Bitcoin on the rise, the bull market has started?

Bitcoin on the rise, the bull market has started?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) increased by 8% in one day to exceed $ 3,600, bringing the bull market back to the agenda.

Crypto coins leader Bitcoin (BTC) completed Friday ( February 8th ) with a significant increase of about 8%. Altcoins in the market at higher rates followed by Bitcoin bull market expected to start for a long time came to the agenda. Bitcoin is trading at $ 3,648 at the time of the report.

Are Bulls Coming?
When the bear trend in the market continued in the new year, the longest bear market in the history of crypto money had taken place . Bitcoin, which failed to complete January as expected, fell below the level of $ 3,400. However, there was a sharp fluctuation in the market on Friday (February 8th), and there was some debate among the users that bulls were coming to the market.

There have been many debates on the topic on social networking platforms, which are frequently used by users of crypto money like Twitter. According to some people, this increase reflects the bull market, while others say the opposite.

The whole market is on the rise
Bitcoin’s rise was followed by Litecoin (LTC) . Litecoin, which has recently signed a successful business, has attracted the attention of many users by completing the last twenty-four hours with a 30% increase. LTC was followed by Ethereum (ETH) 13% and EOS 15 %. In addition, we see that there is an increase in different rates in almost every subcoin on the market. Did the bull market really start?

It is not as easy as deciding whether the trend in the market has changed. Although some users have already announced that the bear market has finally come to an end, we have to watch the market for a long time so we can make this decision. What do you think about this?

The NSA that created Bitcoin? Here are four reasons to believe

The NSA that created Bitcoin? Here are four reasons to believe

There are many theories about who the unidentified creator of Bitcoin was. Some think the NSA is behind this, and there are four main reasons to believe it.

Who is the creator of Bitcoin ?

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto , who wrote Bitcoin’s whitepaper , was never identified. Since 2009 there have been many theories about who created Bitcoin. Some even believe that the Bitcoin was formed in 1952 by the NSA (US National Security Agency).

1) Certainly they created a part
SHA-256 is a cryptographic summarization algorithm that is an essential part of Bitcoin’s architecture. Also, it is the hash function algorithm of NSA which was first published in 2001 .

The SHA-256 is a series of instructions designed by the NSA, which tells the computer to follow the mathematical steps with each input, and then arranges it as a sequence of information of any size.

What these mathematical steps do with each input is to compress that input to a 256-bit output called hash. The other will encrypt it. The mathematical operations in these steps and the values used as processors cannot be reversed, ie the input cannot be used.

Thus, hash can be used as fingerprint for the original data because it is impossible to predict what the output will be for any value before running with SHA-256.

And the resulting hash appears completely random, but this is the result of a deterministic process that gives the same hash for each input at a time.

Thus, SHA-256 is a cryptographic one-way compression function.

This special hash algorithm is an essential part of how Bitcoin works, as described above by Antonopoulos.

2) Satoshi Nakamoto means “Central Intelligence 2

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Ancestry
It may be a giant coincidence, but it is not possible. Unquestionably, whoever created Bitcoin used the nickname of “Central Intelligence i in Japanese as a pseudonym.

Of course, this is not proof that the CIA has created Bitcoin.

It could be the NSA behind it, and the CIA wanted to make a joke using the Japanese equivalent, or the target might be surprised.

It is also possible for programmers who are not related to deep state.

3) How does a crypto money benefit the deep state?
The deep state would want a crypto currency to exist. As Bitcoin critics say, Bitcoin is the perfect thing for organizations with covert operations.

Crypto money is a way for the deep state to have a financial infrastructure that is notable except for corporate finance in Wall Street or in banks around the world.

If there was such a thing as crypto money, the deep state would probably have had it. In 1986, some members of the US government sold weapons to Iran, and the revenue from it was illegally used to support anti-communist conquests in Nicaragua, which attempted to overthrow the leftist rule of the period. With the emergence of this incident, the US was shaken. Probably at that time, crypto coins could do this without hearing anyone’s soul.

4) Former US prosecutor explains how BTC helped the FBI catch criminals
Crypto money makes it easier for the deep state to hide what it does, making it easier for criminals to watch what they are doing.

In this video, what is told about cybercrime is so fascinating that it can be the subject of a fictional film. A former US Department of Justice cybercrime prosecutor explains how the transaction and account records in the Bitcoin block chain are useful for the deep state in finding criminals.

Bitcoin is not personal and completely transparent. Each account, each amount and each transaction is saved to a giant image document.

The account information on the Bitcoin block chain is not hidden behind a password that only a trusted corporate investor has. The deep state, who has always been keen on watch, has already messed up and messed up the mess, whether or not it created a crypto money.

Valentine’s Day Surprise from Tron CEO Tron CEO

Valentine’s Day Surprise from Tron CEO Tron CEO

Justin Sun is preparing a surprise for investors for Valentine’s Day.

Tron CEO Justin Sun , known for being very active in social media, is still at work. Wanting to prepare a surprise for investors, Sun plans to organize a secret campaign for Tron and BitTorrent on Valentine’s Day and host many famous names.

February 14 Surprise
Sun clue as to Friends of one of the main characters in the series, Golden Globe for one person to win 3 and 4 from the SuperBowl one who said the victory was voiced among celebrities. Tron CEO is actively involved in communication with his followers by preparing various offers and special packages. Working with the full force of Blockchain technology, crypto coins and especially Tron’s collective adoption, Sun can add popularity to both his and Tron’s popularity with his February 14 plan.

BitTorrent from Tron
Tron’s main mission is to Bit decentralize the Internet . In this direction, the company acquired BitTorrent , the P2P file sharing platform last year .

After the purchase of BitTorrent, the Tron did not brake and decided to develop a token for BitTorrent : BitTorrent Token ( BTT ). Last week, over 50 billion BTTs sold through the Binance Launchpad platform were sold out in just 15 minutes. An airdrop campaign for Bittorrent Token will be held. The first leg will be launched on February 11, and the campaign will distribute BTT tokens to TRX owners.

The success of Tron and BitTorrent in such a short time can be explained by Justin Sun’s unceasing work . No other crypto-money CEO is as active as Sun on social media.

Abra’s Investors’ Great Step

Abra’s Investors’ Great Step

Mobile crypto-money wallet application Abra opens a door where everyone can invest in large stocks and ETFs Mobil

Investors are able to trade easily and have great interest in crypto coins and Bitcoin . However, in order to invest in publicly traded stocks, the investor is expected to be either recognized or invested in high amounts.

The popular crypto app, Abra , will present ways to use Bitcoin to secure equity and ETF contracts. Thus, every investor will be able to invest without recognition or use of high amounts.

Abra Application!
Mobile Crypto Money Wallet App Abra recently announced that investors can invest in to stocks, ETFs, commodities, crypto currencies and traditional currencies Mobil using the app .

Abra, which can be used in 155 countries, stated that they would like to start their new project with ve America’s popular stocks and ETFs’ and add more global assets in the future.

On the other hand, this new service will be offered by Abra, such as investing in the same Bitcoin 5 dollars even with the transaction can be made. In addition, the company announced that they would not pay any fees for traditional asset purchases.

Crypto Sector Satisfied
After Abra’s statements, the impact of this step on the future of the crypto industry and its impact on Bitcoin began to be discussed in the social media. In general, the crypto-money ecosystem seems satisfied with this step.

For example, Messara the founder Ryan Selkis Twitter via his share something with Abram’s of this announcement, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey ‘s striking the “Bitcoin Lightning” news from “much more important” voiced that.

On the other hand Atlantic Financial CEO Bruce Fenton and Wyoming Blockcha Coalition co-founder Caitlin Long the news “tremendous” describing it as news. Both names ”those who want to invest in these vehicles and can not make investments with Bitcoin can perform as they want, “ he said.

Abra , in addition to this agreement with Mastercard and Visa last July, again announced that the face of the cryptocurrency money sector.

Last Minute: Binance CEO Announces Collaboration

Last Minute: Binance CEO Announces Collaboration

Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao made a 45-minute live broadcast from Periscope a few hours ago. Zhao responded to questions about the future of Binance, Binance Coin (BNB), Binance Chain and the new decentralized stock market. Live broadcast replay can be viewed via Twitter link below.


@binance …


Binance @binance1
binance1 was LIVE
Ripple-Binance partnership
During the broadcast, CZ was asked whether Binance would partner with Ripple to strengthen xRapid payments. Zhao’s successful CEO of Binance responded to this question as follows:

We are currently focusing on adding new features to Binance, so we are working with many new partners. We don’t have an ongoing partnership with xRapid, but we definitely want to see Ripple among our business partners.

Although Ripple’s claims to partner with Binance will be on the agenda, Ripple has already partnered with Bittrex (USA), Bitso (Mexico) and (Philippines) exchanges. These exchanges, using Ripple’s xRapid technology, make cross-border payments more advantageous in terms of speed and cost.

Cross-border Transfers
The fact that Binance CEO Zhao can co-operate with Ripple to support xRapid can be considered as a step in the right direction to make cross-border money transfers more efficient and efficient. When we think that Binance dominates the world through its offices and exchanges around the world, it can help us gain an idea of how big the partnership can be.

Unable to Stop Binance: Binance Coin (BNB) in Top 10

Unable to Stop Binance: Binance Coin (BNB) in Top 10

Binance has increased its speed recently, with the effect that the BNB has risen as its market value.

Yesterday Binani by ‘s transaction fees, shopping and ICO used in Binani Co.’s ‘ i (BNB) coinmarketcap the first 10 entries in market value between the con list. Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Cardano (ADA) declined one row.

The Rise of Binance
The binance team said they were happy with the point they came from and that their development had several important pillars. Binance was founded in the beginning of 2018 and managed to take the first place in the transaction volume. BNB token has been used in services and platforms. He also announced today that he will be able to partner with Binance CEO, Ripple .

Binance has been expanding quite aggressively recently. The company established fiat-crypto exchange in Singapore last month. Similar to this stock exchange, Binance Uganda and Binance Jersey were scheduled. It has increased the number of users with all attempts. For corporate investors, Binance has created accounts for bench-top transactions. Finally, Binance gave its users the opportunity to receive credit cards using credit cards and debit cards.

Binance Token Sales
In late 2018, Binance introduced a new platform: Binance Launchpad. This platform was established to provide funding for the launch of new crypto-money projects. After several successful ICOs, BitTorrent (BTT) sales were the most prominent token sales . BTT sales ended in 18 minutes, many investors were not satisfied with this sale. In addition, Binance announced that it will start selling a new token on February 25th .

On the other hand, Binance was also aware of its donation campaigns in 2018. With Tron, a campaign to help those affected by the floods in Japan was launched and a majority of them were donated as BNB

Bitcoin Payment Term Begins in Public Transport!

Bitcoin Payment Term Begins in Public Transport!

Bitcoin is now available for public transport in Argentina.

Thanks to the cooperation between Alto Viaje , which provides filling services for public transport cards, and the financial technologies company Bitex , it is now possible to pay for public transport in 37 regions of Argentina by paying with Bitcoin .

This is a small step for Bitcoin because integrating Bitcoin and other crypto coins into everyday life is no longer something new. However, the inclusion of crypto coins in daily life in Argentina is a very important development for Argentina. In Argentina, only 2 crypto money ATMs were in service until 2018, and these ATMs were in Buenos Aires, the capital of the country. Bitex CMO Manuel Beaudroit said:

We believe that such projects are of great importance as they have introduced Bitcoin to society.

In Argentina, SUBE cards can be charged with Bitcoin at all stations and national ticket sales offices. The main goal of Alto Viaje was to make credit filling operations as easy as possible. Alto Viaje added PayPal support to the platform before accepting payments with Bitcoin . Alto Viaje will soon begin to accept payments from Argentina-based payments service RapiPago too.

Demand for Bitcoin is rising!
Argentina is in the grip of high inflation, just like any other South American country. Many Argentines are troubled by the economic situation in the country. For this reason, people started to turn to alternative currencies like Bitcoin in order to prevent their money from losing their value. In recent months, the transaction volume in the country’s LocalBitcoins is constantly increasing. We also announced that in December 2018, 7 new crypto money ATMs will be established in Argentina .

Jobs Are Confused: New Development in the Dead Market

Jobs Are Confused: New Development in the Dead Market

When the CEO died, there was a new development in the stock exchange which could not be accessed from the cold store.

Gerald Cotten, the CEO of the QuadrigaCX Exchange recently died. Cotten was the only person who knew the password of the cold stores of the exchange , so the funds of the users could not be accessed. With the new development, the event became more complicated.

The Inner Face of the Event
Yesterday the Canadian news source, Chroniche Herald, received a story. News related to the event QuadrigaCX event documents are showing. According to the documents, Gerald Cotten’s wife, Jennifer Robertson, is trying to hide the millions of dollars of property in her hands from creditors and lawyers, and this effort is described as ‘questionable’.

Expert Opinions
Just days after Cotten’s death in India, Robertson was the only performer to have signed. Robertson, who received the collateral morgage of the four properties available, transfers at least two of the properties to Seaglass Trust on January 30th, according to Utoday . Legal expert Daren Baxter explains that such a move will help Robertson protect property from creditors, but also that there are legal ways lenders can follow to access Robertson’s assets.

Paul Trudelle, a law firm’s representative, says creditors will have a great deal of difficulty going after Robertson personally. By law, the directors and shareholders of that company remain inviolable unless a company appears to be fraudulent . But Trudelle acknowledges that the transfer of properties to a trust fund is ‘ unusual ‘ and arouses suspicion .

The stock market took a 30-day deferral from the creditors yesterday. The $ 260 million story has attracted many crypto-money enthusiasts. One of them is the Kraken CEO, Jesse Powell, who first questions the reality of the claims put forward.

Amazon Users Want Crypto Coins

Amazon Users Want Crypto Coins

According to a survey Amazon users want crypto coins.

According to the results of a survey among users of the electronic commerce giant Amazon, users of the platform want crypto coins. The survey shows that users want to buy a wider range of products. Crypto coins were among these products. expressed the financial content portal of the survey was expressed.

Survey for Amazon Users
A survey of Amazon users by included one thousand participants. The survey aimed at revealing how often users ordered and trusted the company. Customers were asked what they felt most comfortable when shopping through

Users’ Crypto Demand
In addition, the participants were asked what products could be purchased easily if they were on the platform. 12.7% of respondents answered crypto coins for this question . According to these results, it can be stated that there is cryptocurrency demand among Amazon users.

Considering’s survey, it would not be wrong to say that Zhao’s claims are justified.

Other products that users want to be on the Amazon platform include medical marijuana (13.5%), prescription drugs (9.3%), computers (72.9%), coupons and bets (10.6%) and even health services (15%) , 3). Participants were allowed to choose more than one option. Who knows, maybe Amazon is one of the giant companies that one day has released its crypto money.

13 Million Pounds of  Crypto Money Stolen from Turkish Exchange Market

13 Million Pounds of Crypto Money Stolen from Turkish Exchange Market

23 people were detained from a crypto currency exchange in Istanbul, which was thought to be linked to the stealing of 13 million pounds of crypto money.

Istanbul Criminal Investigation Bureau of Istanbul Criminal Investigation Bureau , an Istanbul-based crypto money exchange, 13 million pounds of crypto money overnight, the investigation into the distribution of various accounts.

Within 3 Hours
As a result of the investigations on December 20, 2018 at night between 04: 00-07: 00 between 13 million pounds of Bitcoin , Ethereum and Ripple ‘s two user accounts were sent to different addresses.

23 people caught
Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation initiated by the Crimes Investigation Office. As a result of the technical and physical follow-up, 24 people were found to be connected to the incident and this morning hours were raided simultaneously. In Istanbul , Ankara , Izmir , Afyonkarahisar , Bursa , Bolu and Antalya , 23 people were arrested simultaneously. A person is still being sought in connection with the incident. The interrogation of the suspects in the police is continuing.

Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor ‘s Office said in a written statement that the Crimes Investigation Office conducted an investigation within the scope of lam establishing an organization to commit a crime, using the information systems to prevent, destroy, modify or destroy qualified burglary, system, etc. İstanbul.

In an event in Istanbul in November 2018, 14 people filed a criminal complaint , claiming that they withdrew money from their accounts . In the operation carried out by the teams of the Istanbul Security Directorate, it was determined that third parties entered illegally into the crypto-money wallets of the victims. With the SIM cards they received with false documents, crooks had stolen a total of 437 thousand pounds of crypto money from 14 investors.