Amazon Users Want Crypto Coins

Amazon Users Want Crypto Coins

According to a survey Amazon users want crypto coins.

According to the results of a survey among users of the electronic commerce giant Amazon, users of the platform want crypto coins. The survey shows that users want to buy a wider range of products. Crypto coins were among these products. Investing.com expressed the financial content portal of the survey was expressed.

Survey for Amazon Users
A survey of Amazon users by Investing.com included one thousand participants. The survey aimed at revealing how often users ordered and trusted the company. Customers were asked what they felt most comfortable when shopping through Amazon.com.

Users’ Crypto Demand
In addition, the participants were asked what products could be purchased easily if they were on the platform. 12.7% of respondents answered crypto coins for this question . According to these results, it can be stated that there is cryptocurrency demand among Amazon users.

Considering Investing.com’s survey, it would not be wrong to say that Zhao’s claims are justified.

Other products that users want to be on the Amazon platform include medical marijuana (13.5%), prescription drugs (9.3%), computers (72.9%), coupons and bets (10.6%) and even health services (15%) , 3). Participants were allowed to choose more than one option. Who knows, maybe Amazon is one of the giant companies that one day has released its crypto money.

Pompliano: Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market!

Pompliano: Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market!

Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management, will invest in Wall Street’s Bitcoin market, he said.
Wall Street will enter the Bitcoin market and invest.
Anthony Pompliano, a familiar face of the crypto money markets, told his followers about 185K of followers by referring to Wall Street players:

Each buys and invests in crypto. They can’t afford to miss this. Keep your attention. Just follow what you do.

Anthony Pompliano founded Morgan Creek Capital Management in April 2018. Morgan Creek invests in blockchain technology and virtual coins. Pompliano also publishes a bulletin on developments in blockchain technology and virtual coins. Naturally, it follows the behavior of corporate firms.

Pompliano is not the only one who shares the views that institutional investors are interested in crypto money. In spite of the crypto winter that has been going on since 2018, OTC (on-board transactions) and STO (Securitized Tokens) transactions are increasing. The following news about the subject may draw your attention:

News from Bitcoin Bittrex: OTC transactions started

Bond Token platform freezes Polymath funds for 5 years

Major crypto money exchanges such as Coinbase are preparing themselves to serve their institutional investors. Coinbase began to withdraw funds from the E-series capital.

Another important expectation is Bakkt. The mission of Baktt, which will start futures in 2019, is to serve corporate companies.

Note: This article does not recommend investment. For informational purposes only.

Bitcoin is now available from ATMs for Newyorkers!

Bitcoin is now available from ATMs for Newyorkers!

New York residents will be able to buy Bitcoins from traditional ATMs with debit cards.

New Yorkers will now be able to buy bitcoins with debit cards from ATMs . LibertyX will be the first company to offer this option to the citizens of New York , with the new license granted by the new York financial regulator DFS .

According to Dailyhodl, Bitcoin payment services provider LibertyX opened its first Bitcoin ATM in 2014 . It offers hundreds of stores Bitcoin’l payment option when the company since 2018 to Genmeg the first to open the ATM debit partnership agreement made Bitcoin in the United States. With the agreement, Bitcoin will be available from 100,000 ATMs all over the country . Users need to open a LibertyX account through the mobile app to use a debit card. Approved account holders can purchase Bitcoins up to $ 3,000 a day.

New York DFS
According to the statement, New York Financial Services Department (DFS) aims to be a pioneer in financial technology innovation. It is also stated that DFS has so far approved 16 patents and licenses.

LibertyX became legally open to operate in New York with the license it received from DFS , a luxury for many developers and Blockchain -based business. In addition, there is no such clearance for Bitcoin developers who have made similar experiments in other regions or countries. In India, for example, two businessmen were detained by the police for attempting to open a Bitcoin ATM in October 2018.

DFS Robinhood, on the other hand , granted Crypto a license. Residents in New York will now be able to buy, sell and store crypto money through the company’s mobile app. As it is seen in our news, it is not difficult to spread crypto coins. Only small but solid steps are required. New York citizens can now adopt more crypto coins.

(DFS) has licensed a number of crypto-money platforms to operate in the country

(DFS) has licensed a number of crypto-money platforms to operate in the country

While the bearish trend, which has lasted for the past year, has reduced the prices of the crypto money in the market significantly, we see that the ecosystem continues to develop without slowing down. Altcoins’ teams and crypto-money platforms continue to work at full speed. As a result, the adoption of this innovative asset class is on the rise. The New York Financial Services Agency (DFS), one of the US financial regulators, also contributed to the pace of adoption with its recent move.

Robinhood Allowed
In an announcement issued by DFS on Thursday (January 24th), the crypto-money trading platforms reported a license to Robinhood and LibertyX . This license, called BitLicense , allows crypto-currency transactions in New York state. BitLicence was first issued by DFS in 2015.

Robinhood, which is eligible for BitLicense, will be able to process seven different crypto money. These cryptaes include the market leading elements such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) . On the other hand, a report published in Cointelegraph said that Robinhood was also awarded by DFS to receive a money transmission license.

Robinhood Adventure
Various sources have announced that the Robinhood platform in the past summer was intended to acquire a US banking license. In February, the platform offering free crypto money to the service of its users had reached more than 1 million users in a short time . The team later announced that they will raise $ 363 million to raise the platform.

Following the abstaining report issued by the IMF against crypto coins, this news from DFS made users laugh. You can reach the news published about the IMF here and share your comments about the developments with us.

Michael Williams has been arrested after he lied about crypto-money mining

Michael Williams has been arrested after he lied about crypto-money mining

US Senator Crypto Money Lied for His Bed US senator Michael Williams has been arrested after he lied about crypto-money mining.

Georgian Senator Michael Williams surrendered to the police after he was accused of lying about a case of “crypto money” a year ago.
Williams was one of the drafters of the senate bill 464. The draft law included the adoption of crypto coins in tax payments. Following an investigation into Williams, Williams was accused of lying on his campaign office in Gainesville, a stealing of computer servers used to dig crypts.

At that time, Williams’s campaign manager claimed that the thieves were missing with $ 300,000 worth of computer equipment. Williams was running the campaign-related business in another part of the building, and it was said that he used servers for LPW Investments. Ultimately, Williams was charged with lying to the police and investigators, and a false statement of circumstance.

After bail before christmas after imprisonment
Senator Michael Williams surrendered on December 26th, but the Gainesville Times reported that he was released on bail at 10 grand on the same day.

No statement was made by Williams about the charges against him, while Williams’ lawyer AJ Richman continued to defend his client with these words:

Mr. Williams didn’t do what he said. The evidence has not yet been delivered to us. I am convinced that they will announce it soon, even if they haven’t. But at this stage, we do not know what will happen if it is said that he did other things than those mentioned in the indictment.

Williams attracted the attention of the entire country with the işt exile bus tour of the entire province. Like Danger: Murderers, kidnappers, rapists, child abusers and other criminals on the bus and, Follow me to Mexico like were remarkable on the bus.

Bloomberg analyst points out Trump administration for uptrend in Bitcoin

Bloomberg analyst points out Trump administration for uptrend in Bitcoin

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone attributed the rise in Bitcoin and crypto coins to US Dollar’s weakness and management problems.

In the crypto money market, the New Year’s celebrations started early. Crypto coins have gained considerable value over the past few days. Bitcoin , which was traded at $ 3,200 a few days ago , climbed over $ 4,200.

There were much larger increases in other leading crypto coins such as Ether and XRP. For example, in the last two weeks, Ether has risen from $ 82 to $ 156. The XRP, especially in Binance, was listed as a base currency, which saw a rapid rise.

Mike McGlone, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, said, old The market was too oversold and the leap is so. The entire crypto money market is benefiting from the weak US dollar and management problems. Undan

McGlone refers to the closure of the US federal government when talking about management issues. A few days ago, the US government partially and temporarily closed down as a result of a budget crisis due to the financing of the wall built on the Mexican border. While this partial government closure entered its fourth day as of today, the US dollar also lost value against other currencies.

On the other hand, Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst of eToro, said,, Ether was one of the biggest blows when the prices of crypto money fell, so it was one of the biggest winners after the prices started to rise again.

Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney

Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney

Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney, one of the Bitcoin defenders to the White House General Secretariat.

A move recently made by US president Donald Trump has received a wide repercussion in the crypto-money community. One of the key advocates of Bitcoin (BTC) was Mick Mulvaney Trump. Mulvaney will now serve as the White House Secretary General.
The last US President Donald Trump has been the subject of many debates since his candidacy. Trump, considered to be one of the most polarizing people in history, could have made a significant contribution to the crypto-money sector with his latest move. Mick Mulvaney, who has been appointed by Trump as the new White House general secretary, is likely to be influential in the future of BTC.

Trump’s move could be good for the industry
It would be wrong to say that President Donald Trump is the humble person on the planet. It can be said that he likes to make money like most people. Trump’s appointment of Mulvaney to the White House was received in a very positive way by crypto-money enthusiasts. In fact, according to some experts, this step of Trump can be considered as a blessing for the future of the sector.

Mick Mulvaney is a Bitcoin fan and supporter of the crypto-money community. At the time when he had worked as a Republican deputy from the Republic of South Carolina in the House of Representatives, Mulvaney was one of the most active names in the field of Blockchain. The new White House general secretary, Mulvaney, aimed to create laws for emerging technologies such as crypto coins in the past.

What kind of activities will Mulvaney do in the future for crypto coins? However, it would not be wrong to say that expectations are positive.

US Government Confirms Bitcoin Bomb Threat

US Government Confirms Bitcoin Bomb Threat

Crypto coins can be the subject of interesting news from time to time. This new asset class, which continues its path by increasing its adoption day by day, became the subject of an electronic mail with a bomb threat. The US government recently issued a statement confirming this event.
In the case confirmed by the US government, people or individuals whose identity has not been identified yet threaten them by requesting Bitcoin from large organizations. If the e-mail is not fulfilled in the case of suspects, the bomb is said to be activated.

The US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency’s National Cyber Security and Communications Integration Center announced on Thursday (December 13th) that they are aware of the e-mails in question. According to the authorities, these e-mails are found all over the world.

Authorities said in a statement on the subject:

In the e-mails mentioned, it is claimed that a device will cause an explosion if the specified ransom is not paid in Bitcoin.

The issue has been widely used in popular media channels in the region. The scammers, who demanded the ransom mentioned in the e-mail, also advise the interested parties: idy I would advise you not to call the police.

The following expressions have been stated in electronic mail:

My man carried a bomb (Hexogen) into the building where your company was. . If you pay, I will withdraw my man. Pay me $ 20,000 with Bitcoin and don’t explode the bomb, don’t try to play games – I guarantee you I’ll withdraw my guy after 3 verifications in the Blockchain network.

A first in US history: Ohio began to accept Bitcoin for tax payments

A first in US history: Ohio began to accept Bitcoin for tax payments

The US state of Ohio officially began accepting tax payments with crypto money Bitcoin. This was first recorded in the history of the United States.

The idea of ​​paying taxes with Bitcoin came from Josh Mandel, who was in charge of the state’s financial affairs. Mandel believes that the new program is suitable for taxpayers as well as helping to plant flags for Ohio’s crypto-currency adaptation.

”I see Bitcoin as a legitimate form of money, Mand says Mandel.

The state will use the Bitcoin payment processor BitPay for tax payments . Taxpayers from Ohio will send their tax payments to BitPay, and the Bitcoins will be converted into dollars here. Ohio’s move does not give Bitcoin a legal status, but gives tacit approval from state regulators.

The news is that Bitcoin, a deep bear market, provides much more legitimacy that is needed at this stage.

The number one crypto is traded at $ 4,052 based on data from Bitstamp.

US $ 20 trillion in US debt will inevitably lead to a massive explosion of crypto money

US $ 20 trillion in US debt will inevitably lead to a massive explosion of crypto money

The CEO of ShapeShift, the crypto-money platform, claimed that the US $ 20 trillion debt would inevitably lead to a massive explosion of crypto money.

The CEO of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees, said the US’s growing debt to $ 21.7 trillion in November would inevitably lead to a large increase.

During the next global financial crisis, Voorhes argued that the world would realize that organizations could never pay 20 trillion dollars of debt, which would result in the deaths of nominal money. . Watch what happens to Cryptoya,crypto money expert said.

Voorhes claims that the government and the federal reserve will have to print more money to pay back the national debt, which would result in a rise in inflation and a decrease in the US dollar’s purchasing power.

BlackRock worried including major financial institutions

BlackRock , the world’s largest asset manager , is the largest financial institution in the United States, expressing concerns about the US national debt quickly.

Larry Fink, CEO of the company, said the US government is heading towards a resource issue because of the country’s growing budget deficit. Fink said the US may have to borrow $ 1 trillion at the beginning of next year.

Economics professor Nouriel Roubini also shared Fink’s ideas and stressed that the interest rate rises to a point where the US economy cannot match the growth rate.

The US dollar may suffer a substantial loss if a financial crisis is experienced by the end of 2020 due to the extremely high interest rate set by the Federal Reserve, as suggested by many economists. This situation may direct investors to value storage tools such as gold and crypto coins that are not connected to the global economy.