. Perhaps the idea of Amazon using Ripple will be through the widespread adoption of crypto coins and / or Blockchain. For this, perhaps more banks, payment institutions and the company should use Blockchain.

Ethereum Developer Signed a Big Deal with AMD

Ethereum Developer Signed a Big Deal with AMD

ConsenSys partnered with processor manufacturer AMD.

ConsenSys, one of Ethereum’s leading developer companies, partnered with the US-based computer processor manufacturer AMD to create a Blockchain-based cloud processor infrastructure.
Halo Holdings, which operates in the United Arab Emirates, is also part of the partnership. The operating structure called W3BCLOUD will provide optimized solutions to reduce data load.

The W3BCLOUD solution will be available to governments in data centers and software used in all industries. Introduced as the first independent cloud processor Blockchain, W3BCLOUD is said to maximize the processing power and security. Joseph Lubin, co-founder of ConsenSys and Ethereum, said:

Increasing the processing power of Blockchain networks with AMD’s leading technology is very important for scalability and for systems that become decentralized. We will combine the power of hardware and software and create a new infrastructure, which will make Blockchain technology more common.

In the press release, AMD hardware technology will be used in health identity tracking, business data management, supply chain management and smart identity applications. Earlier, AMD had announced that it does not expect revenue from its graphics card sales to crypto money miners. In the past year, AMD generated 10% of its revenue in the crypto-currency sector. AMD CEO Lisa Su said they expect only 6% of total revenue from chip production. The report released in October 2018 revealed that AMD shares fell in the third quarter. According to the company’s statement, the sales of video cards sold to miners could be ignored.

ConsenSys reportedly plans to dismiss up to 60% of its employees after a long-running month. For now, AMD and ConsenSys Blockchain seem to be continuing their development without slowing down. The two companies are likely to come in ahead of the industry in the long-term plan Blockcha aims . But when it comes to technology, the first ones who do not always succeed.