Binance Prepares for New Token Sales

Binance Prepares for New Token Sales

The sale of Fetch.AI token on the Binance Lanchpad platform will take place on February 25th.

The leader wants to continue his sales success with a new token from Binomial BTT , one of the crypto-money exchanges . Fetch.AI (FET) token has a sales date of 25 February at Binance Launchpad .

Fetch.AI Token Sales
Investors have increased the price of Binance Coin BNB by more than 20% over the last 24 hours in contrast to the overall market. This increase may indicate investors’ expectations for new token sales. According to a Fetch.AI spokesman, the BNB will be the only token that can be used to get token’s FET.

Fetch.AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform autonomous economic transactions on the internet. The technology developed by the project is a kind of digital formation, it can manage itself without human interaction, it can direct devices, services or people. One of the areas where autonomous formations can be used is aviation, and the technology developed according to the spokesperson’s statement will be able to plan dynamic and self-modal journeys.

The project aims to launch its main network at the end of this year. Ethereum-based tokens will be passed to Fetch.AI’s network when the time comes. The sale of Token was originally planned for the past year, but was abandoned due to market conditions. Last year, Fetch.AI had collected $ 15 million on a special sale.

Many Binance followers demanded the reduction of the maximum amount of token to be taken by 1 person. Although the limit of the token is not clear yet, the Binance announced that it is taking lessons from BTT.

Credit Card Purchase with Bitcoin
In recent days, Binance debit and credit cards with the stock market to take the cryptocurrency took a step forward. Thus, one of the barriers that traditional investors faced when entering crypto money was eliminated. The CEO of Binance stated that they would ensure that the most secure and fastest way to get crypto money.

Japan, South Korea and the United States ahead of artificial intelligence

Japan, South Korea and the United States ahead of artificial intelligence

Japan, South Korea and the United States ahead of artificial intelligence
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reported that most patent applications for artificial intelligence were made by companies from Japan, South Korea and the United States.
In his first report on artificial intelligence studies, WIPO reports that China and the United States are ahead of their competitors in the world.

In the report, US technology giants IBM 8 thousand 920 in the field of artificial intelligence, Microsoft filed 5 thousand 930 patent application said. These companies were followed by Toshiba, Samsung and NEC.

Since the 1950s, when artificial intelligence studies were first introduced, 340 thousand patent applications related to artificial intelligence were published and 1.6 million scientific documents were published.

WIPO Director-General Francis Gurry said at a press conference at the UN Geneva Office that China and the United States opened a gap in the field of artificial intelligence in terms of both the number of patent applications and scientific publications.

Gurry, artificial intelligence in all areas of life now entering the sharp, stating that artificial intelligence “to increase unemployment or create new areas of employment” is a big question mark, he said.

Zhao Dong

16 Ethereum Games You Can Win by Playing Token

ConsenSys Media shared the list of 16 Ethereum games token wins.

ConsenSys Media announced the 16 Ethereum games that gave players a token. The non-fungible tokens are one of the most noticeable parts of the Blockchain revolution and the online gaming industry.

Revolution in the Game Industry
According to ConsenSys, the Blockchain community is busy discussing issues such as network upgrades, adoption and scaling. In the Ethereum Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are named as ERC-721 token . In contrast to the Fungible ERC-20 token , these tokens are not equal to other tokens similar to themselves. Normally 1 ETH is equal in value with another ETH, but not in non-fungible token.

In the games listed in the ConsenSys list, these ERC-721 tokens are used and, according to ConsenSys, one of the ConsenSys members won $ 600 in just 3 hours using non-fungible tokens on Ethereum.

NFT Based Games
Let’s take a look at the NFT based games in the list of ConsensSys by their category. The alıy Collection and Shopping isinde category , including the world-famous CryptoKitties , includes the following games: Etheremon, PlasmaBears and 0X Universe.

The next category is the Fight War Games , ları with Chibi Fighters . Other games in this category include: HyperDragons, MyCryptoHeroes, Axie Infinity, Blockchain Cuties, World of Ether and Gods Unchained.

Strategy games like Decentraland : CryptoAssault and CryptoBaseball.

” Art Work Shop ” category in the game: cryptosketches and superrar to.

What are the Most Winning Altcoins of January?

While the bear trend in the crypto money market has been going on for a long time, some of the altcoins continued to rise during the month of January, bringing the investor to a significant extent. We prepare to break his record in the history of the current bear market Bitcoin for you this news can examine. Which subcoins gained against BTC? Let’s look at some of these together.

Value-winning Altcoins
The first month of the new year was not too bright for the crypto money market. Contrary to expectations, the month was dominated by the bearish trend. Nevertheless, some of the subcoins have attracted significant attention from the leading crypto currency Bitcoin, attracting the attention of investors.

The tokens of the project Holocha HOT showed a quite extraordinary performance during the month. The 178% increase in the HOT crypto money community was also discussed. Another Altcom the smiles on the faces of the Investor tokens of Auger platform REP . Crypto currency, which gained 51.5% on a monthly basis, also moved in the opposite direction to BTC.

Chainlink (LINK) ranks third in the list of best performing subcoins in January with 39%, while Numeraire (NMR) is fourth in the fourth . After this subcoin, the list continues with crypto coins such as Tron (TRX), Loopring (LRC) and OAX (OAX) .

Bear Market Continues
Bitcoin, the pioneer of crypto coins, was also influenced by the bear market in January. When we look at the tables showing the market, we see that BTC has decelerated by about 10% during the month.

The world needs 3 million cyber security experts

The world needs 3 million cyber security experts

New technologies are developing, the area of cyber threat is expanding, but the number of people who have cyber security skills to respond to this is growing pains. According to information compiled by ESET Senior Security Investigator Stephen Cobb, the global cyber security staff is close to 3 million. The biggest deficit is in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
The global cyber security staff deficit seems alarming. Certified Cyber Security Professionals Association, which has gathered experts from various countries, the ISC published a total of 2.9 million copies in the study. According to the study announced by.

ESET , the biggest expert shortage is experienced in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Growing economies, technology-developing companies and new data privacy legislation in the countries of the region is open to 2.14 million people said. Asia-Pasifk region, 498 thousand people, according to North America is followed. Open, 142 thousand in EMEA region covering Europe, 136 thousand people in South America.

According to Stephen Cobb, Senior Security Investigator, who is himself a CISSP certified information systems security expert, ISC’s review does not exaggerate the need for global cyber security skills. Cobb, who suggested that these figures should be taken seriously, veya In my own research in 2016, the rate of those who thought that finding the right cyber security skills was moderate or very difficult was 83 percent.

ESET Security Expert Cobb, ISC report continued as follows: The last ISC report, 63 percent of the participants ‘lack of staff in the field of cyber security’ was passed in their organization. In addition, 60 per cent of their organizations ‘this risk of cyber attacks in the middle and advanced level due to lack of staff’ he said.

What does enough people mean?

According to his observations, Stephen Cobb thinks that countries and companies are not able to show the necessary efforts to attract enough people to the cyber-security profession and that they are insufficient to ensure that people have the right skills. Cobb continues: den Moreover, estimates of what ‘sufficient people’ are made of cannot keep pace with the pace of development and expansion of technology. In general, every new device connected to the Internet increases the number of potential attack areas. As these devices are new compared to tried and tested technologies, the level of skill required to protect them also increases. These devices, which represent new technology waves, from drone devices to intelligent sound systems, smart homes, cars, and even serverless applications,

How Does the Problem of Crypto Money Affect Market Value?

How Does the Problem of Crypto Money Affect Market Value?

A research firm examined the impact of sentiment on prices.

A Blockchain the publicity firm Blockchain Defender of crypto currency increased despite overall market value to crypto currency that increased confidence, he said, so slow down the development of the sector.

Crypto Coins Trust
The crypto money market reached $ 800 billion in January 2018. In his report, Blockchain Defender pointed to trust as one of the biggest reasons for the decrease in market value. The report examined how much trust in crypto coins affects purchases and trends. The report also compared the crypto money market with traditional markets.

According to the statement, the views and feelings about the market are similar to the price graphs. The country’s search results were analyzed in order to analyze the opinions about country-based crypto coins. According to this, the most negative of the four countries examined are the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Japan, respectively. Negative feedback includes social media posts, blogs, industry news sites and forums.

Crypto Money Exchange
Specifically Bitcoin When examining the results of the Bitcoin online reputation as the best in the United Arab Emirates was reached. All the crypto coins included in the search results of the most positive Iconomi , Bitcoin Cash is exposed to the most negative comments said.

According to the traditional stock exchanges, the crypto money exchanges were more influenced by the online data. In terms of content, the traditional stock exchanges account for 34% of the contents, but the crypto coins are less than 17% due to the fact that they are not linked to certain institutions and are internet-oriented. Finally, the report highlighted the fact that the crypto coins had a hacking crisis throughout 2018. In Western countries, the positive content has been reported to have declined dramatically following the news of hacking. When all this came together, it was stated that the bear season did not end.

Apple Users Attention! New Spyware Threats Crypto

Apple Users Attention! New Spyware Threats Crypto

A newly discovered spyware appeared to threaten Apple users’ crypto money.

Crypto money lovers who use computers produced by Apple need to be careful recently. It was stated that a spyware software that was discovered has been stealing browser cookies on these computers and threatening the security of users’ crypto money. According to allegations, this software can reach important data on the victims’ computers and take their crypto money.

CookieMiner Spyware
According to a report released by the cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks on Thursday (January 31st), a new spy software called “CookieMiner” threatens users. According to the report, this software is able to capture browser cookies related to crypto-money exchanges and wallet providers visited by Apple users . It has the potential to steal the funds of software victims who obtain the necessary data for users’ platforms with crypto assets.

What Stock Exchanges Are Endangered?
Palo Alto’s report, in which new spyware is targeted to various crypto money exchanges, is expressed in the report. Endangered exchanges include major crypto-money platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitstamp and MyEtherWallet . In addition, according to the company’s report, any platform crossing the bir Blockchain domain statement on the domain of the website may be in danger.

CookieMiner spyware is not only the data on the crypto exchange, but also the credit card information was targeted. In this case , payment infrastructure such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express is threatened by new software. In order to avoid such software, users need to open their eyes.

Ethereum Developers Plan to Reduce the Power of ASIC Miners

Ethereum Developers Plan to Reduce the Power of ASIC Miners

Ethereum developers are aiming to increase the number of miners in order to make the network more decentralized, so a code can be added to the algorithm to make ASICs weak.

Ethereum network developers are preparing to take steps to add code that could reduce the power of the ASIC miners .

Ethereum Mining
A group of developers are working on the update they call ProgPow. ProgPow is not finalized yet, and other audits are postponed as controls continue. Audits through third parties will give an idea of how the new mining algorithm can change the ASIC effect. As you know, GPUs are cheaper and more consumer-friendly, and it is not possible to compete with ASICs used by large capitals. Some of the developers are undecided about adding code.

The algorithm that will change will increase the number of participants and miners required for the approval of Ethereum operations. It would be expected that this method, which in theory would require the need for many miners, would increase the number of miners as it created a more competitive environment. Hudson Jameson of the Ethereum Foundation stated that the audit results of the new algorithm would answer many questions.

Software engineer Danno Ferrin said the changes will show how changes affect the Ethereum network. It is not clear when the results of the audit will come, but according to Jameson, the most realistic expectation is the month of April. A change can also be made to the Ethereum network about the change. The developer, Lane Rettig, said that the votes used in favor of ProgPow may have a meaning that changes need to be made, but should not be taken into account if the result of the vote is negative.

Constantinople Update
Previously Ethereum’in great update Constantinople’in late February, we have shared with you the news of the post. Constantinople was delayed due to the detection of various security vulnerabilities. The final plan of the Ethereum developers related to mining is to pass the network to the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and to make the mining token as a kind of share. Ethereum advances its development with a cautious and slow pace, so it is aimed to test a system where PoW and PoS systems work together.

Pompliano: Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market!

Pompliano: Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market!

Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management, will invest in Wall Street’s Bitcoin market, he said.
Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market and invest.
Anthony Pompliano, a familiar face of the crypto money markets, told his followers about 185K of followers by referring to Wall Street players:

Each buys and invests in crypto. They can’t afford to miss this. Keep your attention. Just follow what you do.

Anthony Pompliano founded Morgan Creek Capital Management in April 2018. Morgan Creek invests in blockchain technology and virtual coins. Pompliano also publishes a bulletin on developments in blockchain technology and virtual coins. Naturally, it follows the behavior of corporate firms.

Pompliano is not the only one who shares the views that institutional investors are interested in crypto money. In spite of the crypto winter that has been going on since 2018, OTC (on-board transactions) and STO (Securitized Tokens) transactions are increasing. The following news about the subject may draw your attention:

News from Bitcoin Bittrex: OTC transactions started

Bond Token platform freezes Polymath funds for 5 years

Major crypto money exchanges such as Coinbase are preparing themselves to serve their institutional investors. Coinbase began to withdraw funds from the E-series capital.

Another important expectation is Bakkt. The mission of Baktt, which will start futures in 2019, is to serve corporate companies.

Note: This article does not recommend investment. For informational purposes only.

Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

The Bitcoin family continues to live a dreamlike life even though the BTC falls. Here is a Bitcoin story that can be absurd but completely real.

Bitcoin family goes on their way
For Bitcoin, where you believe you will climb to new heights one day, can you give up all the items you have?

The answer to most of us is no. But there is a Dutch Bitcoin family who says yes and invests their money in Bitcoin.

In October 2017, the world recognized a family of 5 people who invested in Bitcoin (home, car and even a pension savings fund). Didi Taihuttu , the father of 3 children , even sold his favorite bike to show everyone that he is serious.

The family then moved to a campsite in the Netherlands.

The interest of the press in this Dutch family was great. As time passed and December 2017 reached the peak of Bitcoin , this interest increased further.

But the Taihuttu family made an interesting statement before seeing the Bitcoin $ 20,000 peak:

We did not engage in such an event to support the crypto revolution. We wanted to change our way of life and Bitcoin was an occasion. If we were very rich one day, we would share our wealth with the poor. I think that’s what we’re doing right now. That is why Bitcoin has dropped or is not very important for us.

This point of view at that time was often an exaggeration to most people, even the impression was a bit of a lie. However, the time has gone Bitcoin came to 20 thousand dollars. The family’s fortune has increased by 3-4 times. But there was no change in the family. Then the price of the BTC has fallen to 3 thousand, the family’s life and happiness has not changed again.

The family now lives in Thailand . Taihuttu explained that they are very interested in the media and that they have received invitations from many countries.