At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

‘At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin
Yoni Assia, the CEO of the social trading platform eToro, made predictions for the future in a Bitcoin event in Israel.

One of the hottest topics within the crypto money community is whether it will be effective on a Bitcoin ETF’s potential approval and crypto money markets.

In 2018, there was nothing positive about ETF. A number of Bitcoin ETF applications, including those of the famous Facebook twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, were rejected last year.

Currently, there is the application of SolidX with VanEck, who is eagerly awaiting the approval of everyone at the SEC’s desk. The Commission postponed the decision on the application several times and the deadline for it to take a decision in February 2019 February.

According to Yoni Assia, CEO of the social trading platform eToro, a crypto-money ETF will not be lit in the near future . Speaking at Israel’s Bitcoin Summit, Assia shared his views on the current state of the crypto money market and the possibility of an ETF being approved.

Assia, “in January 2018” crypto is a balloon, and people will lose their money, “said those who are smart people in the room, because they are right. They do not encourage any ETF approval, so I think the ETF approval will take some time.

‘At least one country will go bankrupt in 5 years’
Assia also said that at least one country will go bankrupt and that it will lead people to flock to Bitcoin. eToro’s CEO said:In the next five years, we cannot see at least one country where people flock to Bitcoin. All banks in this country will go bankrupt and the government will have no chance of reviving the banking system, because there will be no need for local money or the local bank anymore.

Bitmain close its doors in Israel

Bitmain close its doors in Israel

The decline in the crypto money market seems to be creating a surge in the sector. A large number of Blockchain businesses were forced to terminate their activities and lay off some of their employees to survive. The last of these was Bitmain .

According to the Israeli-based news site Globes, the giant mining company Bitmain is closing down Bitmaintech Israel, the development center in Israel due to the bear market.

The development center in Israel was established two years ago and will be closed this week. The company also dismissed 23 employee.

Gadi Glikberg, the chairman of Bitmaintech Israel , who is the deputy chairman of Bitmain, will also leave the company’s roads.

Bitmain blames the bearish market for the recent fall in Bitcoin prices for this shutdown process and is currently dominating the crypto money industry. In fact, Bitmain is not the only Blokchain company that has to fire its employees to survive.

Glikberg said in a statement to the staff of Bitmain Israel:

Iyor The crypto money market has been experiencing a turbulent period in the last few months. This led to reviewing Bitmain’s various activities around the world and making some changes.

Bitmain is the world’s largest manufacturer of ASIC devices and operates a mining pool under the same name as Antpool. Earlier this year, the company had begun its efforts to establish a $ 500 million mining farm in Texas, which will begin its first operations in 2019. However, time will show whether everything will go as planned.