All Eyes on Tron: The Nitron Summit Begins Today

All Eyes on Tron: The Nitron Summit Begins Today

The Tron summit Nitron, where many announcements are expected, begins today.

The Tron Foundation announced the Nitron summit on Twitter and attracted the attention of the crypto-money community. The event will begin today and end tomorrow.
The summit is located in San Francisco. The event calendar includes speakers from different fields, interviews with Blockchain developers. The Summit aims to increase the exchange of ideas and better understanding of the Blockchain sector. The Nitron summit also offers new opportunities for venture and investment.

The legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant is one of the special guests. At the event, Bryant will share his experience and his views on entrepreneurship. In an interview with CNBC in 2016, Bryant said that basketball is only focused on winning, and that the champions and MVPs will constantly change. But it is more important to create something to be conveyed through generations, so that it can be used for a long time by inspiring the next generations.

Other than Bryant, Tron and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun, Binance Labs manager Ella Zhang, and OKCoin CEO Tim Byun will also perform at the event.

BitTorrent (BTT) airdrop speculation

With the rise of the guests and overall excitement, Nitron is expected to receive important announcements from Tron. It is not yet clear how the BitTorret token will adapt to the Tron platform. The BTT airdrop is estimated to be available to all TRX owners, except that the details are likely to come out in Nitron.

BTT will be revealed through Binance Launchpad as a toon based Tron. It is known that some BTT will be given as a gift to those who use the utorrent and BitTorrent software as incentives. Tron will be one step closer to BTT’s view of making the Internet more decentralized.

Donation to Bitcoin for the University Fund

Donation to Bitcoin for the University Fund

A Couple of Babies Living in the UK and that’s what happened at the end. A couple liviig in the UK began to collect donations with Bitcoin for their babies’ college fund.
In the UK, the Times newspaper, “Births, Marriages and Death” section of the new baby had a announcement of a couple. What differentiated this announcement from the others was that the couple was asking for donations with Bitcoin for their university fund.
Izabella’s parents Wioletta and Peter considered all the details for their babies’ college fund. In fact, the two Bitcoin’ın in the coming years will take into account the rise of a 3-year undergraduate degree of 50 thousand dollars for the campaign launched a donation. It is also quite meaningful that the campaign was launched on Bitcoin’s 10 years of age.

The Bitcoin wallet included in the advertisement of the couple was 1.05 bitcoin. It is currently worth $ 3,866, which may be insufficient. But if Tim Drapper, the crypto money experts like Tom Lee, justify this donation with just a bit more than 1 bitcoin, Izabella may be enough to cover the baby’s college expenses.

Probably the couple could not add the code to the ad for some reason. Maybe The Times doesn’t allow pictures to be added to these ads. Even if the Double Bitcoin wallet addresses could be added as a square code, it could have carried out a much more active donation campaign. The couple’s donation campaign became the target of criticism in Reddit:

The secret way of begging. Also, the parents should be ashamed of themselves for associating their babies’ identity with a Bitcoin address by posting in the newspaper.

In December 2017, a Crimean couple placed their babies with Bitcoin. Father Oleg, 33, said in a statement that he had taken such a decision because he had corrected his family’s financial situation with Bitcoin

Simon says “Impossible transaction volume for TRON”

Simon says “Impossible transaction volume for TRON”

Simon Morris, former chief strategist for BitTorrent, said that it was impossible for Tron to manage the transaction volume that would enable BitTorrent to be achieved and called Tron ‘marketing machine’.

In a previous day interview with Blockchain’s news site BreakerMag, former Chief Strategy Officer of BitTorrent , Simon Morris, Tron said he would not be able to manage the transaction volume needed to tokenit BitTorrent.

He also said that while working with BitTrorent, he and his team realized that tokenization of work on the platform would increase the speed of the network by up to 40%.

According to Morris, it is impossible for Tron to handle the transaction volume required by such a system. Morris noted that there was a need for hundreds of processes per second, just to get started.

There is a need for 10,000 operations per second for a seat system. Tron can’t afford that. It’s all bullshit.

Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, said he was a very good marketer but technically very insufficient. He called Tron ‘marketing machine.

Morris had left BitTorrent after concluding that in July of last year he was unable to establish a credible relationship with Tron executives. Morris also contradicted Justin Sun in claiming that Tron’s codes and white paper were stolen.

Justin Sun made the following statement:

”We agreed that there was no such thing and we continued on our way.“

According to BreakerMag, Morris suspects that Tron will be managing a BitTorrent transaction from a central server and that it will be as if Tron-based is working. In addition, Morris expects BitTorrent to increase productivity, but does not expect this system to be Tron-based.

A Tron spokesman told Cointelegraph:

Since Morris has left BitTorrent, it seems to have little knowledge of BitTorrent’s operational plans. The actions we will make will make the old employee’s words irrelevant.

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin

‘At least one country will sink and people will flock to Bitcoin’
Yoni Assia, the CEO of the social trading platform eToro, made predictions for the future in a Bitcoin event in Israel.

One of the hottest topics within the crypto money community is whether it will be effective on a Bitcoin ETF’s potential approval and crypto money markets.

In 2018, there was nothing positive about ETF. A number of Bitcoin ETF applications, including those of the famous Facebook twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, were rejected last year.

Currently, there is the application of SolidX with VanEck, who is eagerly awaiting the approval of everyone at the SEC’s desk. The Commission postponed the decision on the application several times and the deadline for it to take a decision in February 2019 February.

According to Yoni Assia, CEO of the social trading platform eToro, a crypto-money ETF will not be lit in the near future . Speaking at Israel’s Bitcoin Summit, Assia shared his views on the current state of the crypto money market and the possibility of an ETF being approved.

Assia, “in January 2018” crypto is a balloon, and people will lose their money, “said those who are smart people in the room, because they are right. They do not encourage any ETF approval, so I think the ETF approval will take some time.

‘At least one country will go bankrupt in 5 years’
Assia also said that at least one country will go bankrupt and that it will lead people to flock to Bitcoin. eToro’s CEO said:In the next five years, we cannot see at least one country where people flock to Bitcoin. All banks in this country will go bankrupt and the government will have no chance of reviving the banking system, because there will be no need for local money or the local bank anymore.

One of the richest names in the world supports Bitcoin

One of the richest names in the world supports Bitcoin

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, one of the richest names in the world, gives full support to Bitcoin with its investments.

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, one of the richest people in the world, is a leading supporter of Bitcoin.

Ka-shing, who is 90 years old and known as Superman, has invested in Bitcoin and crypto-money platform Bakkt through its venture capital firm Horizon Ventures.

Bakkt announced last week that he completed the first round of financing and raised $ 182.5 million. Horizon Ventures was one of the investor companies that met some of this amount.

Bitcoin and other crypto coins made a positive start compared to 2019, after Bitcoin’s hard crypto money winter, which fell below $ 3,200 . Many market participants are eagerly looking forward to Bakkt, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, which will offer physical Bitcoin futures supported by Intercontinental Exchange.

Bakkt, together with Starbucks and Microsoft, aims to process physical Bitcoin futures from the first quarter of this year and to facilitate the use of crypto coins in daily life as well as to create an ecosystem that will simplify buying and selling.

Full support for Bitcoin
On the other hand, this is not the first support of Ka-shing to Bitcoin and Crypto coins. According to Forbes, Ka-shing, with a net worth of $ 35 billion, has also invested in Bitpay in 2013 through BitTorrent, the Bitcoin payment processor through Horizon Ventures, and in 2016 the Blockchain technology provider Blockstream. Billionaire name, the 23rd person in the world’s richest.

Ka-shing was one of many investors who gave Bitpay $ 30 million last year, along with Virgin’s founder and British billionaire Sir Richard Branson

Bitcoin Price Forecast from Market Analyst Jeffrey Gundlach

Bitcoin Price Forecast from Market Analyst Jeffrey Gundlach

Bitcoin Price Forecast from Market Analyst Jeffrey Gundlach’s Bitcoin estimate is what gives investors hope.

The CEO of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, a famous businessman nicknamed dol the king of the bonds, CEO predicted that Bitcoin could rise by 25% to $ 5,000.
According to the news of Cryptoglobe Gundlach 200 billion worth of assets managing the presence of the webcast spoke about various assets. Gundlach said he expects a higher volatility rate for the markets, adding that he expects a higher yield. Gundlach, who previously described Bitcoin as oc the poster child for social mode and market mode [typical example]

I wouldn’t recommend anything about Bitcoin, seriously. I’ll tell you, if I’m going to make a prediction, you can go up to $ 5,000. I’m talking about a 25% easy bite.

Jeffrey Gundlach, who is a part of traditional finance, stressed that investors should now arak use the power of discarded bonds ücü and move out of these bonds to companies with a tah strong balance sheet.

At the time of our Bitcoin news release, it is trading at $ 4,037, a very small rise of 0.05%. Rising to $ 4,100 on just one hour from $ 3,900 on January 6, Bitcoin was able to stay at those levels. According to CoinMarketCap, the market value of Bitcoin is about $ 70.5 billion.

Gundlach’s forecast may be realized, but it is quite interesting that the analyst does not specify any timeframe of his own estimate. The $ 5,000 estimate, on the other hand, remains extremely tahmin conservative “along with the Bitcoin estimate of the Winklevoss twins. Twin brothers Cameron and Tyler said in an interview recently that BTC believes that ”gold is better than gold and that the market value can exceed $ 7 trillion .

Russian President Viladimir Putin Provides Co-operation, NEO Rises

Russian President Viladimir Putin Provides Co-operation, NEO Rises

Rumors of Russia’s cooperation with NEO are on the agenda.

In the middle of last December, the crypto money market fell to the lowest level of the year. But in the new year, the crypto money market has recovered slightly. The popular crypto currencies NEO and Tron performed better than others.
Last month, the claim that the Russian Crypto Para and Blockchain Community wanted to form a partnership with the developers of the NEO platform was on the agenda. Newnewstoday reported that a letter to the NEO office in Saint Petersburg was sent to co-operate with the request of Russian President Viladimir Putin.

Nowadays, it is argued that Russia is planning to invest large amounts of crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, due to the US’s strict sanctions. Vladislav Ginko, a professor at the National Academy of National Economy and Civil Service, noted:

The Russian elites are largely investing in Bitcoin, leaving US assets and the US dollar due to US sanctions. The Central Bank of Russia controls a reserve of 466 billion dollars and has to diversify its resources in order not to be troubled in the future. I think that the US congress will bring new sanctions against Russia in February of this year and Russia will start to diversify its reserves with Bitcoin.

Today, the NEO broadcast stream in Reddit is filled with rhetoric and speculation in co-operation with Russia. NEO has experienced a 15% increase in the last 24 hours, thus making it the best-performing digital asset among the top 40 ranked CoinMarketCap. NEO experienced an increase of 22% on a weekly basis.

Since the first day of its launch, NEO has always been able to offer its investors. Even in 2017, it ranked first among the most profitable crypto coins. Some investors argue that the potential of the crypto currency, China’s Ethereum, is very high. They are not unfair, because NEO also has the support of the Chinese government. If NEO can prevent software problems, it can continue to look forward to the future.

The Millionaire of the Norwegian Millionaire Has Been Abducted

The Millionaire of the Norwegian Millionaire Has Been Abducted

The Millionaire of the Norwegian Millionaire Has Been Abducted: The Attackers Want a Monorail of 9 Million EurosAnne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, the wife of the Norwegian millionaire Tom Hagen, has been unable to hear from October 31st. Police say Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was abducted.

Crypto coins are on the agenda this time, not with declines or rises, but with a detention. According to Norwegian police, 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has been missing since October 31st. His wife, Tom Hagen, is 172 richest people in Norway. Because of the serious threats of the person who kidnapped Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, the police had chosen to keep the investigation secret.
With the help of the public, the Norwegian police, who thought they could reach some clues about the investigation, finally decided to share the investigation with the public. Because because they do not have enough information, the Norwegian police’s hand is tied and the investigation has turned into a knot.

According to local media body, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen was attacked in the bathroom of her house some 10 weeks ago. However, the police could not find any evidence that he had been forced into the house. Tom Hagen could not find his wife when he came to his home on the night of October 31st. At home there was a threat letter written only in Norwegian and with misspellings. In the letter, the assailants wanted Monero as a ransom of 9 million euros for the release of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen.

No news was received from Anne-Elisabeth after 31 October. The abduction of Anne-Elisabeth is thought to be directly related to Tom Hagen’s fortune. Tom Hagen is a real estate investor and owns 70% of the country’s largest energy company. And Tom Hagen has $ 200 million in wealth.

There are some clues about the attackers in the hands of the police. However, the police did not share these details with the public in order not to mobilize the attackers:

Our goal is to find Anne-Elisabeth Hagen alive and help her get back together with her family. Time is an important factor in such cases. We need clues to help us find Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

Winklevoss brothers insist on 7 trillion for Bitcoin

Winklevoss brothers insist on 7 trillion for Bitcoin

The Winklevoss brothers attended Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and answered questions from users.

A question about whether Bitcoin could continue to be the number one cryptocurrency Cameron Winklevoss answered:

Para Bitcoin is definitely a proven crypto money. Its network effects are hard to beat in terms of being a solid money. Bitcoin will probably be the winner in the long run.

In the Reddit session, the Winklevoss brothers also stated that they were as loyal as ever to realize the ETFs .

At another point in the debate, Cameron’s twin brother Tyler said:

Iyi Bitcoin is better than gold at the point of being gold. If we’re right, over time, the market value of Bitcoin will surpass the market value of gold worth $ 7 trillion.

The Winklevosss had previously claimed that Bitcoin would replace the gold and the market value would exceed $ 7 trillion.

On the other hand, a question about the relative importance of Blockchain against crypto coins was answered by Tyler:

Olamaz One cannot exist without the other. A crypto-free Blockchain is like an internet online without AOL (America Online).

Cameron, who also mentioned the long-term potential of the currency and crypto-money exchanges, said:

Par Access to parcels is also very important for crypto coins. However, in the future I think that everything, including nominal money, will turn into crypto money.

Gemini’s founder Winklevoss, one of the most popular crypto money exchanges in the United States , introduced GUSD , a fixed crypto in September . GUSD, backed by US dollars held in a US bank, was released in September 2018 following the approval of the New York Financial Services Department (NYDFS).

Last July, the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) rejected the Bitcoin ETF application by Winklevoss brothers for the second time. The Winklevoss brothers’ first application for Bitcoin ETF was rejected in March 2017.

In explaining this, the SEC pointed out that a significant proportion of Bitcoin trade was taking place in unregulated stock exchanges outside the United States and expressed doubts about low liquidity.

Solve the Bitcoin Puzzle in Paris to earn $ 1,000

Solve the Bitcoin Puzzle in Paris to earn $ 1,000

Solve the Bitcoin Puzzle in Paris to earn $ 1,000 In France, an artist brought together crypto coins and painting.

French artist Pascal Boyart created a new Bitcoin puzzle. The wall painting in Paris , which looks great and very pleasant , contains a key that will give the finder 0.26 BTC.
Announcing his Bitcoin puzzle as a in treasure hunt ‘, Boyart’s aim is to celebrate the 10th birthday of the genesis block’s creation (Bitcoin). The public key provided by Boyart is 1NqPwPp7hEXZ3Atj77Ue11xAEMmXqAXwrQ. The artist thanked the entrepreneur Alistair Milne for sponsoring her in this work. He also emphasized that people who want to solve the puzzle completely should be physically in front of the picture. On the other hand this picture is Boyart’s second Bitcoin initiative. Add the QR code to earlier official donation Boyart for us this news can browse.

Rising trend
According to Live Bitcoin News, this is not the first puzzle in which the Bitcoin award is presented. Creating awareness through art and puzzle was a habit that we used to do in crypto coins. Let’s take a look at past examples on this topic Bu

In April 2018, a user created a Bitcoin puzzle, where the solver would receive a BTC award. Before that, in February 2018, a user solved a 4,87 BTC award-winning puzzle. What makes this development a news quality was that no one was able to solve the puzzle for 3 years.

Another artist who has made a name for himself as Cryptograffiti sold it to the lowest bidder in the auction, where he arranged a small painting made of pieces of $ 1. Cryptograffiti has announced that it aims to demonstrate the success of Lightning Network in micro processes.

These and similar activities are undoubtedly changing people to crypto coins. The fact that there is a prize on the end is another plus. A student who has not yet been introduced to Bitcoin, or an official securities broker with a distance to Bitcoin, can start using Bitcoin thanks to the picture of Boyart. We hope that we will witness such new initiatives in our country.